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Chokengtitiktitikchokengs the whole Epictetus as a guidefriend "does not work IMHO and feels uite artificial It would have to be integrated into the whole "not work IMHO and feels uite artificial It would have to be integrated into the whole and not just into some fragments here and there My interview with Massimo about the book is at 3AM Mag here I hadn t read about stoicism before yet it puts so well in words many of my life philosophies and practices Especially those hard for me to xplain Like being ready to lose anything or anyone and caring about them at the same time Or that I don t have to Sadly at the same time Or that I don t have to Sadly wasn t what I d hoped it d be But it s also not a bad book Lately I ve become interested in Stoicism As a philosophy student and later grad student I ve always steered away of the classics and the Greeks as far as that s possible honestly I can t remember reading anything So B. It else besides Plato s Republic When it comes tothics I ve mostly been into modern anglo heavy Cabaret ethics a la Conseuentalism and Utilitarianism So when a few months ago I stumbled upon an article about Stoicism and realized it sounded a lot like things I d learnt in Cognitive behavioral th It s taken me a long time to write this review as I hoped to be able to impart some of my ownxperiencesconclusions about ideas and methods contained within the book But what i ve learned is that while I appreciate the features of Stoicism i m so far away from being Stoic that I might as well be an advertisement for how not to do it The m Men who made these discoveries before us are not our masters bur our guides Truth lies open for all it has not yet been monopolized Seneca uoted in Pigliucci s How to Be a StoicFor me the book was a bit too superficial on Stoicism and focused too much on the author s personal journey In some ways this book reminds me a bit of Robert Wright s Why Buddhism is True The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment EXCEPT I think Wright s analysis and wrting were both better It makes me sad because I wanted so much to like this book My personal philosophy of life seems to swing a bit between the Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius and the Epicureanism of Lucretius So perhaps I m a Stoic and work and an Epicurean at home Or maybe I m a Stoic during the day and an Epicurean at night Anyway perhaps the book missed its target with me because I wanted a deeper dive into Stoicism but paired with a deeper dive into the conflicts between Stocism and Modernity My final major critiue is while I njoyed the major structureorganization of the book He divides the book into four sections The first three are the three disciplines of stoicism 1 Desire 2 Action and 3 Assent In the final and fourth section of the book Pigliucci gives us a dozen selected spiritual xcercises to get the reader started on their way to becoming a good student of Stoicism and as good a person as the reader can be My problem lies in the awkward path Pigliucci uses He choses Epicetetus to be his Virgil ok I m game but then literally pretends to be having conversations mid narrative with Epicetetusit was at this point during our conversation that I realized what Epicetetus was telling me had countless applications in my own life In theory I get what Pigliucci was trying to do but it came off awkward and a bit forced and kind of silly At least I m positive that the three stars aren t going to cause Pigliucci any pain He s a Stoic He s got the tools to survive my three starslight One fascinating conflict would be Bill Clinton s well known love of Marcus Aurelius Meditat. Philosopher Massimo Pigliucci offers Stoicism the ancient philosophy that inspired the great mperor Marcus Aurelius as the best way to attain it Stoicism is a pragmatic philosophy that focuses our attention on what is possible and gives us perspective on what is unimportant By understanding .

This book may help you live the good life or it might get you started on reading philosophy or both The philosophy was interesting as was the style of writing philosophy articulation via discourse I njoyed learning about the core concepts of Stoicism and will xplore them in my personal life However the religious overtones of many of the stories shared in the book the faith like fervor of it was a little off putting for me So almost all of "my reviews are actually of audiobooks but this one I wanted "reviews are actually of audiobooks but this one I wanted make sure I chose the audiobook dition because I think things specific to the audiobook impacted my En plein coeur enjoyment I honestly found the narrator a bit boring Like he detracted from the workThat said there are plenty of interesting insights and things to ponder in here It s not bad But it definitely did not speak to me as much as I hoped No real revelations here 37 starsIt is uite a good book but with the same breath I want to say it better be after borrowing so much from its predecessors Injoyed particularly the illustrating stories from author s life although they did not match A Guide to the Good Life The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy and from lives of modern day Stoics In terms of clarity of thinking and ability to move beyond just repeating the wisdom of the ancients the book definitely lacked compared to A New Stoicism At last in terms of practice the provided suggestions I am not going to call it descriptions considering how relatively brief it was cannot compare to Donald J Robertson s books Overall I can see why Massimo wrote the book it is obviously deeply personal to him although I am not sure whether he managed to communicate this aspect The Bookshop on the Shore enough and teaching others about things he cares about is simply what he does but I am not sure how much value there is in it for someone who is already familiar with the three authors I mentioned abovespecially considering the price What I would love to see less of all the Dance Real Slow endless uotes of the ancients what is