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Becket ClarkPioter10 February 2015FLCH I chose Dreams by Olive Schreiner for my dialogue essay Olive Schreiner was an anti war campaigner and intellectual that lived from 1855 to 1920 She wrote many radical and social commenting books her first and most famous of which being The Story of and social commenting books her first and most famous of which being The Story of African Farm in 1883 which is nown for being one of the first feminist books ever written Dreams her second book is a collection of short stories based off of dreams and experiences from the time she spent on a farm in South Africa Dreams is a wonderful parablistic book full of Fascinating Looks On The World looks on the world stories are fascinating and beautifully written in that early 20th century feel of near backwards English that writers used to have The first story is called The Lost Joy and it personifies Life as a lonely woman and Love as a caring man and from their first meeting was made Joy a child The metaphors like these said here are incredibly alluring and true and they continue as the main characters throughout the book This uote is from the story In A Far Off World What do you seekShe answered There is a man I hold him nearer than anything I would give him the best of all blessingsThe voice said What is itThe girl said I now not but that which is most good for him I wish him to haveThe voice said Your prayer is answered he shall have itThen she stood up She covered her breast and held the garment tight upon it with her hand and ran out of the forest and the dead leaves fluttered under her feet Out in the moonlight the soft air was blowing and the sand glittered on the beach She ran along the smooth shore then suddenly she stood still Out across the water there was something moving She shaded her eyes and looked It was a boat it was sliding swiftly over the moonlit water out to sea One stood upright in it the face the moonlight did not show but the figure she new It was passing swiftly it seemed as if no one propelled it the moonlight s shimmer did not let her see clearly and the boat was far from shore but it seemed almost as if there was another figure sitting in the stern Faster and faster it glided over the water away away She ran along the shore she came no nearer it The garment she had held closed fluttered open she stretched out her arms and the moonlight shone on her long loose hairThen a voice beside her whispered What is itShe cried With my blood I bought the best of all gifts for him I have come to bring it him He is going from meThe voice whispered softly Your prayer was answered It has been given himShe cried What is itThe voice answered It is that he might leave youThe girl stood stillFar out at sea the boat was lost to sight beyond the moonlight sheenThe voice spoke softly Art thou contentedShe said I am contentedAt her feet the waves broke in long ripples softly on the shore The stories are mostly bittersweet like this one and tell of hard lessons learned of how true life sometimes can be It s these Who Is Muhammad Ali? kind of realizations that I think are needed in childrens books and honestly in books in general to help people understand the sometimes hard to grasp parts of life Inow that after reading this book my mind was opened and shown places and ideas I never would have considered After reading the 280 word story The Gardens Of Pleasure late after 12 one night I actually went and found my ipad and wrote a responsive sermon about the experience I was so moved and epiphanied by the story that I allow myself to forget the incredible feelings that were rushing th. 1924 This is the second book by Schreiner South African author and feminist who is best remembered fo. Rough my mind I love this book and in this nano byte sized world we live in these short stories would thrive again My rating system for books is I give it points out of 10 in each category based on the amount of times I d step back and say I really liked that Five being average and one being not a lot and ten being perfect Examples of points in total would be Martian Chronicles 4850 excellent Ender s Game 43great Hunger Games 25 not very good Civics Today 0 A textbookWriting 9510Characters 1010Plot 6510Setting 610ConflictConclusion101042 out of 50I recommend this book to anyone willing to step outside of ignorance and bliss and be truly moved by just a few words made into storiesThanks for reading my dialogue essay It was fun writing it and I am looking forward to doing it again Sincerely YoursBecket Clark I came across this book at an antiue shop years ago as a teen I was reading mainly in Dutch back then and bought this book as it was cheap not being in the best shape and I wanted to practice my English outside of my text books in school This particular version of the book is from 1904 and published by a Dutch publisher who added some footnotes with translation of unfamiliar termsI fell in love with it and even tried to convince my English teacher to let me add it to my book list but she didn t now the book or author so refusedAfter reading The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde I remembered this book and realized it had been years since I read it time for a reread to see if it was as beautiful as I rememberedAnd it certainly is Of the eleven stories in this book only last one isn t for me The others are hauntingly Beautiful Are Just Some are just few pages long others a bit longer Schreiner uses a lot of allegories and metaphors in a way that makes that