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Once again a fantastic ead for this avowed Bertrice Small fan She is not everyone s cuppa but for me she is the antidote to my many book slumps Her writing is so over the top but oh so gooey good Love itThe story is set in 11th century England and you know I love me some medieval Eleanor, Quiet No More romances they are my favorite As usual we get a meticulous historical background about theival factions that want to take over the throne of England from Harold Godwinson to Edward Atheling and to the bastard William the Conueror who eventually won the throne There is also two side stories that take place in Byzantium and in Scotland so we get to know those ulers and their courts as well I love how Small mixes historical facts with completely speculative details about these monarchs personal lives This is definitely not stuff for serious minded historical fiction eaders I just eat it up though because it is so wildly entertaining The What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game romance centers on a typical Bertrice Small heroine the impossibly beautiful Lady Mairin Someeaders will Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) roll their eyes at the constant mention of Mairin s beauty intelligence etc But I find Smalls heroines absolutely not the boring Mary Sues of so many bodiceippers As with all Small books the heroine s conflict is NEVER how to snag a man and achieve marriage and children in fact these are usually choices that are imposed on them What we witness is how the heroine achieves her own sense of achievement self worth and basically living life on her own terms in an era where such a thing is next to impossible for a woman I also love the Revenant resilience in Small s heroines and the fact that they usually don t crumble for their one and only lover but are involved in multipleelationships As such it makes Small s books unpredictable because though we supect the heroine will get an HEA at the end we never know who she will end up sharing her life with if anyone This #is the case here with Lady Mairin It was a very satisfying omance Added to that was the #the case here with Lady Mairin It was a very satisfying omance Added to that was the likeable supporting character of Dagda basically her protector and father figure from birth who not only follows her around on all her adventures but can give a sobering criticism to her and Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life reins her in before she becomes insufferableA special bonus for Small s fans is that there is a cameo from the patriarch of the Scottish Glenkirk clan so people who have followed her O Malley series and the Kadin and its seuels will appreciate that she selfeferences here with a wink and a smirkI love love love Bertrice Small and I am so sad that she passed away too soon and we will never have further books from her That is why I am saving these precious little nuggets to savor slowly each time I feel like I am in a terrible book slump As a dog Green Eyed Envy returns to its vomitso I haveead another Bertrice Small book Mairin is a big old Mary Sue She so beautiful everyone who sees her must possess her Yes we do this in every BS book She can also who sees her must possess her Yes we do this in every BS book She can also sorta into the future sometimes Not in any meaningful way just every now and thenThe guy with no dong or sack was interesting Especially about how he seemed to believe he had impregnated someone With his fingers That will probably be what I ll The A-List Diet Fitness Plan remember most from this BS book Sick ofeading about The Amethyst Road red gold hair The firstomance novels I ever The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey read were written by Bertrice Small They were the most sexyomantic adventurous books I d ever The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families read and I loved them I even think they may partially beesponsib. From the golden pleasure domes of Constantinople to the barbaric pomp of Malcolm of Scotland's court this is the magical tale of avishingly beautiful Mairin of Aelfleah. ,

Le for my love of history Of course I #THINK I WAS 15 OR 16 WHEN I FIRST #I was 15 or 16 when I first The Kadin and then I I think I was 15 or 16 when I first encountered The Kadin and then I devoured Skye O Malley I desperately wanted to be just like her Unfortunately for me Mairin s tale just didn t hold up to my memories She didn t have the grit of Skye or the adventurous nature of some of Ms Small s other heroines Mairin mainly annoyed me throughout the book by being whiney and bad tempered when even the smallest
Obstacle Crosses Her Path It 
crosses her path It still worth evisiting though because Bertrice Small was a master and her historical details are always incredible I Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase remember liking this book when Iead it oh so long ago and even though my tastes have trended away from Bertrice Small I have a feeling that I would STILL like it although for different Die Zarin reasons I love me some lulz and Iemember that Eric Longsword has to pee through a straw That would be worth a Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History reead Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll right tharBut seriously the character of Basil was one of Small s sweet yet doomed lovers He swings both ways and it has tragic conseuencesPlus am I crazy when I look at the cover model for Josselin on the original cover and see Mick Jagger A lot fun than any history of William the Conueror I ve everead a lot sexier too Beatrice Small gives us a Nosferatu romantic vision of life in the early Middle Ages and shows us that in spite of the barbarians all around them there were people who were still able to lead kind and generous lives Small takes us on an interesting side trip to Byzantium and shows just how advanced that civilization had become Her heroine Mairin a strong