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T You Have To Believe Me by Sunday Tomassetti has Husband for Hire left me speechless What a fantastic page turner Noulls continuous action and a steady build up of tension twists and turns Thirty something Dove Damiani still An Egg Is Quiet loves her ex husband Ian who haseft her for her best friend On what would have been their 5th anniversary he is found dead outside her apartment and she becomes the main suspect Dove tries to discover for herself who killed Ian but each time she uestions someone brings another surprise and plot twist Does anyone really know anyone This story is filled with tricky well written characters and you Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) ll be second guessing every one Start reading and you won t be able to put it down Ioved it Well done five stars 35 stars 35 StarsI have read some of this author s books and enjoyed all of them This one compared to the others wasn t that good in my opinion It was predictable I could guess it uite soon without knowing the reason but I should add the writing was as good and could keep my interest Told in dual POV 1st person it s a standalone novel It s an Easy Read Fast Paced And read fast paced and short chapters with a satisfying ending All in all I had fun reading this and hope you enjoy it as well Picked this up in between the other reads I have going and this one had me guessing the whole time until almost the Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey last 34 s of the book Doveove that name is having a hard time moving on from the sudden end of her marriage to Ian who ran off with her ex good friend she has become bitter and resentful she was blind sided that her once perfect marriage failed So when her ex husband is found dead she s the first one to be fingered as the prime suspect she had all the reasons to kill him but her husband stealing ex good friend also harbours a secret of her own is Dove being setup or did she really ose it and kill Ian These are the uestions and a story chock full of twists and turns that kept me guessing Recommended You Have To Believe Me has plenty of mystery The characters were imperfect and that s somewhat refreshing I could understand Dove s anger and fears after what she d "been through But can she really do it kill her ex husband The story moved along at "through But can she really do it kill her ex husband The story moved along at nice pace and it had some twists and turn that I couldn t foresee coming that keep this story interesting The ending was thorough and the unexpected revelation of the truth that won t eave you frustrated I really enjoyed it and not to be missedNote ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Ir fifth wedding anniversary investigators waste no time making Dove a person of interest She swears she didn’t do it She’s never so much as killed a spider in her thirty four years But as evidence mounts against her Dove finds herself uestioning her memory her sanity and finally her innocence. .

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It s been three hours since you diedWell ike five It was five hours ago they found you cold and Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic lifeless in the birch grove outside my apartment But it was three hours ago when they knocked on my door and asked me when i dast spoken to youYou Have To Believe Me by Sunday Tomassetti My ReviewPoor Dove Her husband has 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales left her and taken their house and their dog And to make matters even worse he is nowiving with Dove s former best friend KirstenAt east he wasBefore he was murderedon what would have been his and Dove s fifth wedding anniversaryDove didn t do it or so she says But who DID do it Could it be
Kirsten Dove S Former 
Dove s former and the beauty with the mysterious pastOr is it someone else Even someone very close to DoveYou have to believe me LOVE the title is a wildly fun and wickedly creative psychological thriller The writer messes with the reader s head There are a pool of suspects and any one of them could be the culprit As we the readers get to know Dove and get inside her head we are constantly casting our suspicions from one to the other and then the next Sunday Tomassetti writes in such a way that the reader becomes as frantic to know who the guilty party is as DoveAnd then there is Dove herself Could she have done it Some of her actions do suggest that But so many people have a motiveOne just has to keep reading this It is fast paced and sizzles with intensity You never know what s around the corner waiting to surprise and confuse the reader even I oved itThis is one I absolutely recommend to all psychological thriller fans It s got meat to the story and depth and was just an all around fun and enjoyable read 45 "Stars And A Book You Will Want To Add To "and a book you will want to add to TBR The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle list Rating 35 easy starsCover Nothing remarkable but that is the thing which made me notice this Trigger Any trigger would be spoilery but nothing too extreme I promiseShort review This is one of those easy to run unputdownable murder mystery you could easily get sucked into Doveoses everything or she thinks she does when her Mismatch long termove affair and marriage fail abruptly The codependent relationship turns into obsessive one Somewhere along the Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance line I got deja vu of reading The Girl on the Train because unreliable narrator pregnant new wife so perfect white picket fencedife is a trope used many times But this time it has to be different so we get a variation of ending and it is one of the easy to read books too Review in imagegif Recommended YesAftermath possible spoiler. She has every reason to hate her ex it doesn't mean she wants him dead Every day on her way home from work Dove Damiani drives past her ex house where her ex husband Test logiciel en pratique lives with her ex dog and her ex yoga instructor next to her ex neighbors and the exife she once affectionately described as “fr. ,
S There is something in the book which didn t make sense to me and now while writing this it escapes my memory Maybe it will come back ater on but while it might have bothered me this was an enjoyable read nonethelessUpdate 24022020Now I remember this author also writes as Minka Kent In past I have reuested her book "IN KU AS WELL HOWEVER NEVER READ IT I "KU as well however never read it I guilty of that and I will remediate the situation As I updating this review I finished reading When I Was You and it is another amazing piece by this author This is a fabulous read Luckily I didnt have work the next day as this kept me up til the wee hours READING AS I JUST COULDN T PUT IT DOWN as I just couldn t put it down has everything she ever wanted with her husband Ian until he suddenly wants a divorce She finds herself A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) living in an apartment while her ex has her home dog andiving with her ex best friend It s a pure nightmare but things get worse when he is found dead outside and she s the prime suspectBrilliantly written story full of suspense that I couldn t put down I m so ooking forward to reading from this author in the future I am SUCH a sucker for an unreliable narrator and a classic whodunnit and oh boy does this one deliver both Filled with well written characters any one of which could be the killer and red herrings galore Sunday Tomassetti writes a great book I could hardly stand to put it downThank you to the publisher for this ARC the rest of you can grab it on September 19th and you absolutely should 355Have you guys heard of Minka Kent I discovered her books a couple of years ago and really ike her style She writes fast paced and addictive thrillers that are always pretty entertaining I say all of this because the author of this is actually MK writing under a pseudonym so if you re a fan of her books don t miss this oneIf you re Niebla looking for your next weekend binge read this would be a good choice it s super fast and there was always aot going on to keep my attention I never knew uite who to trust and the whole thing was one big guessing game right up until the end It was also pretty twisty and kind of read Confederate Waterloo like aifetime movie a Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC's of Faith (Buechner, Frederick) little over the top and dramatic but also fun you can t really stop reading because it just sucks you in even if it s aittle out thereA uick side note I ve still been struggling with thrillers and this one held my attention so that s saying a The Eatonville Anthology lot for me at the moment I can t tell you how many thrillers I ve set down in theast couple of months and this one made the cu. Ighteningly perfect” To outsiders Dove is bitter and resentful The divorce eft her alone with nothing but a set of car keys and 50% of a paltry savings account So when the ifeless body of her former husband is discovered in the birch grove outside Dove’s apartment on what would have been the. ,