[E–book] (Exploring Long Term Solutions for Louisianas Tax System) author James A. Richardson

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successive legislative for over a decade Louisiana's significant fiscal problems have remained unresolved despite efforts to mitigate the state's financial woes and avoid cutting key services or resorting to stop ap solutions Louisiana created its current tax structure in the 1970s with some subseuent revisions in response to new economic realities while many developments in louisiana's fiscal picture lie many developments in Louisiana's fiscal picture lie the state's control other changes including shifting tax rates shrinking the tax base. Exploring Long Term Solutions for Louisianas Tax SystemOrms that challenge the state's
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of sales application of the individual income tax approach to corporate taxation and allocation of other taxes such as mineral revenues Crucial for those who want to engage with THEIR REPRESENTATIVES COLLEAGUES AND FELLOW VOTERS representatives colleagues and fellow voters the topic of taxation this book euips readers with timely information about policy and importantly nonpartisan solutions that could secure a prosperous future for Louisiana Billy Hamilton executive vice chancellor #and chief financial officer of the texas am #chief financial officer of The Texas AM Syste. ,

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And increasing the number of deductions and tax credits resulted from decisions made by The Body In Exploring legislative body In Exploring Term Solutions for Louisiana's Tax System James A Richardson Steven M Sheffrin James Alm and other contributors advocate for establishing financial reforms eared to long term change and stable fiscal prospectsWith a focus on practicality and accessibility the AUTHORS EXPLORE THE COMPLEXITIES OF LOUISIANA'S ECONOMIC REALITY AND explore the complexities of Louisiana's economic reality and the state's current tax structure In so doing they suggest several ref.