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D Scandals And Secrets by Ken CasperHarleuin NASCAR LibraryNASCAR Hidden Legacies Book 1Tara Dalton is an author who tries to spin the positive from negative experiences Her new book will be about two NASCAR families who have dealt with the bad and went forward The Grosso s and the Sanford s She unexpectedly finds herself in the middle f a murder investigation and causing trouble by stirring up an

wound She also needs to a way to get the handsome trouble by stirring up an Bajo el cielo de la saga: Hacia una neoépica argentina old wound She also needs to find a way to get the handsomef Sanford Racing to trust her when he has been burned by a journalist in his pastAdam Sanford finds himself intrigued by the blond haired blue eyed beauty Until he finds ut what she does He s a smart eno. Hiding something Because if he is Tara will do whatever is necessary to find the truthSanford Racing is Adam's life The last thing he needs is Tara's pretty little nose sniffing at the skeletons in his. .

Ugh man not to get burned twice and yet maybe there is a chance that she s different Trust goes both ways and he has his wn family secretsThis is a new series but it continues from where the previous books own family secretsThis is a new series but it continues from where the previous books ff the holidays and a new racing season Old secrets and scandals are being exposed not to mention a murder Seems that secrets that are buried alive always find a way to dig their way to the surface This series now has an ld unsolved kidnapping and a new murder along with a new season to race for the cup Book two in this series black flag white lies continues this series Black Flag White Lies continues a character that the reader met in previous books Will Branchhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom. Family's closet But even as Adam grudgingly lets her into the NASCAR world he realizes he may have made the biggest mistake f all falling for a woman *WHO COULD RUIN BOTH HIS FAMILY AND HIS REPUTATION. *could ruin both his family and his reputation. Scandals And Secrets

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