EBOOK / KINDLE (Blacks in Antiuity Ethiopians in the Greco Roman Experience)

Was filled with images and historical documentation of Greek connections to non Egyptian Africans that I ve never come across before otherwise The writing is informative without being too dry or dumbed down across before otherwise The writing is informative without being too dry or dumbed down thoroughly covers the Greco Roman experience of Africans in various aspects of historic life Due to the age of the book all the images are black and white and Snowden does "OCCASIONALLY REPEAT HIS POINTS OVER AGAIN "repeat his points over again these are both minor shortcomings in an overall solid piece of work that I recommend to any historian amateur or professiona. Snowden has included over 140 illustrations which depict the Negro as the Greeks and Romans conceived of him in mythology and religion and observed him in a number of occupations as servant diplomat warrior athlete and performer among othersPresenting an exceptionally comprehensive historical description of the first major encounter of Europeans with dark and black Africans Mr Snowden found that the black man in a predominantly white society was neither romanticized nor scorned that the Ethiopian in classical antiuity was considered by pagan and Christian without prejudi. .

History very interesting A very detailed and interesting look into how the ancient Greco Romans and early Christians viewed Ethiopians black people Snowden s work is very well resourced with a greatly detailed notes section as well as about 200 photos of ancient art featuring black people Overall Snowden demonstrates well that the ancients had no superiorityinferiority concept or theory based on one s skin colour As a matter of fact Snowden cites the classical sources that mention the high regard in which the ancients held for black folk Homer The Africans who came to ancient Greece and Italy participated in an important chapter of classical history Although evidence indicated that the alien dark and black skinned people were of varied tribal and geographic origins the Greeks and Romans classified many of them as Ethiopians In an effort to determine the role of black people in ancient civilization mr snowden examines a broad span of Mr Snowden examines a broad span of Roman experience from the Homeric era to the age of Justinian focusing his attention on the Ethiopians as they were nown to the Greeks and Romans The author dispels unwarrant. Blacks in Antiuity Ethiopians in the Greco Roman ExperienceAnd several other ancient DESCRIPTION OF ETHIOPIANS BEING THE MOST PIOUS AND description of being the most pious and people in the eyes of the godsAs a theology student with interests in history and classical studies this has definitely been interesting and insightful read In the last chapter on the Early Christians view of Ethiopians Snowden brings to light the significance and prevalence of the Ethiopian in regards to early Christian typology An eye opening and necessary piece of scholarship for anyone interested in Greek or Roman history This was written 50 years ago and. Ed generalizations about the Ethiopians contending that classical references to them were neither glorifications of a mysterious people nor caricatures of rare creaturesMr Snowden has probed literary epigraphical papyrological numismatic and archaeological sources and has considered modern anthropological and sociological findings on pertinent racial and intercultural problems #He has drawn directly upon the widely scattered literary evidence of #has drawn directly upon the widely scattered literary evidence of and early Christian writers and has synthesized extensive and diverse material Along with invaluable reference notes Mr. ,

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