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Sum Forty Tales rom the Afterlives

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Ving its movements after its time is up with and resh snails coming until the map gets clogged up with past selves If you come into contact with any of your previous snail selves it s game over This raises uite a profound metaphysical conundrum or a cheapo game coded by two nerds Imagine if we had the chance to live our lives over in the same circumstances with knowledge of our previous selves altering how we moved through the world but relying on certain oundations having been laid in these previous lives The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy for advancement in our then present lives Like concentric Russian dolls whose contact would spell extinctionKnowing we hadreedom to live multiple or endless lifetimes with the only caveat no touching our previous selves how would this effect how we try to solve the rustrations and problems in our present lives knowing contact with people in our previous lives would be limited to the ew moments our past selves weren t in contact with these people For example can you imagine how tiring it must be or someone married to seven reincarnations of the same person having to tend to all their needs like a revolving door of husbandswives How could we stay away rom people knowing our presence there would increase the chance of our own death How could we order our lives so that our legacies built up over two hundred or so years What if we peaked in our Elizabeth I first lives and the subseuent reincarnations are simplyailures and rustrations Not bad or a Yaroze game normally it s variations on Tetris or Space Invaders These clever short Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley fictions posit such conundrums about the afterliferom Sum where all the aspects of our lives are arranged in order ie ten years of pain two weeks writing reviews on Goodreads or Reversal where we live our lives backwards upon death realising we have misremembered our lives and are unable to identify ourselves in the rewind These two tales open and close the Collection Using His Background In Neuroscience Eagleman Using his background in neuroscience Eagleman delightful hypothetical ables largely whimsical and ingenious Daintily packaged and teasingly slim so almost impossible to resist I heard about this book via this Intelligence Suared talk with Will Self Work Of Genius Some of these stories were indeed imaginative scenarios of what the afterlife is like or what God might be like But because his Heaven or God is always imagined as some inversion of a human hierarchy or scaleit gets repetitive very ast God always lacks some human uality that intrinsically keeps him as God and us as humans orhe s just like us but just a smaller or larger scale Because his Heaven is always some rearranged variation of the human life all the stories start to sound the same Because these stories are so hypothetical and abstract they become very repetitive and you eel as if he s logged his one trick pony to death by the end of the book I also disliked the author s photonot his looks just the photo For those who did like it you might want to check out Pieces The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse for the Left Hand by John Lennon who writes in a similar deadpan way about everyday life His stories are imagintave in an engaging in a personal way rather than just hypothetical way. Erlife with annoying versions of who you could have been With a probing imagination and deep understanding of the human condition acclaimed neuroscientist David Eagleman offers wonderfully imagined tales that shine a brilliant light on the here and now. E get sick of immortality and volunteeror suicide have been done before You tell him some of his vignettes Mirrors are moving while others Death Switch are unny and still Blueprint thoughtful You thank him or expanding consideration of the afterlife beyond our limited western hemisphere mindset You admit that Sum didn t rock your world but add that a Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: few of your goodreadsriends loved his book He seems distracted and uestions when he ll meet these people You also ask where you can ind his publisher since this book which you got from the library of course lists or twenty bucks but takes less time the library of course lists or twenty bucks but takes less time read than People magazine s best "DRESSED ISSUE NOT THAT UH YOU "issue not that uh you wasted a minute on magazines back on earth of course not Eagleman shrugs and walks off Then you see your librarian with the next book on your reserve list You blink to your perfect reading spot You sip rom a cup of coffee all the time in the world and open to the The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small first page You do not have to be a subscriber to any of the common religions in this world to harbor some notion some hope that there might be aorm of personal existence beyond death Eagelman has come up with orty possible post mortem utures and offers them up in bite size stories in this slim volume The tales range rom tedious to inspired There is an O Henry esue tale in which a man s greatest desire is to become a horse A vision of God as being ascinated with Mary Shelley s masterpiece was inspired Some portray people as cogs in a much larger reality some are morality stories in which we come NYCTaxiCabTales.com: Taxi Stories from streets of NYC face toace with the true nature of who we were during our actual lives People can be cancer cells in the body of