selfeliant but temperamental young woman views her own great beauty almost as a curse Yet she s willing to take advantage of it as well as her own wits a dedicated giant and the kindness of strangers to find some measure of peace and security in the midst of all the chaos As usual there s a lot of well Snuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories researched historical detail and some pretty gory statistics that don t seem to fit the courtly behavior of the principles But you know you watch game of thrones and think to yourself hey maybe that s how it was courtly and polite in the castle a butcher on the battlefield A couple of years ago I bought a few Bertrice Small books at the Lifeline Bookfair because I saw some comments that she was an old skool crazysauce author which yes please Maybe I veead so much batshit stuff that this didn t seem that bad I did like the settings and time periods The lead character is a total Mary Sue but whatever I wasn t wowed but I ll try some of the other books by her I ve got Like in all Bertrice Small novels the history in Enchantress Mine is Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen richly detailed the villains are just whacked out and there s a lot of WTF situations that make you shake your head blink and wonder What just happenedBut I don t knowI guess I just don t enjoy Bertrice Small s books as much as I do other bodiceippersThe heroine MairinI both hated and pitied her So many horrific things happened to her but I didn t care because she was SOOOO perfect SOOOO beautiful SOOOO esilient Every man desired her and had to have her stop me if you ve heard this before She was just the typical most beautiful woman on earth heroine that Bertrice Small adores and I had no patience or love for herStill poor Mairin Her love life sucks Of her three love interests one lacks a manhood another s manhood is uestionable at least by the social s of the time and the other the worst of all is just Called Enchantress by the three men who loved her Basil Prince of Byzantium who taught her passion's tender secrets; Josselin de Combourg gallant knight of William the Co. Lain boring Nevertheless Ms Small can do better I prefer Skye O Malley Love Wild and Fair or Wild Jasmine instead2 12 stars D Enchantress Mine was THE first omance book I ve ever Gargantuan read I started when I was 12 When I firstead #this the writing style and the characters were so dramatic and over the top that I was left #the writing style and the characters were so dramatic and over the top that I was left frustrated and confused so over the years I kept coming back to it and Wolfgang really see how bad or good it was As sad as I feel to say this this novel did not withstand the test of time or its time when it was first published Any seasonedeader even those who love Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy romance novels would uickly hear alarm bells when they firstead Mairin s POV because no child ever thinks or talks like Mairin does To me Mairin is likeTwilight s Reneesme She s too perfect to exist and her mentality is extremely inappropriate for her age she literally THINKS and speaks in purple prose gushes about her looks as if she was an adult and is actually pretty creepy She also suffers from being antagonized by an evil stepmother who views her as a threat and she promptly sells her off to slavery but luckily Mairin is kept pure thanks to her bodyguard and is also luckily bought by a nice guy who becomes her foster parent It s like an old B movie where the plot treats the main heroine with kid gloves while trying to sell how sad she is and poor her because life is so hard to her It s also VERY difficult to like any of her suitors Basil the Byzantine prince acted way older than her and I was getting some Humbert Humbert vibes off of him he also finds her innocence so amusing and frankly that got old every time he says that plus he only served to further tragedy when he gets killed by a jealous gay lover There isn t A Lot Of Romance lot of Wurr 3 (Wurr romance him or Mairin because the novel was written about Hero A and Heroine B having aomance not the two of them being omanced by each other The same goes for Josselin the guy with barely any personality and became even jealous of his own infant son later because the piglet Needed To Be Breastfed to be breastfed his mom and sadly Mairin didn t tell him to get over himself and Eric Longsword the apey douchebag who knew Mairin since she was VERY young and innocent yet still called dibs on her like she was a piece of meat I Werewolf: The Apocalypse remember being 12 and HATING Eric Longsword for doing that to her instead of treating her like a person even if he was a viking which STILL makes no differenceI dideally like the descriptions of Mairin s travels and her environment and I Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt really liked her foster family But that was it The heroine was unbelievable her plotline was unbelievable and her love life was either filled with douchebags or not so great sex Fun historical sexy book Love Bertrice Small s lady leads they are all so fun Beeneading and e eading Small s books for years just for easy Ivy Vines Visions relaxation factor Love the history and colorful characters in her books I m not ashamed A Good Simple ReadI m a huge fan of Bertrice Small however this is not one of my favorite works by her I enjoyed the lead female character very much in her Celtic sense especially with her fiery temper and her gift of the mind s eye But I felt like her story could ofeached greater heights like Lady Janet Leslie I felt that their could have been to her power and end her experiences in Byzantine But still her fight for love with her handsome knight and her determination to see justice honor and even evenge all had it s moment. Nuerorand Eric Longsword the Viking whose tragic love for Mairin would never be fulfilled And in their wild world gone mad with savage war only love could triumph over al. ,