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Red Russia

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Absolutely glorious This book was surprising and delighting me every I picked it up based on the aving Goodreads feedback and the bear image of course very imagine master margarita written by a dota player This book was hilarious and wonderful a bit like the movie The Death of Stalin if it was about an American trying to do business with the Russian mob and had a dose of astrological and occult humor The corporate humor is on point as are some of the jabs at Russian politics and society You don t need to know a lot about Russia to enjoy this book but if you ve got a solid understanding of Russian culture and politics it will Among the many things Peter doesn’t know he doesn’t know he’s an archetype the Prince of Coins incarnate He doesn’t know His Fiancé Is A Fortune Teller Either He Doesn’t Know. fiancé is a fortune teller either He doesn’t know. ,

E all the funny Highly ecommend This book is Russian Night Vale weird and I loved it It is well written uniue weird and I loved it It is well written uniue authored by someone who understands what eal cultural and language differences are You know ather than just making completely andom mistakes and assumptions and saying oh sorry thats the foreignness Bonus the people in Russia were actually speaking Russian the whole time with each other There were people who didn t
let on they 
on they spoke English There were people who just completely ignored that Peter couldn t Speak Russian And Had Fun Russian and had fun him anyway All eal things that happen in these kind of cultural and language exchanges This. Russian culture politics or language but he does know American business And he knows his fiancé speaks Russian He thinks she can make him the new Tsar of the timber industry but first Pleased me to no end after just finishing From Russia With Love "where Russian spy council is having a meeting with only other Russiansand " the Russian spy council is having a meeting with only other Russiansand in English the entire time Oh except when they would andomly switch to Russian for one word in a sentence not even a word that doesn t translate well several times it was just the word for fileexcept when they used the English word so it wasn t even consistent It makes me nuts to ead this pinacle of laziness in books so I deeply appreciated that Thompson didn t do it I haven t ead this Piece Of Junk I M Tired Of All The Fake of junk I m tired of all the fake here Der Bilderwächter recommending this garbage and the fakeeviews. Hey must survive a weekend with the Russian mob Red Russia is the story of an American businessman and his interpreter in Russia of business lies and deception of fortunes bought and tol.