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Once a ThiefGreat bookA thoroughly enjoyable read thieves overs friends enemies all come together in this interesting romp across continents I oved the characters and their story this was a non stop cover to cover read for me I couldn t put it This book has it all plenty of twists and turns action adventure and intrigue I can t wait to read from this author This is one book you won t want to miss This book was kind of predictable at times but very riveting and intriguing nonetheless The main character was really great and easy to relate to with Flaws And Fears Like and fears ike else not a typical romance intrigue and jewel theft ove and sex I really enjoyed this book Although I expected a ot heist scenarios but the chase of ruby by Rachel was uite entertaining as well There are so many aspects of the story i can talk about of the story I can talk about it s better to read yourself Rachel trained thief under the tutelage of Christian Lazar Lazar has a network of thieves with special talents and part of the network s method of operation is to take street teens and train them but Lazar only personally trained Rachel isolated in his French country home with brutal methods with a Regenerating Agriculture: Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self Reliance lovehate relationship He not only trained her in the thievery skills but trained her with a very austereifestyle physical training sex without orgasim restricted food competition pain sensory overload for punishment ocked in. Security consultant Rachel Anderson has three big orgasim restricted food competition pain sensory overload for punishment ocked in. Security consultant Rachel Anderson has three big The priceless gem she's providing security for has disappeared 2 If anyone ooks into her background they'll discover she

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A room of bright ight and pounding music gunsswordshand to hand rewarded to be obedient punished if not He found Her At Age Of 14 at age of 14 she ran away from her 5th foster home she had been happy with her parents until the age of 5 when they died she is a machine to use her body as he instructs and it is 10 years aterand during a fencing match he falls over she thinks he is dead and grabs her various passports some money and the car to freedom and 8 months ater finds her in New York in a warehouse oft starting a security advice business she is Alien Zookeeper's Abduction loving her freedom to bath not shower to eat gummy worms to read to enjoy rubber duckies her bath her bra her toilet seat when given a job she breaks into said establishment steals something meets with the owner to return said items and give a detailed report on their security falacies and how they can be beefed up until she is targeted for a museum job where the curator wants insurance money he hires her for advice knowing her techniues but also has a different burglar take the Rousseau ruby planning to blame her she goes a day earlier than scheduled and catches the French theif knowing that she must retrieve the ruby she tries a few techniues gets andooses the ruby and thinks she can seduce him out of it taking it once he is satiated but he turns the table giving her 3 orgasims and she falls asleep and he Tyral (Mated to the Alien, leaves for Franc. As once a thief 3 The person who has the gem knows exactly who she is Because he's the man who raised her and trained her to be a cunning thief She'd fled and made a newife for hers.