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Beyond the sheer amount of Trauma In This Book Suffering in this book suffering initiation it s written in lengthy paragraphs that MeanderFor Example The Author Will example the author will each chapter with a uotation and then talk about part of her induction into witchcraft and the growth of her practice but it s not linear So she s walking us through her practice and what it means how it developed etc but then she ll take a break to talk about her past This is a little confusing but what made it difficult for me to read was that she d say something like I d do this for the next seven ears but then go right back to I think a few weeks after the events discussed I had a difficult time figuring out where I was in the timeline of her life and how her practice was developing Amanda Yates Garcia is an "INTELLECTUAL GIANT THIS BOOK IS RIVETING AND BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN "giant This book is riveting and beautifully written also acts as a guide for readers seeking to engage in magic as a route to personal empowerment I cannot recommend this book enough An interesting read and an important book of a female witchy voice Something we need right now with the toxic patriarchy running wild Some uibbles I think it s too long I think the narrative thread meanders and repeats itself and I wish there was research in its place I also don t love the narrator s voice It feels weird to say this but the narrator to me is not the easiest to like at time occasionally veering into holier than thou territoy It feels also like sometimes there are things being made up and in creative non fiction often things are fudged but this feels a little too obvious I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Opinions are my ownI really enjoyed this memoir Garcia has writing chops that are strongest when she s describing landscapes which thankfully she does often Her reverence for the natural world is palpable as is her devotion to social justice anti misogyny and anti capitalism She s also extremely well read in the history of myths witchcraft and folklore from many parts of the world and I really like the connections she is able to draw between all of these stories it has the effect of painting the world as a connected orb rather than a bunch of broken pieces which is what things like borders and wars make I am definitely not a witch but I do find witchcraft and astrology very interesting and very ueer And btw there is ueer stuff in here I always like to point that out for people who are looking for it as I always am It s no wonder that ueer people gravitate toward it as it inherently values emotion community agency healing the individual and the collective from trauma and the earth While not all of it resonates with me Garcia makes some compelling points about how important ritual can be and how crucial holistic thinking isBut this isn t a comprehensive guide to witchcraft it s a memoir and Garcia s story is incredibly interesting in itself Her mother practiced witchcraft so she was exposed to it from birth After several traumatic events related to her family Garcia struck out on her own and had a long period. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes meets Women Who Run With The Wolves in this gorgeously written fierce political personal and deeply inspiring Michelle Tea memoir about finding meaning beauty and power through a life in witchcraft An initiation signals a beginning a door opens and ou step through Traditional Wiccan initiates are usually brought into the craft through a ceremony with a High Priestess But even though Amanda Yates Garcia's mother a practicing witch herself initiated her into the earth centered practice of witchcraft when she was 13 ears old Amanda's real life as a witch only began when she underw. .
Initiated Memoir of a Witch

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Of time when she didn t Necessarily Practice Witchcraft But Always practice witchcraft but always attuned to something spiritual and saw significant signs that she sometimes always attuned to something spiritual and saw significant signs that she sometimes She writes about her experience as a sex worker her deep and ultimately abusive relationship with a drug dealing manic pixie dream girl living in Amsterdam and finally reconnecting with her mother Garcia s relationship with her mother felt extremely real to me in that as much as they love each other they revert to their Payback younger selves when they re together I have experienced this a lot with my own mother I liked how Garcia readily admits to feeling irrational anger at her mother for seemingly innocuous things Garcia s transformation into the Oracle of Los Angeles happens at the end It s an interesting story but this is where the woo woo gets to me a little I m just not sure about people being oracles But I m willing to embrace this uncertainty It s what witches do Overall despite a little bit of uneven pacing I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it Another great memoir to add to the shelf I could not put this beautiful memoir down I fell in love with Amanda s story about the magical life she leads and how she uses that magic to find herself The detail Yates goes into describing her life rituals and initiations makesou feel as though The No 1 Car Spotter and the Car Thieves No1 Car Spotter you are experiencing the same things with her This book will inspireou to be brave in any way Giant Steps to Change the World you can This book is exactly what the world needs It s rare in these overly distracting times that I start and finish a book within 48 hours So it was with Initiated a book I had trouble putting down and missed whenever I didI first encountered Amanda Yates Garcia through her Strange Magic podcast with Sarah Gottesdiener and she s come to be a real guiding voice for me through this particularly peculiar period in human history I preordered Initiated way back in July and I m pleased to say the wait was than worth itGarcia has written a marvellous memoir full of magic and mayhem but brimming with the political aspects of the craft that many writers choose to ignore At no point does she sugar coat the truth and she s happy to reveal all of the parts of her life bothucky and delicious as a true reminder that life is rarely one or the other but a rocky road between the two rarely one or the other but a rocky road between the two journal part grimoire Initiated is ALL call to arms and I can t recommend it enough The right book for this moment Yates Garcia shows us how to rise up against patriarchy in our thinking and living and inspires us to re enchant a world that feels cursed Such a privilege to have been gifted an early copy by Grand Central this book BLEW ME AWAY INITIATED features a deft interweaving of Garcia s vast esoteric and cultural knowledge with her captivating personal story of trauma self discovery empowerment and metamorphosis I was astounded by Garcia s spellbinding nimble gorgeous prose particularly its supernatural ability to carry me away from a crowded Friday night Amtrak car with broken air conditioning This is THE memoir for all the witches and witc. Ent a series of spontaneous initiations of her ownDescending into the underworlds of poverty sex work and misogyny Initiated describes Amanda's journey to return to her body harness her power and create the magical world she longed for through witchcraft Hailed by crows seduced by magicians and haunted by ancestors broken beneath the wheels of patriarchy Amanda's uest for self discovery and empowerment is a deep exploration of a modern witch's trials healing ancient wounds chafing against cultural expectations creating intimacy all while on a mission to re enchant the world Peppered with mythology tales. .
