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Once flying got into Beth Ruggerio s blood as a teen she #was totally hooked At first she was sidelined with a brutal diagnosis #totally hooked At first she was sidelined with a brutal diagnosis multiple sclerosis But with medication she was able to make a plan to get into flying It wasn t to be through the Navy training she had in Beth This is a beautifully written memoir of your journey in searching for acceptance and belonging Your vulnerability as you allow s to witness your attachment to an aviation instructor your struggles to succeed and your confusion It s a wonderful feminist story about pursuing a career in a male dominated culture having to constantly be better than their male counterparts to be taken seriously and acceptedNow for another memoir including the important mother daughter relationship Somehow I think you may have also been seeking approval from your mother Your personal growth and new found confidence during the aviation years may have helped in adapting to life circumstances and changes in careers moves Loved it and kept me in suspense with all the aviation drama of flyingwhew This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader When she was 14 years old Elizabeth flew for the first time as she says it was the first time she d been that excited since her father died the previous year and she made a promise to herself that she d learn to flyHer plan had been to join the Navy and become a pilot which would put her on the fast track to being an airline pilot her ltimate goal This was derailed by a diagnosis of probable MS the Navy would no sooner train a pilot who d likely develop MS than they would one who had the disease So that door closed she d go the private sector route it d take longer but it d still get her where she wanted to goThe book really takes off ouch sorry didn t mean that pun but I can t bring myself to edit that as she s about to get her private license at a small flying #school in massachusetts the book traces her development #in Massachusetts The book traces her development a pilot in a culture not really receptive to female pilots but not hostile to the idea it didn t seem through various stages in her progress eventually through different employers We see her navigating through both successes and setbacks and how she d move on from either p to the point of making it to her goal flying for TWAA near constant presence in the book is her primary flying instructor and eventual significant other Steve I never liked the guy and I am not sure I can nderstand why anyone would But this is written years after Steve and the author had gone their separate ways and she s writing with the full advantage of hindsight So York displays all the warning signs she spent years ignoring while They Were Together Because were together because seems like she can t nderstand all of what she was doing with him eitherIf this were a novel I d be complaining about how little we get of Elizabeth s friend and student Melanie Melanie sees Steve for who he is and encourages Elizabeth to take some of the early steps she ll need to advance her career She also encourages her to get away from Steve advice that is rejected but maybe takes root I enjoyed her presence in the book and can imagine she d have been fun to hang out with at the timeFor me seeing the various kind of jobs that a pilot can hold and what they entail was the best part of this book Yeah it s disillusioning how many corners were cut when not ignored along the way and I m guessing the statute of limitations has passed for many of these but the various companies and duties wer. At thirteen years old Elizabeth Ruggiero’s heart was broken when her father died suddenly But there was a bigger challenge ahead when doctors told her she probably had multiple sclerosis at 22 years old Elizabeth vowed that this new challenge would not put restrictions on her life and embarked on a lifelong dream. ,

E fascinating It was also refreshing to see some of the pilots worrying about things like that As Well As Displaying That There Were well as displaying that there were around her that had her best interests at heart or at least would back her when neededIt s been a while since I saw anyone do this but remember back when movies would end by telling Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español us what would happen to various characters in the future York finishes this book with aick summary of what befell many *of the peoplecompanies we d met along the way It s *the peoplecompanies we d met along the way It s nice touch hereBut before that we get a very The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins uick recap of her life in the last chapter and epilogue Between the penultimate and the final chapter she jumps a little over a year in time to gets TO HER INTERVIEW AND HIRING BY TWA AFTER TAKING her interview and hiring by TWA After taking so methodically Twisted (LOST, up to that point it felt abrupt to make that jump like we d missed a lot There s probably a good reason for York s choice there but it felt like she was in a rush to meet a deadline so she skimmed over that year And then didn t really gives a lot about the early days with TWA I think that s my major criticism of the writing she just sped past that last year and stopped I think a little time talking about her initial experience flying for a major airline would ve been nice maybe she s saving that for the seuel It didn t seem like that was the intention but it d workYou really feel like you re getting behind the scenes of small airports freight and charter companies People like Tom Wolfe can make maverick pilots sound exciting and romantic York makes the idea sound dreadful and a real threat to safety in the air and on the ground below flight paths Superman tried to reassure Lois when he said I hope this hasn t put you off of flying Statistically speaking it s still the safest way to travel Frankly after reading parts of this book I could se someone