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A book by the German author who won the 1999 Nobel prize best known for his novel The Tin Drum The story is set during World War II in Danzig a free city on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Germany Until The Nazis Took It Over Today the Nazis took it over Today s Gdansk PolandThere are two main characters two boys of early high school age the only two Catholics who hang out with a group of ten or so Lutheran boys and occasionally girls In summer they swim out daily to their hangout a half sunken Polish minesweeper some distance out in the harbor One main character is the narrator who tells the story of the eal main character who becomes the main theme of the book his Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris radical changes over timeAt first the main character is shy and awkward Today we d call him a geek or a dork The other boys avoid him and make fun of him He says he wants to be a professional clown He s tall and gangly with big ears and can t even swim at first His huge Adam s apple is a joke in the title of the book Since they often swim naked he s also admired for the size of his let s say dangling participle But once they teach him how to swim he becomes the best swimmer and diver among them He s the only one who dives underwater into the ship s hold and daily starts bringing up medals pictures euipment tools and even cans of food from the sunken part of the vessels He transforms into a hero and the kids start calling him the Great Mahlke Both the Catholic boys are veryeligious but in different ways The narrator is a daily altar boy The Great is excessively devout in Taking Communion But Even His communion but even his worries about his Mariolatry The Great says Of course I don t believe in God He s just a swindle to stultify the people The only thing I believe in is the Virgin Mary That s why I m never going to get married The Great lives in a household of females his mother and her female The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education relatives His father died before the war in a work accident More transformations He seems to disparage the Nazi war effort listlessly singing patriotic songs and having the audacity to steal a medal from a visiting war hero speaking at their school Yet as soon as he is old enough he suddenlyuns off to enlist in the army and becomes a The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry recognized war hero for shooting so many enemy tanks which he writes home bragging about He also acuires aeputation as a lady s man going after officers wives while men are at the front He transforms again Home on leave he suddenly announces he s going AWOL and hides out on the boat with the help of his friend To me I did not get a good sense of what all these transformations were about or why they occurred So a bit strange but the story moved along and kept my interest It s fairly short less than 200 pages We get snippets of ships and naval battle statistics I thought it was a worthwhile The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism read 35ounded up to 4 Top photo Gdansk today from pcdncowp2 Days in GdanskDanzig after bombings from danzigfreestateorgphoto of the author 1927 2015 from haaretzcompolopoly I first read Cat and Mouse without the benefit of having ead The Tin Drum beforehand and I missed a lot Cat and Cat and Mouse without the benefit of having ead The Tin Drum beforehand and I missed a lot Cat and is the second book in Grass Danzig Trilogy three books that look at life in Danzig under the Nazi A Kangaroo's Life regime from three different points of view the tales are told concurrently and time can be fixed by seeing the same event from different points of view for example the picnic taken by the jazz trio and Schmuh in Book III of The Tin Drum shows up towards the end of Cat and Mouse and Matern one of the main characters of Dog Years shows up in The Onion Cellar where Oskar s jazz band isetained in The Tin DrumCat and Mouse is actually a novella originally a part of Dog Years that broke off and took on a life of its own on the surface it is the tale of Joachim Mahlke a high school student with a protruding adam s apple the Mouse of the title and his fascination with a sunken Polish minesweeper after he. An alternate cover for this isbn can be found hereTo compensate for his unusually large Adam’s apple source of both discomfort and distress fourteen year old Joachim Mahlke turns himself into athlete and ace diver Soon he is known to his peers and his nation as. ,

Learns to swim at the age of thirteen It is also
The Story Of Pilenz The 
story of Pilenz the and Mahlke s best friend The two spend their high school years in
the story of Pilenz the narrator and Mahlke s best friend The two spend their high school years in Poland eacting to various things and that s about as much plot as this little slice of life needsThe interesting thing about Cat and Mouse is its complete difference in tone from the other two novels Both The Tin Drum and what I ve ead so far of Dog Years have the same high pitched almost hysterical humor combined with a profound sense of teleology not surprising given the apocalyptic nature of life in Danzig under the Nazis Grass attempts to confront the horror with over the top slapstick because only through that kind of comparison is it possible to make the Filosofía e inmanencia reader understand But while Cat and Mouse has its moments of the same kind ofibald humor it is dignified in a sense and closer to The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life reality enough so at least that when the bookeaches its inevitable climax and denoument one feels genuine or human eactions to the fates of Pilenz and Mahlke than one does to Oskar the hero of The Tin Drum Perhaps that is why it was segmented off from Dog Years perhaps there was another eason Whatever the case it stands on its own and as an integral part of Grass magnum opus Ostensibly set in the same world as The Tin Drum although the little boy with the drum and the piercing shrieks barely makes an appearance Really it is the story of an adolescence in the shadow of the Nazi Murder in Gutenthal regime and how theegime shapes what would be an otherwise unremarkable teenage boy s life of hanging out at the beach and exploring old shipwrecks Beautifully told grotesuely One of Our Thursdays Is Missing real and closer to Mishima s The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea in tone than anything else Oh I wonderFilled with motivation toead my way through G nter Grass until summer I started by On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski rereading this novella which sits nicely