the title of this book is a fitting choice not only are a few stories brought as dreams they feel dreamlike and ethereal as well Each story brims with emotion and hidden heartacheI loved revisiting this book and my favorites from back then still resonate with me now You bet I ll eep this little pearl on my shelves for many years to come It starts getting you in a weird set line after line you will start getting it and getting involved it is pure genius how such abstract definitions like immortality truth and so on be real It is beyond Genius at the end you ll ask your self Why didn t I read it before In this magical collection abstract concepts such as love life and truth amongst others are explained in enchanting fables that captivate and mesmerise the reader My favourite uote from the book is Are you so sinless you have right to hate Simply beautiful and truly powerful 3 Absolutely my favorite book ever I read it to my daughter as bed time stories 4 455 for Three Dreams in a Desert the piece I liked the most in the book and also the most feminist one This book carried me through my 20s It is a book of parables that awakened me and ept me sane It gave me confidence as a young woman a pool of inner strength to drink from and resolve through a difficult stage of uncertainty self doubt and soul breaking tragedy Simply put that fragile brief and fleeting time we call youth VIII LIFE S GIFTSI saw a woman sleeping In her sleep she dreamt Life stood before her and held in each hand a gift in the one Love in the other Freedom And she said to the woman ChooseAnd the woman waited long and she said FreedomAnd Life said Thou hast well chosen If thou hadst said Love I would have given thee that thou didst R her novel The Story of an African Farm It contains eleven short stories based on Schreiner's dreams. ,

Sk for and I would have gonefrom thee and returned to thee no now the day returned to thee no Now the day come when Ishall return In that day I shall bear both gifts in one handI heard the woman laugh in her sleepAlthough these stories speak of God I imagined myself as the god AN OLDER WORLDLY WISE ME FEEDING ME WORDS OF older worldly wise ME feeding me words of back through time Carrying me gently through my pain and toward my future X I THOUGHT I STOODI thought I stood in Heaven before God s throne and God asked me what I had come for I said I had come to arraign my brother ManGod said What has he doneI said He has taken my sister Woman and has stricken her andwounded her and thrust her out into the streets she lies thereprostrate His hands are red with blood I am here to arraign him thatthe ingdom be taken from him because he is not worthy and given untome My hands are pureI showed themGod said Thy hands are pure Lift up thy robeI raised it my feet were red blood red as if I had trodden in wineGod said How is thisI said Dear Lord the streets on earth are full of mire If I shouldwalk straight on in them my outer robe might be bespotted you see howwhite it is Therefore I pick my wayGod said On whatI was silent and I let my robe fall I wrapped my mantle about my head I went out softly I was afraid that the angels would see meThese words saved me from mistakes than I can imagine Beauty To master complexity into simplicity to woven a seemingly abstract concept such as truth and nowledge in fairy tale fashion How have been the author tucked away from u I found an old tiny copy of this book in an antiue store off a country highway in the summer when I was 17 I was drawn to the delicate cover not the one shown in this Goodreads cover much prettier and new I had to own it It was the best 10 I ever spent The book is made up of numerous short stories and every single one of them speaks to me in a way I hadn t thought another person could understand Olive was a woman ahead of her time and the beautiful spiritual stories she s woven together go deeper than the few pages each one is made up of I can t properly convey how much I love this book and I now I was drawn to it with good reason My actual SOUL was drawn to the stories she wished to tell me Even reading up on the woman she was in her time period made the book that much enjoyable She was a feminist activist and a wanderlust In our dark times presently Olive is a perfect example of the strong woman we all should be and stand up against the patriarchy in whatever way we can Read this little wistful book Be swept into her soulful worlds she s created Very underrated bookOlive Schreiner s writing might seem simple yet it is metaphorically powerful to such an extent that you might need to stop and process the reading after each storyClearly ahead of times the picture of woman s liberation was shaped in her mind and we can even see how the author s voice evolves from one story to anotherHowever liberation seems To Be Reserved To be reserved to females in her work as there are recurrent associations of the colour white to positive considered characteristics like Truth Reason etc Further we can see that traditional stereotypes were still rooted in her mind as she still associated most of the mentioned characteristics to male figures as wellThis being said there is also an obvious and strong Masue plays influence in her stories depicting human vices and follies as opposed to their moral counterparts though the latter ones are not achieved through divine power and worship but throug. And life on a farm in South Africa See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishi. .
Dreams by Olive Schreiner

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