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Threat Academy of Unpredictable Magic #4

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Tension Romance Steam Fighting Prejudice 45 Stars Read using Kindle UnlimitedAn unmissable ead as this books journey for the characters the storyline is huge The Plato and the Power of Images romance between Elle her 4 men solidifies wow does the steamise too This Is A Massive Step For The is a massive step for the it s putting a lot on the line for a couple of them than just their hearts The prejudice towards Unpredictables is being shown openly often with hatred idiculous lies There s a huge shock in store for Elle during an Oversight Visit When The visit when the is accused is terrorism I thoroughly enjoyed this book The tension simmers throughout but atchets up in places especially near the end I loved how the elationships all grew that includes the new friendships The big bad who s hidden is driving me nuts every time I think I know who it is I m proved wrong ROLL ON BOOK 5 DEBBIE 1970 UK 45 STARS on Book 5 Debbie 1970 UK 45 stars are getting tense for the unpredictables with having to deal with bigotry outside of the school for having powers they had no choice overInside the school the threat that has been working away since Elliott s first year is finally being acknowledged by The Circuit and amps up in a big way I m still convinced her dad is part of it but that s not a spoiler because there isn t any proof of who is behind it all yetAs always the writing is great with plenty of twists and turns on the way This was another great book in this series Elliot and her guys head back to school and they get comfortable when nothing out of the ordinary happens but that obviously doesn t last Random stones are showing up and the other magical groups think that the unpredictables are making mass weapons It s the unpredictables against everyone else I enjoyed this book because it was a little bit laid back Yes some action happens but I have four boyfriends Four official boyfriends Go meI may be a bit of a chicken when it comes to emotional stuff but I finally laid it all on the line and told my men what I wanted That I wanted themNow that thing. ,
Feel like we got to know our characters a lot better We finally learn what Roman s secret is and it s a doozy I liked seeing all the Professor Unrat relationships grow not just with Elliot but between the guys too Wow this series loves to keep you on your toes It has a good mix of ups and downs and as much as you know something bad is bound to happen it s not always how you expect That cliff hanger at the end though it has me all kinds of worked up I can t wait to finish the series and see how it all will end Holy crapI did not see that one coming It just makes me need book 5 to beeleased asap I love the storylines that have progressed throughout each book in this series and they just keep getting better and better "it a huge lead up to the big "a huge lead up to the big ending and I can t wait to see what happens I feel like I ve been entranced by these books since the very beginning I want to know what happens but I also don t want them to end either It
s such a 
such a Haha All In All This Has Been all this has been of the best series I ve ever Kämpfer Der Hoffnung: Wie Ich Den Kindern Madagaskars Eine Zukunft Gab read So very well written and definitely worth than 5 stars 25 stars I love the easy flow and clean writing of this author s work and haveeally enjoyed this new adult Tell the Machine Goodnight reverse harem RH series that is set in a magical academy Threat is book four they must beead in order and it had a little less action packed story than some of the others but I liked and was infuriated by the continuing plot thread of the prejudice against Unpredictable magic in their society and the ominous vibe of the circumstance providing this book s title The RH omance continues to provide steamy heat that is appropriate to the context of the book instead of taking over and I like the various family components for each of the characters and how different they are As usual I m looking S are going so well in my personal life I'm hoping to spend the semester at Griffin Academy enjoying my last bit of time with the guys before they graduateSo why the hell does the universe always seem to have diffe.
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Orward to the next book and of my faves Roman and Dmitri 35 Stars Original eview This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest eview Thank you Sadie MossThreat is the Fourth Book In The Academy Of Unpredictable book in the Academy Of Unpredictable Series And Continues The Story Of Elliot of Unpredictable series and continues the story of Elliot her four menSadie Moss wrote yet again an amazing book I just cannot get enough of her writing she creates these amazing worlds and amazing characters Every time I eceive an ARC copy of one of her books I m always so excited I always finish her books in a few days because they e just so fast paced and well writtenI finished Threat in two days and it was just so good I couldn t put it down and the only Ninth City Burning reason I did was because of work I love Elliot and her four men and I just love this world with magic and unpredictables Threat is the perfect mix ofomance and action And Threat had some steamy The Extras romance I loved the scene between Elliot Dmitri and Roman It was just so hot I think Dmitiri and Roman are my favourite men so far I mentioned in myeview of Thief that Dmitri was my favourite but now Roman is one of mine too That doesn t mean that I don t love Cam and Asher because they Özgüven Öğrenilebilir re amazing too but Dmitri and Roman are a bit special to me Threat was an amazing book and I cannot wait toead the next one Hunt I kinda need this book because the way Threat ended was kind of a savage way to end a book What happens nextI loved loved loved this story Elliot and her guys are some of my most favorite characters I m glad that we got a little of a certain man opening up cough cough Roman cough The only thing I didn t like about this book was that it came to end so soon Also the cliffhanger left me counting down the days till the next one comes out I need to know what happens with Dmitri ASAP. Rent plans for me Threat is the fourth book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series a medium burn everse harem story intended for ages 18 featuring a badass chick and the four sexy men who fall in love with .