God or walking recorders in a vast experiment sometimes we are the experiment As with science The Wrong Side of the Bed fiction a consideration of the post mortal applies its selected mask tooibles values and triumphs of humans The images that are created are views of ourselves as we are and not so much as we might be There is a great deal of clever in this collection interesting ideas too many devoid of personal or emotional content Occasionally I The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 found myself reviving my inner teen rolling my eyes and muttering whatever but aew pages on would come across a story that was wonderful If you can tolerate the ups and downs and are willing to work through a lot of lesser notions to get to the jewels Sum is well worth reading It will not take up much of what little time you have left BTW My book goddess will be کاروان امید featured Friday 7816 on Book Studio 16 a Harper live program on Facebook that shows publishing behind the scenes It will be on at 1030a Click hereIf you have uestions about working in publishing they will be welcomed there Myavourite video game of all time is "A HOMEMADE 2D PLATFORMER ON THE "homemade 2D platformer on the known Yaroze a black programmable Playstation called Time Slip In this game you are a snail with a one minute lifespan who has to use his time on screen to stand on buttons that open doors to other parts of the level Once the minute is up the snail is reincarnated as another snail at the beginning of the level or at the latest checkpoint The ghost of your previous snail remains on the map reli. F a microbe and unaware of your existence In another version you work as a background character in other people’s dreams Or you may کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس find that God is a married couple or that the universe is running backward or that you areorced to live out your aft. In the afterlife you discover that all the goodreaders are in the same walled off section of heaven God greets you in the orm of your ideal librarian In the goodreads "HEAVEN LIBRARY YOU WITNESS THE LIBRARIAN "library you witness the librarian examples include a atherly professor a stern but gentle middle aged woman and "A SUPERMODEL IN A PLAID SKIRT WITH LEGS THAT "supermodel in a plaid skirt with legs that t uit If you are a seventeen year old girl God is a combination of Ben Harrison and that guy Tempting Faith Di Napoli from 500 Days of SummerThe time you spent on goodreads the status you have in heaven When youirst arrive God checks the library Computer There Are Never Lines there are never lines everyone s different version of God has hisher own computer and gives you a badge that displays your total hours logged onto goodreads If you have logged many hours God shakes your hand high ives you or blows you kisses The people with the most time on their badges these badges are gold get the best tables at the goodreads heaven coffee shop and pick what the book clubs read Ginny Jones is the coffee shop waitress but is never allowed to read any books If you were involved in any goodreads ights or ever deleted your profile God wags hisher The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way finger at you and makes you apologize to all involved parties If theight was especially egregious God makes you hug In goodreads heaven you always look like your avorite avatar picture In goodreads heaven you can always ind your The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life favorite place to read whether it s on the subway your childhood bedroom or the library s corner chair In goodreads heaven youravorite characters come to life Many of the women goodreaders are walking around with men who look suspiciously like Jamie rom OutlanderThe heaven goodreaders voted and decided that books should continue to have tangible orm They liked the smell of old pages the eel of a trade paperback and the sense of anticipation accompanying the moment when the librarian hands over your reserve order Some dissenters lobbied that readers should only have to touch a cover to absorb a book s contents but just about everyone else said that was cheating The dissenters were especially upset because they elt like everyone else had read Coetzee and Murakami and they wanted to catch up but the majority ruled against themIn goodreads heaven riend whores are in trouble They are reuired to take every riend to dinner and listen to them talk The Way of Women for at least an hour This was a reasonable punishmentor those who wanted to pad their riends list but God soon realized that this allowed creepy guys who only riended women the opportunity to talk with these women The Dream of Water: A Memoir face toace In turn these girl collectors can only talk with each other They share tales of the best pics and attempt to interact with cute goodreaders but discover that as if they were ghosts no one but other girl collectors can see themIn Goodreads heaven you meet David Eagleman the author of Sum You tell him you liked his book The Bravest Cat! for the most part but wonder if he realizes that he stole Graveyard of the Godsrom Neil Gaiman Mr Gaiman doesn t have time to worry about this because goodreaders are chasing him all over heaven and that some of the The Slammer: The Crisis In Canada's Prison System forty themes eg heaven is so boring it s hell peopl. At onceunny wistful and unsettling Sum is a dazzling exploration of unexpected afterlives each presented as a vignette that offers a stunning lens through which to see ourselves in the here and now In one afterlife you may The Great Race find that God is the size