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E also caught the attention of very bad people when she saw the atrocities that the virtual world was being sed to inflict on the poor and nsuspecting She made it her personal mission to free those on the poor and nsuspecting She made it her personal mission to free those have fallen into the trap that she was saved from All in all she became rich in days through very good playing caught the attention of very powerful people and raised hell As of Nov 10 2017 I have read both books and eagerly await the third I have read Uite A Few Litrpg a few litrpg I have to say that for me this is the best I have read and I don t say that "LIGHTLY IN SOME WAYS IT REMINDS "In some ways it reminds of The Trapped Mind Project Emerilia Book 1 series by Michael Chatfield It isn t similar just reminds meThe two books as of this writing of this review Nascent The Stork Tower Book 1 and Odyssey The Stork Tower Book 2 were not only a joy to read combining real life and two major game worlds but also deeply affected me personally by the reflections of Leah the MC in what she says in her diary I will definitely be re reading the books to think on what was presentedI appreciate a good story but than that I appreciate a good story that helps me to grow as a person These two books have done that for meThere are editing errors in both books but imo do not warrant a loss of a starNOTE TO Tony Corden Please set p your author page with profile and picture This fan would like to know about you This was an enjoyable and entertaining read Atherleah is a kick arse character not for the physical stuff or at least not only for the physical stuff but because of her intelligence and empathy Looking forward to the next book in The Stork Tower series Things I enjoyed The Stork Tower theme the world building Leah is competent and rational and conflicts and obstacles aren t based on her making stupid choices or lack of communicationThings I didn t enjoy Leah is a very Mary Sue character who never fails or struggles to overcome obstacles It removes a lot of the tension when you know by halfway through the book she s just going to breeze On her sixteenth birthday she was inadvertently implanted with a Neural Enhancement Chip instead of the free Government provided basic level personal AI This mistake not only removed the limits placed on the AI but also broke some of the Government instigated control parameters Leah’s life ra. What a future Cordon has created here It is both dystopian and topian and is a wonderful story with much room to It is both dystopian and Cirsova (Issue utopian and is a wonderful story with much room to It creates and asks wonderful and troublingestions about AI and how we are to Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú use them both as people rich or poor and as governments One of the plots that is created shows a very scary but I think realistic situation that will need to be carefully looked at in our own world in the future This storyworld is vast and I expect a lot from the next books 910 Thoroughly enjoyable Several annoying misspellings and other various typos The ending wasn t a cliff exactly well maybe a cliff exactly but I felt norgency due to plot armor But like I said thoroughly enjoyable so on to book 2 I liked the story outside of the game much than other litRPG series I ve read It really could have benefited from even a single editing pass There were many grammatical and simple typos The AI implant being capable of gaining its own sentience is a great idea and I hope this is explored much in the coming books Mixing sci fi and fand fantasy is something I never expected to work this well Leah grew The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, up in a kinda which also makes for excellent survival skills in her case She worked for the also makes for excellent survival skills in her case She worked for the boss on the side while also gaining valuable skills Finally she was determined to make it in life so she also focused on her education even to self teaching herself beyond the normal level When she got her chip for an AI so as to further her education she was advised by her boss to play virtual games so as to make money for herselfAnd that s where the fantasy comes in First of all all her chip had a few extra advantages that made for very interesting modifications to her biology and the sentience of her AIwhich was supposed to be pretty low level she also helped this along by giving the AI freedom that others hadn t thought of When she entered the game world her home training her parents being Christians made her exceptional immediately advancing in virtual days what took others v weeks or months Sh. Atherleah Carroll grewp in a negative tax family in the gang controlled suburbs of Brisbane at the end of the twenty first century From the age of six she decided that she wanted and with the help of her local gang leader she learned the skills to escape the relentless pressure to mediocrity. Hrough Three stars I liked it enough to continue the series and maybe recommend it but not enough to reread it EnthralledThere are things I love and dislike about this book The whole concept a futuristic society that stays jacked in almost constantly sounds somewhat familiar I m sure there are some would love that The obvious misspellings sounds somewhat familiar I m sure there are some who would love that The obvious misspellings me along with the grammar problems I m sed to seeing these in translated light novels but I don t pay for thoseStill the story was well worth it although I find myself disappointed that Leah isn t learning how to code With such a sci fi background she s learning how to se bows swords Ha For some reason I ve really been craving some litrpg book and noticed this was now on KUIf you are looking for some ff then this not the castle you are looking forI m not going to go into the premises but into one thing I really hated and lovedSo I The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins understand that in a litrpg it is standard to have lots of stats and item descriptions but there is a point where you have too much of those in the book there are rare coins that can be collected and soldtraded or justsed as normal currency What I really hate is that the description in this case is all the same except its copper silver etc I just wish the author hade summarised them a bit because it gets way too tedious If I m honest I was debating on only giving this book 3 stars because this really detracted from the reading experienceThe thing I really love is how the MC comes to terms with her inner conflicts or askes Twisted (LOST, uestions on how to come to terms with them and make the reader maybeestion some of their own surroundings Honestly one of the BEST LitRPG books I have readFew typos which is ncommon in this new genre Great character development good story The first 10% is in real life and only just gets into the game at that point However instead of taking away from the gaming side of things it just adds further to character development and shows how the real world affects the game Instantly bought the second boo. Pidly becomes a battle both in the virtual multiverse and in real life On the Stork Tower by Wáng Zhīhuàn Along the mountains sink the last rays of sun Towards the sea the Yellow River does forward go If you would fain command a thousand miles in view To a higher storey you are expected to ,