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Cream and hot tubs BR with the Cakes at *Reverse Harem Revolution 25 StarsWelp Pops The *Harem Revolution 25 StarsWelp pops the I was excited about this when it randomly smacked me in the ace How can I not be We have what I call a Minority Shifter Wolfs and Pumas and Tigers are all well and adorably murderous but I am jumping on anything shifter that s not the classic varietyI read a delightful Minority Shifter book before this one so my Hype Units went up a ew notches This is the one I am referring to in case you wanna check it out Can t tell you what the Minority Shifter is though cause out Can t tell you what the Minority Shifter is though cause s the whole premise of the book and spoilery spoilersUnfortunately this was Well It wasn t too bad but it wasn t too good either The Heroes They were about 20 degrees above possessive me man you woman alpha male We ve read them before and all that jazz Problem wasn t that I disliked them throughout problem was that throughout they didn t change Not even a shift to art Ok I am not being Unbreathed Memories fair one of them changes a bit but again the problem is that we don t actually see himor half the book so the change is not really change We have two love interests that interact with her at the beginning both assholes Sometime around the midway point one of them just goes backstage to let some arts out so we are left dealing with only one of them By the time the second one comes back on stage all supposedly art ree the book is already at the end and we only have one gesture and a promise that he has set on the road to change So not that I dislike them like Fuck You Buddy Royal Wave The Heroine She is not weak not too much anyway but she is one of those people who turns insufferably bitchy when they are overwhelmed Thankfully she doesn t stay like that the entire book Still not my avourite but not the worst either The Plot It is actually interesting afrom the details we got here Interesting to see how it will turn outNow to adress the whole Rapey Vibes people are talking about It is true there are vibes like that involved The people around her in this new dimension don t yet know that she must have A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 fallen thru a portal and are super rude and suspicious of her when she claims ignorance about everything Both women and men insist that they need to purify her to make sure she hasn t got anyoul magic on her they but don t do it nicely or spare a second to explain I Love My Dad for that matter The two women tasked with this are downright bitches and then one of the two Heroes is called in to help by help I mean help hold her still hence theirst Rapey Vibe Second is between all three heroes The two males All about Us finallyigure out why she is reaking the uck out about this so they try to calmy explain and assure her ha after they get a touch offended that she would even think them capable of vile acts like that that they won t touch her like that hence Rapey Vibe No2I have no idea what the author tried to do here with these two scenes I suspect that she wanted to show how valid and constant the terror is or women perhaps Whatever it was She Failed Spectacularly Still I Will Give failed spectacularly Still I will give an C or trying All in all this book needed to be edited a bit maybe be left alone in the breeze to Handbags and Gladrags fart as many of its errors out of its system Oh wellartsNothing to be done now shrugs. G with me unless it has to do with the two hot assholes that lead this rebel groupI’m on my own in a place I’ve never even heard of with threats I don’t know how to defeat And lucky me I might as well have a rotisserie chicken living inside of me An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for all the help my newly discovered gryphon is Perfect Justucking perfec.
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Cut it or me Wtf is up with the men in this world Are they Klingons in their oreplay Slamming down biting hitting The not taking no or in this world Are they Klingons in their oreplay Slamming down biting hitting The not taking no or pushes it rom Klingon into rape though And then shaming her Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other for using the only method available to her to make him stop Oh Hell No He was already on shaky ground with me as an H he lost it after that I hope he s served up with BB sauce in book 2 No Means No Especially with the background scene he provided The misunderstandingrom their irst scene made him seem like he *Wouldn T Be A Knuckle Dragger Then *t be a knuckle dragger Then 180ed and ended up a complete jerk It wasn t a lack of character growth it was character devolvementShe s got an itch we get it She was looking or a lay before she got realm swiped New layout just provided new opportunities And I liked Sutton A lot better than the 2 I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! freaking turkeys that are apparently supposed to be her men He was sweet actually talked to her not at her One of her Hs had some random chick on his lap but she slow dances and he loses it Screw him and his double standardsAs her hormones keep getting yanked into knots wouldn t a girl want to know just a little about gryphon mating habits Since her inner chicken seems to be the one calling the shots I get that no matter where you wind up there s always going to be opposition But why is Loa being so hateful From the go just pure ugliness but no reason whyWe get these 2 week gaps yet she seems to learn almost nothing in them Barelyighting skills not a peep about culture she s building them a hot water system but she s been There Months And Still months and still nothing of importanceIf some ghost popped up and told me that