up with that I mean sure they are the source of inspiration but Stoicism is not a religious movement that needs to persuadeveryone that sayings of some very old texts have direct implications for modern lives Hasn t there been Uite A Bit Of Development a bit of development terms of The Art of Memoir ethics psychologytc Aren t there better ways to tell the intellectual journey Why is it so important to make the impression that some long lost ancient wisdom is being revealedWhat I would love to see much of integration with current virtue The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life ethics integration with current thinking about human condition integration with current psychology and not just with superficial understanding of very narrowly cognitivist research There is a lot of relevant sources such as narrative identity research mindfulness researchtc tc integration with phenomenological approaches a large proportion of the book is trying to deal with irrational motions coping with difficult situations and WITH BIASES I AM SORRY BUT biases I am sorry but outside view approach does not cut it Experiences of anger irritation stress have a very important phenomenological component that s actually the one most people care about and related self knowledge is ssential in any long term ffective intervention The fact that the relevant knowledge does not meet the same rigorous standards as PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition eg cognitive research does not mean that it should be ignored and thatvery practicing Stoic has to start from zero I mean it seems rational to use this knowledge rather than just personal anecdotes. In the tradition of How to Live and How Proust Can Change Your Life a philosopher asks how ancient Stoicism can help us flourish todayWhenever we worry about what to Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography eat how to love or simply how to be happy we are worrying about how to lead a good life No goal islusive In How to Be a Stoic.

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Ions While it is certainly possible that Clinton reads Meditations yearly After The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eight years as President Clinton is not the President most would pick toxemplify a modern stoic philosopher king Pigliucci could also have subtitled this book A Journey with Epictetus as much of it is written as a conversation between himself and the GREEK PHILOSOPHER I SUPPOSE THOSE WITH A SOUND KNOWLEDGE philosopher I suppose those with a sound knowledge philosophy might think of this book as pop philosophy and I suppose in some ways it is As someone with only a superficial knowledge it was perfect for me howeverThe book discusses the three Stoic displines of desire action and assent and the four Stoic virtues practical wisdom courage justice and tolerance Thomas Auinas adopted these four virtues and added faith hope and charity Pigliucci uses Ancient Greek modern day and personal "Stories And Humour To Explore Each Of "and humour to xplore ach of firstly uoting what Epictetus had to say and secondly dissecting his words to provide a modern day understanding of what he meant as interpreted by the author He says that Stoics like pithy summaries of their ideas So do I To summarise the Stoic template for achieving udaimonia or a life worth living you should a to paraphrase the serenity prayer know the difference between your internal goals over which you have control and xternal outcomes over which you may have some influence but have no controlb do unto others The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl etc Treat all humanityually ie behave towards a complete stranger as if he were your brother Ok maybe not your brother that s not always the greatest relationshipc hate the sin not the sinner bad people do bad things from lack of wisdom ignorance and should be treated with compassion That isn t the same as turning the other cheekStoicism teaches people to monitor their own reactions and to reflect critically on how they perceive and interpret the world One of the most important lessons for me is understanding Epictetus s dichotomy of control Under our control are our decisions and behaviours Outwith our control are other people s actions and behaviours and the circumstances in which we find ourselves Recognising this opens up new ways of dealing with problems that we hadn t thought of before The behaviour and actions of others or the circumstances in which you find yourself may not be in your control but your reactions are This is a really Exile and Pilgrim empowering message I can take offence and react badly or I can think about the situation rationally and objectively The ultimate goal is to achieveuanimity Why make yourself miserable g sit and fume because someone in the room is getting on your wick when you can choose not to let it bother youThe book nds with twelve Hannah Montana: The Movie exercises to help you master the Stoic virtues Some of them I live by now but have only got to this point through six decades of learning them the hard way others will reuire a bit work For me this book offers a very sensible approach to life One that will result in those that practice the methods living a fulfilled calmer and balanced life I ve already learned a lot of useful processes from reading it and hope that I can master those that come less naturally to me Time will tellI d highly recommend this book if you re interested in learning about Ancient Greek philosophy andor Stoicism itself or are just interested to read about how relevant these ideas are to us today In case you hadn t worked it out already I thoroughlynjoyed itWith thanks to Penguin Random House UK Ebury Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC. Toicism we can learn to answer crucial uestions Should we get married or divorced How should we handle our money in a world nearly destroyed by a financial crisis How can we survive great personal tragedy Whoever we are Stoicism has something for us–and How to Be a Stoic is the ssential gui. How tobe a Stoic