[Kindle] (ueen Emma and the Vikings Power Love and Greed in 11th Century England)

Am the Chosen KingB It also stands on its own as a wonderfully readable account of the life and times of a woman too often overlooked in the annals of history The book is based on what few facts there are about ueen Emma who was the Great Aunt of William 1 of England She was the daughter of a Duke wife of 2 Kings and Mother of 2 Kings She was determined not to take a back seat to anyone and she paid for it several times However her strength and perseverance helped her become a force to be reckoned with in Anglo Saxon Englandueen Emma used her diplomatic skills to help shape a Viking Warlord King into a well liked sovereign However her own propaganda worked against her on several occasions This book is part historical fact and part Tuchmanesue novel The facts are many and often contradictory Even though we may never now the true ueen Emma this book provides the reader with a remarkable insight into the lives of the Anglo Saxon England Nation and their rulers Interesting if not exciting look at what can seem a very alien time It is not really so much about Emma it couldnt be a modern style biography because of the lack of evidence about her life But it places her and her life history into the context of the histories of England the Viking invasions and Normandy before the conuest An excellent smooth narrated biography of Emma and her world Really enjoyable This is a uality book with beautiful printing and a very interesting subject I had high hopes that this book would be a well informed and analogous to Dan Jones s Wars of the Roses but in a different time period Emma is a very interesting subject whose life spans several cultures and a tumultuous era of European history Unfortunately the facts are uite thin That would be okay if the author didn t fill in the gaps with admittedly outlandish speculation that directly contradicts well informed books on the same subjects It got to the point where every sentence was packed with weasel words probably maybe we can guess and so on and then it became clear that the author was substituting modern caricatures of medieval life in place of facts Women are depicted as powerless units of property with enough maybe and probably to cover her directly in contradiction to other books on the subject Having just read a Treatise By Christine Fell by Christine Fell women in Anglo Saxon women I wanted "To Get An Idea "get an idea how things were different in the Norman world Instead of just saying we don t now the author fills in a best guess that has no basis in fact I had to stop reading A delightfully readable bookThere are only so many textual sources for Anglo Saxon history and O Brien makes the most of them So there s familiarity about it both in the familiar historical information from the Anglo Saxon Chronicles and the tropes we see in television and movies I found myself thinking from time to time of Lord of the Rings and Game of ThronesThe book actually has power and greed in it than love It was good to see the events of Emma s life and her lifetime neatly and chronologically explained and the fate of her sons and companionsO Brien s narrative doesn t leave much sense of Emma s personality or her motivation but she characterizes her as a survivor and so she was Perhaps that was all the motivation she needed. Ipulator Regarded by her contemporaries as a generous Christian patron an admired regent and a Machiavellian mother Emma was above all a survivor hers was a life marked by dramatic reversals of fortune all of which she overcam. ueen Emma and the Vikings Power Love and Greed in 11th Century EnglandThis is a short history of England in the decades before the Norman Conuest The author centers her story on Emma of Normandy who arrived in the year 1002 to marry the aging English ing but this is not a biography There is very little personal information available about any of these people who lived 1000 year ago and were for the most part illiterateThe book is accessible and entertaining The author gets a little fanciful sometimes using educated guesses to flesh out scenes which are not documented in any detail This feels a little unscholarly but it serves to give the reader a better sense of place and timeShe tries to judge the uality and accuracy of historical records and often supplies the reader with multiple versions of events A lot of information comes from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle but another surviving contemporary source is the Encomium Emmae Reginae a book commissioned by Emma herself to tell the This is about a woman who was officially made ueen was married to two different The Mobius Twist, Alien Abduction and Judgement of the Human Race kings and at least one of her sons ruled England I have to admit that I am not generallyeen on political history but thought this would be interesting as it was about a ueen and Vikings I am interested in women s history However she really isn t in as much of the book as I would have liked due to lack of good records for some of the times so there was a lot of stuff about ings and other leaders etc that I couldn t care much less about That said some of it was interesting and the writing was good enough I can t bring myself to rate it less than two stars There is about her in the second half of the book than the first but since I read it on an old school This non fiction book starts off on a suprisingly narrative and almost fictional note in that it sets old school This non fiction book starts off on a suprisingly narrative and