H curious folks whose spiritual engagement and magical practice cannot exist in an apolitical vacuum by virtue of their experiences Garcia refreshingly unpacks the covert toxicity inherent in a certain sort of New Age detachment from the socioeconomic and political realities surrounding spiritual
engagement and instead 
and instead her fearless journey of confronting the shadow aspects of our world head onJust pre ordered another copy as I desperately need a hardback of this and strongly encourage First Light Project Five Fifteen you to get in on the action early INITIATED is guaranteed to empowerou hypnotize New Erotica for Feminists Satirical Fantasies of Love Lust and Eual Pay you transformour perspective on The New Roger's Profanisaurus your own darkness and the underworlds thatou encounter and will no doubt serve as a catalyst to the genuine empowerment liberation and personal transformation of the many readers who need Garcia s inspirational story of rebirth It s hard to explain exactly what this book is so I will just throw around some adjectives while I digest having just finished it an hour ago It is uniue brave erudite inspiring raw and real It is a feminist anthem from a daughter and a leader but that is almost a byproduct It seems she set out to write memoir to share her experiences of learning her power through personal pain But along the way she learned to spiral herself up into the empowered witch she would eventually become through lessons in survival as well as her studies of historical figures both real and myth That knowledge becomes a rally cry to us all to climb our mountains alongside the heroines of the past She is a wonderful example of how Convicts Captive Book Two you can study the stories and use them practically inour life for energy or inspiration towards real change in The power (Novela) Version en español (Spanish Edition) your life She does not try to convinceou that witchcraft has virtue or value She explains how it comes into her life but she does not get very practical about it She does uite a bit of demystifying of the art and practice but also that is a byproduct and not the point of the book I appreciated that I learned of this book because I listen to the author s podcast Strange Magic I can see why she elected book because I listen to the author s podcast Strange Magic I can see why she elected launch the book during Scorpio season but I also somehow feel like the timing was a gift just for me I needed something to help me find some control inside of my energy this week and this met that need and then some Life is always going to be better if The Green Ghost and Other Stories you believe inour own ability to practice magic Considerably underwhelming I was very excited to finally read a memoir that could be a rallying cry for Pagans but this was not it Amanda s thoughts were very disorganized and she uses so much for Pagans but this was not it Amanda s thoughts were very disorganized and she uses so much that السودان المأزق التاريخي وآفاق المستقبل you can t tell what she is making up in allegory or what her distorted mind actually thinks happenedPerhaps it gets better but I couldn t get past the first 80 pages or so that pretty much just outlined her terrible childhood and how it manifested who she is today It made me feel sorry for her and that this book is a cry out for help and therapy I am glad she feels good in her own skin but this is NOT Paganism This is the messy memoir into the mind of a very traumatized woman. Of the goddesses and magical women throughout history Initiated stands suarely at the intersection of witchcraft and feminism With generosity and heart this book speaks to the uestion is it possible to live a life of beauty and integrity in a world that feels like it's dyingDeclaring oneself a witch and practicing magic has everything to do with claiming authority and power for oneself of taking back our planet in the name of Love Initiated is both memoir and manifesto calling the magical people of the world to take up their wands stand up be brave describe the world they want then create it like a wit.