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Er Alek Ericksson and a human Danielle Dani Darrow This story is so compelling that I was hooked after reading about the first meeting of Alek and Dani I was completely ntranced by the way the romantic relationship progressed between the characters This romance was so scorching hot that it had me Crazy Love entranced until the verynd An Education in Academics is so hot a romance it s on fire An intriguing continuation of the series It was fascinating to get a look at vampires outside the Royal family and to see in depth what goes into a vampire bonding The chemistry between Danielle and Alek was very compelling though the push me pull you dynamic between them got a little frustrating after a while I really liked Danielle s belief in her own worth It was very refreshing to see in a romantic heroine And I loved watching Alek open himself up to her and to his motions A solid addition to SomersetI received a complimentary advanced copy of this book Danielle Darrow is not having the best summer break She has had her father kidnapped He is a top researcher for NDS She is trying to get over her boyfriend In addition she is just going to be starting her final year of university At this point she is dying to have a break to ase the university At this point she is dying to have a break to ase the Her friends take her to an underground vampire party and winds up in the arms of a handsome man and the his bed Wishing she had than a one night stand she goes back to classes and is than surprised to see her professor was her one night stand In addition her x boyfriend is in the classI njoyed this hot contemporary paranormal romance The characters are well developed interesting and personable It is an interesting take on vampires werewolves and human relationships I thought the storyline was great filled with lots of xcitement and romantic scenes The characters grow as the storyline continues and their feelings for Black Heart, Red Ruby each other increase I did not read the stories that came before so I looked at this as a stand alone book Injoyed the story overall and believe that series would be really good based on how I liked the this bookI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and AM VOLUNTARILY LEAVING A REVIEW I JUST DON T voluntarily leaving a review I just don t what to saythis was just a messAaaaaaaaaaaathis to me was just a mess Where to startok 1st if your gonna start. Has ver seen He takes her to his place and she gets the best sex of her life It's too bad she has to rush off to class the next morning She would have loved to indulge in round three But that's what one night stands are all about Heck she never ven caught his nameExcept she doesn't need itNot when she walks into her Brit Lit class and her new professor also happens to be her one night standOh and that x boyfrie. This was a good story the plot was interesting and the characters were well written a couple of typos but nothing major This seems to be a world like that of true blood same sort of law appears to apply the romance is slow to start but I will be interested to see where the author takes this series and weather or not we will see from the lead charactersOverall a good little romance and if you njoy a Relatively Tame Supernatural Romance I tame supernatural romance I sure you will njoy this booki received a you will njoy this bookI received a copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review My first read from author Isadora Brown I m not much into vampires werewolves tc so I was uestioning this book before I started reading it I was given a copy of this book to read review so here it is The author does a good job in character development and creates a world that although it has some difference from the stereotypical vampire world is still fantasy believable After all is said and done this book is still a romance with a HEA nding A good addition to the Somerset series This 4th book in the series is well written and continues on with the story of the Supes and the NDS The mystery behind what s going on at the NDS isn t solved yet but we seem to be getting closer Alek and Danielle are so good together and we get to see about vampire bonding This couple did tiptoe around ЯED each other a bit than I thought necessary but the story did hold my interest and I would recommend it Danielle and Alek has a bumpy road but they traveled it well The characters in this story were so interesting and the story was fun andxciting I really njoyed it Can t wait for the next oneI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Danielle Dani doesn t do one night stands but she needs a release and Alekssander Alek was in the right place at the right time But there s a couple of problems he s a vampire and he s also her Professor for her Brit Lit class A one night stand that turns into much Great writing fantastic characters and a story filled with drama suspense mystery intrigue and a hot romance I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book An Education in Academics by Isadora Brown is the fourth book in The Somerset Supernaturals Series This book is about the relationship between a vampire Alekssand. Go to bed with Viking vampire Professor Alekssander Eriksson Danielle Darrow is having a rough summer Her father a top researcher for the NDS has been kidnapped she's still not over her boyfriend and she's starting her senior year at Somerset University She needs a break She needs release When her friends take her to an underground vampire club she gets swept up in the most beautiful pair of crystal blue yes she.

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A book in the middle of a sex scene wabsolutely no build up what soo ver both characters need to be in up what soo ver both characters need to be in in the moment not the guy shifting in and out of the to be in in the moment not the guy shifting in and out of the girl and her mind seems to me on a million different things and sex wthe hot Vampire just happens to be one of them sighs she of just happens to be one of them sighs she of sneaks out later that night only discover he s her professor the next dayThese two went hot and cold weach other about as often as a sink in a busy restaurant yesyea nono yesss Both of them I gotta say the h did a great job of not getting whiplash as often as her vamp changed his mind wher pushing her away one minute and possessive the next though she always was ready wopen legs when Moreno ever he was interestedThis book was all over the place one minute it s about the lackluster apathetic chemistry between these to he just want her foe sex it seems and she s wanting to tell him to F off but whenver he wants her she s there and sex is all theses to really do no chit really is witnessedno witty banter or anything just mainly sex or sex is all I do then later bond with meThen it felt just to give the story some filler is all this stuff about her absentee father being kidnapped and them maybe kinda sorta trying to grab her to use as leverage against said father she wasn t close to and she seemed only to care or be concerned because well he s her dad shrugs and that s what your supposed to do right What the heck Honestly that s what the whole story was just one huge mess wcharacters doing things because that s what their supposed all felt very lackluster and after all that nothing NOTHING was resolved Dad wasn t found and the got their nice little happy for now Sighs I only gave 3 because 2 felt too harsh for all the Monsieur Pain effort but if I had bought this instead of KU I wouldn t be soo kindMc s who mainly see to be together for sex and lust and a 2nd story line about a kidnap parent that doesn t really go anywhere and doesn t get resolved and doesn t really make sensePersonally I can t recommend this but if you have KU and have the time see what you thinkPersonally I can t wait to finish this soo I can return it Anntertaining intriguing sexy and action packed journey filled with danger mystery dark secrets and thrilling passion was a great read that left me breathlessly wanting. Nd is in her class as wellProfessor Erikkson Alek keeps her after class to tell her no but neither can resist forbidden temptationNow Danielle must at least figure out who has her father and why avoid her A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author ex boyfriend who seems to beverywhere she is for some reason and decipher what xactly she feels for her brooding professorWarning Contains brooding vampires jealous lovers and steamy scenes Read at your own ri. An Education in Academics (Somerset #4)