almost fictional note in that it sets scene of how young Emma daughter of the Duke Richard of Normandy was set upon a ship to England to marrie a "man double her age and seal a strategic alliance against the "double her age and seal a strategic alliance against the strength of the Vikings Some people may not like this narrative introduction but I think it adds that extra sparkle and almost depth to the text as it helps the reader imagine what Emma must have been like as each chapter and section goes through the ey areas of history and introduce ey characters that had a major influence not just on Emma s own life but of course the very history of English ruleEmma is one of those forgotten ueens who sadly reigned not once but twice as well as strongly in the background of two of her son s reigns Harthacnut and Edward the confessor s early rule but also in a period of history not Often Talked About Or Featured talked about or featured historical literature both non fiction and fiction That is the period before 1066 when King Ethelred the Unready ill counciled was in power and the time when England was actually under Danish rule and formed part of a large scandinavian empire under King Cnut or Canute if you preferThe reader will learn an awful lot not just about Emma but about the world and society she grew up in and will realise that Emma show s the inner strength cunning and social survival skills that shone through in ueen Elizabeth 1st in the sixteenth century and eually ueen Victoria in the nineteenth century But I am pleased to say that not one jot of this book is dry or boring Each chapte. A lively account of the harsh realities of war and politics in this era the vagaries of political marriage and the thin line between invaders and settlers Publishers Weekly Emma one of England's most remarkable ueens made her. R is interesting enriching enlightening and even entertaining as the firstIf you wish to understand better the background behind 1066 well why not start from where it truly all began with a similar battle of wills for the throne of England before Godwinesone vs Hardrada vs Duke William it was SweinCnut vs Edmund Ironside and the current King Ethelred who held a shakey stability And weaving between these great men was one woman who was a foriegner herself Emma of Normandy who outlived them all ueen Emma called Aelfgifu by most of her subjects was a strong willed Norman who was ueen of England twice over first as the wife of Anglo Saxon ing Aethelred then as the wife of the conuering Danish ing Cnut She had little impact in Aethelred s court but was according to O Brien very involved in revitalizing Cnut s reputation in Europe through conspicuous acts of piety and generosity After Cnut s death she fought long and hard to get one of her sons on the English throne Cnut s two sons Harold Harefoot son of Cnut s first wife also named Aelfgifu and Harthacnut Emma s son each claimed the throne but Harold died and Harthacnut was "crowned King of England without having to fight Emma s younger son by Aethelred then returned to England he had "King of England without having to fight Emma s younger son by Aethelred then returned to England he had hiding in Normandy and joined his half brother Harthacnut as co ruler Harthacnut was a brutal and heavy handed ruler and few mourned when he died only a few years later Edward later called Confessor was then the sole ruler of England Upon his childless death many years later Emma s nephew William the Conuerer claimed the throne It s fascinating history but there is frustratingly little nown about Emma herself Today we only have a few clues from The Anglo Saxon Chronicle and the history she commissioned the Encomium from The Anglo Saxon Chronicle and the history she commissioned the Encomium uick VersionA history of Emma Norman wife of two Aliens Music of the Spears Aliens kings of England one Anglo Saxon and one Dane mother of twoings of England and great aunt of William the ConuerorLong VersionEmma is every historian s dream subject Born into a position destined to make her a pawn in the power plays of the highest nobility Emma had the intelligence and the cunning to rise to eminence in a world where women were undereducated and disregardedDespite a length of less than three hundred pages this book does an excellent job telling not only Emma s story but the tale of the time in which she lived This is only Emma s story but the tale of the time in which she lived This is period of English history full of shifting politics and cultures Alfred the Great had ruled shortly before the apex of Anglo Saxon England Emma s first husband the inept Aethelred led to its ruin Cnut the Dane conuered England and in a stunning move married the popular and recently widowed ueen Emma Following his demise Emma held on long enough to put not just one but two sons one by Aethelred and one by Cnut on to England s throneIn addition to the machinations of politics Harriet O Brien paints a vivid picture of life at all levels of society during Emma s lifespan interspersing her portrait with useful tidbits such as which food items would not have been seen and when they were first cultivated in England I finally learned the difference between mead and aleI highly recommend this history to readers of Helen Hollick s historical fiction BThe Forever ueenB and its recently released seuel BI. Mark on a nation beset by Viking raiders at the end of the Dark Ages At the center of a triangle of Anglo Saxons Vikings and Normans all jostling for control of England Emma was a political pawn who became an unscrupulous man. .