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To write about and I have yet to find a book that has done it well The Reincarnationist Papers falls into this categoryThe premise started off well a young man named Evan Michaels has nown for many years that he is not like everyone else He Evan Michaels has An English Translation of Fa Tsangs Commentary on the Awakening of Faith known for many years that he is not like everyone else He lived before at least two other reincarnations as a result he is recruited into a secret society of members just like him Whatind of shenanigans will occur What happens to the psyche of a person who has lived and continues to live a multitude of lifetimesNone of these potential issues were addressedFirst Evan Michaels is not a compelling character He s young but boring dull as dishwater He drifts through life performing nefarious deeds for money He s not ambitious interesting or witty Is it because he s a reincarnationist I don t now I didn t like him so I wasn t invested in his journeySecond the writing is all telling no showing Lots of descriptions and mundane details about Evan talking walks observing and receiving info dumps from others just like himThe narrative is bogged down with filler recaps of past lives what the secret society is about Evan meeting the members and the initiation process There are random segues into Evan s past life or bits and pieces derived from the lives of the people he meets For the most part the reader sees Evan spending most of his time talking to the secret board members sightseeing and lusting after his advocate a beguiling Asian woman named PoppyThen suddenly the story transitions into an art heist and then we get filler about how Evan pulls it off Or notThe premise had great potential but the execution was poorFor a secret society filled with potentially intriguing people there was no suspense drama or excitementThe second star is for the premise alone. N their ranks Evan Michaels' now public account takes us into this organization whose members have been agents of change throughout history.

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The Reincarnationist PapersThanks to Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange For An ReviewCompelling Imaginative an reviewCompelling imaginative thoughtful This highly original sci fi thriller from D Eric Maikranz is a must read for those looking for something a bit different from their usual tried and trusted genre The author takes the highly contested concept of reincarnation as his inspiration for his novel about a group of individuals who are able to remember their past lives Maikranz deftly absorbs the theoretical and metaphysical underpinnings of reincarnation Into A Lively And a lively and read told in a strong narratorial voice Great characterisation meticulous plotting a real page turner A very interesting book soon to be released as a movie by Paramount Pictures What a great concept It ll be interesting to see what they do in the movie It is definitely something that could grow into a franchise back stories current state etc The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars was because there are some situations in the book that just aren t my cup of teaIt ept me interested throughout and I am looking forward to reading or seeing what happens next Interesting premise but I couldn t get into this book at the moment Sadly just not the book for me After a slow start I was hooked and couldn t put it downGreat world building and storytelling excellent character developmentHighly recomemndedMany thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for this ARC all opinions are mine I m typically a non fiction guy who loves biographiesdocumentaries and loved this book The Reincarnationist Papers felt like a true story which completely captured my attention This was a book with fascinating characters and a story that could absolutely be true and yet just far fetched enough to eep. The electrifying book that introduces readers to the Cognomina a secret society of people who possess total recall of their past lives Haun. ,

Me from putting it down Maikranz created an eccentric cast of characters described in great detail that all played well together His story made my mind wander about all of the po Per FTC rules I received this book as a GoodReads First Reads giveawayI have no idea how to react to this book It nods toward Dan Brown s Angels and Demons with a hint of Forrest Gump type historical events while masuerading as A Philosophy Andor Religion Tome philosophy andor religion tome the while purporting to be the Work Of A Palingenesist Named of a palingenesist named Michaels who stumbles literally his way upon a secret organization of SELF SAME OTHERS WHO FORM THE same others who form the Oh and there s the slightest bit of soft porn thrown in for good measure It s weirdbut it s a page turner The problem is I can t tell if it s fiction or not and so it s difficult for me to now how I feel As fiction it s decent but it s not the best I ve ever read If it s non fiction it is fantastical and makes me want to meet these people though based on what I ve read that s not likely to happen So I guess if you re looking for a thriller that may or may not be based at least in part on actual events this is your book This was almost a totally original book Whatever it borrowed was wisely chosen though I really enjoyed the experience especially his asides Like the Immortal books the asides or parenthetical tales are the most enjoyable parts of the book This utterly sucked me in The story itself is a bit slow but the sub mystery surrounding the books themselves is utterly fascinating and adds a new dimension to the story Recommend a read Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of The Reincarnationist Papers I love books about past lives so I was excited when my reuest was approvedThis premise was so intriguing a difficult theme. Ted by memories of two past lives a troubled young man stumbles upon a centuries old secret society of similar individuals and dares to joi. .