telling me thatThe book feels honest it doesn t seem like she glossed over her own faults or highlighted others at her own gain or the other way around There s a sense of here s some smart things I did here s a bad decision Ihethey made here s stuff that happened that could have gone either way and worked out okay It d have been pretty easy to make herself the good guy or everyone else the bad guy Instead we got a bunch of humans being humanThis is a ick read an insightful read and an effective read I wasn t sure what to expect out of Flying Alone but I don t think I got it What I got however was better I d recommend it A story about a woman succeeding on her terms while overcoming issues and problems beyond her control and as a direct result of her choices not overly romantic not overly sentimental and not afraid to show her own deficiencies This is the kind of memoir we need of Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for this post and my honest opinion Which is what she got Honest not timely I do feel bad about not getting this p in late September or anytime in October I tried I did like reading this book Beth s story of how she did not let her multiple sclerosis keep her from achieving her dreams was inspiring In addition for someone that is interested in aviation you will be familiar with the different terms For others that are not familiar the footnotes at the bottom of the various pages are very informative I like when the footnotes are featured on the page versus at the back of the book While I don t want to take anything away from Beth s story I did find parts of this book to move really slowly and. To fly for the airlines Starting at the small local airport the aviation world swallowed her whole and the next five years of her life were as turbulent as an airplane in a thunderstorm never knowing when how or if she would emerge An agonizing love affair with her flight instructor dangerous risks in the sky and.

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Flying AloneA bit monotone Yet I was still interest in reading this book largely due to the aviation aspect As someone who is into aviation in reading this book largely due to the aviation aspect As someone who is into aviation terms and what Beth went through as a student learning and taking care of the planes is accurate I did find this book to be a good read Beth Ruggiero York s account of her five years struggling to become an airline pilot is a highly focused and dramatic account It s the kind of book you can t put down The author briefly mentions her background including the loss of her father when she was 13 and a diagnosis of probable multiple sclerosis when she was 22 but almost all of her book is given to detailed accounts of her flying experiences from initial training through years with fly by night freight lines and her final triumphant arrival at TWA as a Flight Engineer Interwoven in her daring and scary night experiences in single and twin engine planes that had been poorly maintained is a love story of her attraction to another pilot an interlude that supports her aspirations yet brings her down emotionally This book enters a world about which I ve never thought the lengths to which aspiring pilots will go to find a way into the sky A very easy read with lots of in air drama Well written and descriptive and you can imagine yourself in the pilots seat Flying Alone was something I knew I had to read I know several people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis Including my most best friend since I was seven years oldShe s brave and courageous and pretty darn awesome And most of the time she seems fine I think that s the biggest misunderstanding of MS It s for the most part fairly invisible to others The pain and fatigue isn t always obvious The symptoms and flareups present differently for HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL READERS An absolutely outstanding memoir that I wasn t able to put down ntil I had read the last page Climbing the experience ladder in civilian aviation to become an airline pilot involved flying for several fly by night companies which had little respect for FAA regulations and maintenance reuirements The author describes in detail a number of harrowing flying experiences and honestly bares her own mistakes in judgment and planning in a few instances The descriptions of her flights and exciting moments in the air are intertwined with candid and open accounts of a turbulent personal life and a romantic moments in the air are intertwined with candid and open accounts of a turbulent personal life and a romantic that was all wrong and clearly doomed from the beginning She reached her career goal in the end but her major airline employment was cut short by a serious disualifying medical diagnosis This didn t stop this determined young woman from avidly pursuing another career with eual fervor She says I have continued to live the life I wanted albeit a struggle The book is well written and one I highly recommend for all readers David B Crawley MD Author of Steep Turn A Physician s Journey from Clinic to Cockpit and A Mile of String A Boy s Recollection of His Midwest Childhood Flying Alone is a captivating memoir by Beth Ruggiero York about her journey in finding acceptance A beautifully well written story of heartbreaking yet plifting struggles the author faced in her longing
to belong flying 
belong Flying shares the struggles that one woman faces when trying to pursuing a career in a male dominated culture York shares her personal growth and how she finds confidence during some of her weakest moments Exciting novel about learning to fly and what it takes to make it as a commercial pilotMy Review. Flying broken airplanes for shady companies all intertwined to define her road to the airlines Elizabeth made it to her goal and was hired by Trans World Airlines in 1989 Flying Alone is told with soul baring candor taking readers on a suspenseful journey through the terror romance and ltimate victory of those yea.