I was the key to ending magical slavery something that pretty much everyone currently hates her or yay lucky genetics I would be grabbing that knowledge with both hands I d want to help people if or no other reason than it d leave me a lot less worried about knives in my back And get me back home away Puppet Master from creepy thing 12 the less than lovely love interestsPheromones or not her gryphon should be very interested in protecting itself no matter if it s her humanorm or animal Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners form It doesn t seem very keen to do so Not her body not her head not her heart Being injured on arrival would only slow it down If it has healing powers why would it take weeks when a broken bone is healed in hours Does it not have any inherited memory Does it want to see her human half demeaned by hateful would be lovers I don t get itI m always amazed at the world building Ivy Asher does Little bits of history culture clues hints via conversations breadcrumbs that leave you lookingor of these amazing new worlds This one Janae (Blacktop, felt like a bludgeoning than a leading I want book 2 but only because I hope there s some way she can get her inner chicken to break the bonds to those 2 and snag Sutton I don t care of it s some role they are playing I don t care if they re worried about her possible powers If they were that worried she wouldn t be in their secret hideout She d be under guard in a cell or a remote cabin awayrom potential victims There is no plausible excuse or their behavior and I m crossing my ingers that she grabs Sutton and gets to go back to Earth She can introduce him to Netflix ice. Ow have wings and a strange animal to igure out because it turns out that there’s not a damn latent thing about me If I want to live I have to prove that I’m not the spy I’m accused of being Then I need to igure out how the uck to get back home before all hell breaks loose Too bad my animal has zero interest in workin. Ooookay Some peeps asked why I dnf d so here *We GoFirst All I *goFirst of I didn t like the MC Her defining characteristics is horny and mean I don t mind the horny part but the mean part just makes me not like her at all lmao It d also be cool if she had than two settings Secondit had this weird creepy rapey vibe going on view spoiler There s this whole bit that took up like 15% of the book where she must be cleansed of magic so they can igure out if she s telling the truth even though they have a teenaged magic lie detector right there and it involves people grabbing onto her naked body threatening her with naked men holding her down and getting all up in her For some reason I eel I need to explain bad reviews vs 3 stars up ratingsI honestly was pulled in by the cover D So maybe my expectations were too highThe descriptions of the heroine dealing with her inner beast lying etc were very well done Her snark had good points I highlighted shared a Why Diets Make Us Fat fewHowever it starts off with aailed one night stand Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., for no real reason and even then I have no issues with plain speaking I don tall under the Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, flower of her womanhood crowd but the author s word choices tripped my mental that s not explicit that s crudevulgar switch and I immediately startinglipping past paragraphs So that s me not the author your mileage may vary And while the author may be making the argument of animal instinct vs human choice argument the way the heroes are complete assholes no respect Everyday life in medieval times for personal space choice or the word NO We know the trope even though she sighting it now 90% of the time this ends up as North forgetforgive the dudesor reasons and seriously I associate that with the beginning of how a battered wife starts accepting anything blaming herself or it Totally lipped my NOPE responseWhich is a shame because the world the Gryphons were interesting Ugh I hate when there s no info on the next book when you know there s going to be a next book I devoured this and I want to know wtf is going onThis is such a Dead Giveaway fascinating story Faloninds herself in a completely different world with different rules "This Book While Wasn T "book while wasn t detailed nor was it really teaching us anything important still gained my attention See while she s in this new to her world she isn t taught much doesn t learn much and people treat her like shit And no she isn t doing it to herself either they want to keep her in the dark and we dunno whyAnd that ending when view spoiler Ryn showed up Wtf hide spoiler Dirty birdsLosing your last bit of Andrew Lost In the Kitchen family sucks Waking up in another world completely lost new rules and a new body suck even worse Theun part other than hateful attitudes is that the gallant gryphon that s supposed to be lurking inside seems like a horny chicken Yay So this whole other nonsense about prophecies spouted by sarcastic ghosts is just icing on the cake Spoilers aheadI love Ivy Asher Her Sentinel series is amazing Her Fools standalone is hysterical This one It sort of Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism felllat Nope for me I liked the concept Something in theleshing out just lost itHow could a reasonable person dropped into a new world not want to know about itThere s a war going on wouldn t you want to learn why Basic vagueness of magical slavery doesn I am a latent wolf shifter Or so I thoughtThen life as I knew it changed in a Rejected Rejected Rejected flash or accurately an electrocutionI’ve woken up in a strange place surrounded by strange people who hate me They’re in the middle of a war and I look like I belong on the wrong side of it If that’s not enough to ualify as a really bad day I