E–pub [Off the Face of the Earth] Â Aljean Harmetz

Ially when there are And Other Pressing Matters To Look and other pressing matters to look So the family and friends of the pressing matters to look So the family and friends of the boy take matters into their own hands and start their own search They post flyers go into stores David may like and ask if anyone has seen him and ven do searches and lists from the Internetnot the usual thing to do in 1997 David and his kidnapper in the meantime are traveling to New Mexico with David leaving a trail of baseball cards behind It s a fascinating chase to see if West a policeman who believes David is still alive and Drew David s mom can piece the puzzle together before it s too late. Ced he is alive With the help of a maverick police officer she discovers David's trail and she's led down a harrowing path of clues. ,

I loved this book Easy readI thought the characters were asy to Relate To This Is to This is story of what I as a parent fear someone taking my children Although I would classify this book as a traditional suspense novel there is an underlying theme of hope This book is braced by the heartbreaking knowledge that children are stolen very day and most of them are never returned to safety The author skillfully flits between mother and child revealing their pain and strength with great care This book made me cry as I was reading the part when Denver the abductor was shedding tears in pain and the song one last cry. Eight year old David Greene has already run away twice since
His Parents Got Divorced 
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why A very paced story of a boy who runs away from home and meets a man who spirits him away while his mother and other people including a sensitive police detective do what they can to find him The nding is wonderful I read this book years ago so don t remember it well Noted that it was a good thriller about the abduction of an A boy runs away gets to the mall and is lured away by a man who also has interest in baseball cards What makes matters worse is the police department when contacted about the missing Boy Does Not Take The does not take the seriously spec. Pt this time David doesn't return The police are anxious to charge a local homeless man with his death but David's mother is convin. Off the Face of the Earth