between Tin Drum and Dog Years accessible and direct in its approach to a youth spent under the spell of HitlerAnd like the 3 year old drummer who has unexplained cameo appearances in the story drumming up tension at crucial points without indicating hisole as the master of another Grass novel I feel that dark time and the place hover over me like a dark cloud I hear the thunder I feel the cold I smell the ot of a childhood lived under the delusion of German nationalism I don t have to close my eyes to imagine the terror of war that those boys born in the late 20s know by learning the form function and destruction power of each vehicle and Weapon By Heart I by heart I t need to go outside in the middle of Scandinavian winter to feel the freezing cold of the water that the Grand Mahlke makes his hunting ground diving to pick up souvenirs from a sunk ship in the bayI know all that already from Christa Wolf from Thomas Mann from Andersch from Heinrich B ll from every single witness of that hellish time I know it was convincing to young boys and girls that they dreamt of being heroes that they were influenced by friends coming back to hold burning speeches in their schools I know they misread Schiller to get the spirit of sacrifice ight I know they were afraid and excited and that they had their personal problems and worries and losses to cope with while making decisions deciding over life or death honour or shame isolation or participation at a time in their adolescence when nobody is old enough to make mature choices especially not after ten years of Nazi childhood indoctrination YEs I know all that And yet it hits me like a blizzard anyway I can t stop that feeling in the pit of my stomach from growing I feel it is hard to swallow I feel like choking And I wonder if that was a deliberate intended side effect to make it Mahlke s biggest worry how to hide his enormous Adam s apple There is the The People from the Sea religious implication of having been seduced having eaten the apple choking on the effect of being seduced. “The Great Mahlke” But to his enemies heemains a target He is different and doomed in a country scarred by the war Cat and Mouse was first published in 1961 two years after Gunter Grass’ controversial and applauded masterpiece The Tin Drum Once again Grass. By that ominous power And there is the sad truth that youths will always do plenty of irrational things to cover up what they consider personally embarrassing As a teacher youths will always do plenty of irrational things to cover up what they consider personally embarrassing As a teacher have seen than enough of thatLike the narrator I feel like a pendulum moving from seeing the story unfold in third person to directly speaking to You the vulnerable Joachim Mahlke who was hunted down by the circumstances of his youth and sacrificed in the meaningless game of Cat And Mouse that nationalist hatred and delusion startedI check out for now but I can never leave Oskar Matzerath is drumming and I will follow Lured in by the power of Grass mighty prose I will follow him through the nightmare that was his time and place Cat and Mouse is an oddly complex story and as is the case with most of Grass books it carries deep and oftentimes troubling themes about the war but it s a very gripping and interesting book all the same with well developed characters and a uniue plot Because it wasn t originally written in English I felt like the writing seemed a bit off as though something were lost in translation but it was worth it to be able to St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves read it as it s a very uniue novel in its ownight I honestly don t know how anyone could give this less than 5 stars Taste being subjective I understand that we like what we like It s flawless without an ounce of fat on it After finishing The Tin Drum yesterday I started Cat and Mouse this morning Having had the chance to finish it this evening I m still sitting here some hours later floored by it Achingly beautiful and haunting If you e looking for The Tin Drum II this isn t it Better yet it s an entirely different animal with no less an impact than its predecessor In fact I argue that its overall impact is greater as is the book as a piece of art unto itself There is some devastating beauty hereThat arest of things a perfect book 449 Katz und Maus Cat And Mouse Die Danziger Trilogie Danzig Trilogy 2 G nter GrassCat and Mouse published in Germany in 1961 as Katz und Maus is a novella by G nter Grass the second book of the Danzig Trilogy and the seuel to The Tin Drum It is about Joachim Mahlke an alienated only chi The brutal account of these kids in DanzigGdansk during the Hitler youth and the war is both chilling and poignant It is the second volume of Grass Danzig trilogy after The Tin Drummer and a fast but furious Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher read The characters are bothepulsive and compelling and ow that we know that Grass was in the Hitler youth when he was 16 it is obviously a pretty damn accurate portrayal better than the kid in All the Light We Cannot See in any case I have to believe that Doer ead this book and derived part pf his from it I felt it *Gave Me The Impression *me the impression being there just as terrified and confused and conflicted as those kids were A worthy second exploration into Grass Its a simple enough story of a boy Mahlke who grows up in Danzing and goes to WWII But the book is full of complexities analogies and freuent shifts in the point of the narrator view Mahlke s appearance is a bit of a joke and he has some odd characteristics The story I think is how he and others are the hunted to a hungry uncaring society I was disappointed in this second book of the trilogy It was short which is what I loved And sadly it was the only thing I loved about it As with the first this book it was the only thing I loved about it As with the first this book about the coming of age tale of a boy In this case the story was told by his best friend It wasn t a horrible tale at all The concept was brilliant I thought however the execution fell flat I just didn t care about the characters as I did in the first book And it didn t help that I found this book boring for most of it Logically I know the writing was good and the literary standard was met However this book just didn t sit well with me Something was clearly missing and after thinking about it for a day I still don t know what it was. Turns his attention on Danzig With a subtle blend of humour and power Cat and Mouse ostensibly elates the ise of Mahlke from clown to hero But Mahlke’s outlandish antics hide the darkness at the heart of a nation torn by Nazi violence the war and its aftermat. .