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Sweet Enough to Eat is the story of Nikki and DeanA love a first sightfrom both sidesA vow to consummateA IUD and barbell emergencyA first sightfrom both sidesA vow to consummateA IUD and barbell emergencyA to the ERA chaseA heavy ose of lovemakingA hilarious HEASafe355 Ms Riley wrote an implausible plot again but it was funny and an antidote for me after reading a mean hero Most of the time I want to read about supporting characters because

Something About Them Sparks 
about them sparks interest but it s the first time my reason is because of an incident with piercing Lol Reading about THAT scene between Nikki Dean in Wedding Cake Crashers I just needed it from theirs POV It was just as funny If not even so Maybe if they hadn t rushed so fast Sheesh There s insta and there s super insta Nikki Dean aren t wasting time after first meeting that s for sure And that ending Probably I should had seen it coming Lol 325 stars FREE on today 652019 35 375 uickie review Cute and fun premise I Nikki’s been crashing weddings with her bestie Sugar as she tries to find the one When she least expects it Dean pops up and he’s on the same page as she is But a catastrophe involving a piercing an IUD and a trip to th. Story and it s too funnyThe story is about Dean and NikkiHe s Hank s Book 1 H Cousin And She S Sugar S Book 1 H cousin and she s Sugar s book h best friendNikki and Sugar crash weddings She goes to find her true love Her grandma told her if she finds the one she ll know right away but she s been to many weddings and hasn t find the one She s starting to lose hope But one night she feels it will be ifferent She met the groom s cousin DeanThey can t wait any longer and they go find a room a storage room but A Piercing And IUD Causes Trouble She Runs Away But piercing and IUD causes trouble She runs away but ll o anything to find herIt has a funny epilogue view spoilerMarried with children And another trouble lol hide spoiler A free extension to the Wedding Cake Crashers Only 3 stars cause our heroine seemed ifferent in a book no 1Still these two covers were the most tasty covers I ve seen this year so far Great story The ending had me laughing so hard They were only apart for a week. Arated she takes off But not to worry – he loves the chaseWarning This uick follow up to Wedding Cake Crasher gives you the whole story on Dean and Nikki Read their side of the story and fall in love all over again FOR FR.

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Sweet Enough to EatEally enjoyed this one This is the second book in the wedding cake uet and omg it s so sweet it ll give you toothache Nikki was told by her grandmother that she know The Minute She Flung The she flung the but after crashing wedding with her best friend she is starting to lose hope And just but after crashing wedding with her best friend she is starting to lose hope And just she was least expecting it she bumps in to Dean Now she knows what her grandmother meant he s her one but after a isastrous night she flees Avoiding Dean becomes her life mission but she Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change doesn t really want to run Will she give Dean a chance or run from what she s always wanted Dean is no playboy he s been looking for his one and can t believe it when he sees Nikki at his cousins wedding He isetermined to claim her as soon as he can but the night Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature doesn t go as planned and she runs but what sheoesn t know is he will chase her anywhere and means to catch her Loved these two books both classic AR A much shorter. E emergency room has her running for the hillsDean always knew that when he found the woman that was meant to be his he would know it And the second he saw Nikki he was ready for the white picket fence But when they get sep.