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Alter Herbert Bayer Designs for Universal LETTERING 1925 AND 1927 ELLEN LUPTON 1925 and 1927 Ellen Lupton St lzl 5 Choirs 1928 T ai Smith L szl Moholy Nagy Photograms Michael W Jennings Marcel Breuer Club Chair Frederic J Schwartz Lucia Moholy Photograph of Georg Muche 1927 Matthew S Witkovsky Marianne Brandt Our Unnerving City 1926 Matthew S Witkovsky HANNES MEYER GERMAN TRADE UNIONS SCHOOL BERNAU 1928 30 Meyer German Trade Unions School Bernau 1928 30 Mertins Exercises for Color Theory Courses Hal Foster L szl Moholy Nagy Light Prop for an Electric Stage 1930 Alex Potts Wallpaper Design Juliet Kinchin Paul Klee Fire in the Evening 1929 Alex Potts Pius Pahl House C 1932 33 Detlef Mertins Oskar Schlemmer Bauhaus Stairway 1932 Andreas Huyssen 14 Years Bauhaus A Chronicle Adrian Sudhalter with Research Contributions by Dara Kiese IndexPhotograph CreditsTrustees of The Museum of Modern Ar. Graphy textiles ceramics theater and costume design painting and sculpture Many of the objects discussed and illustrated here have rarely if ever been seen or published outside Germany Featuring approximately 400 color plates richly complemented by documentary images Bauhaus 1919 1933 includes two overarching essays by the exhibition's curators Barry Bergdoll and Leah Dickerman that present new perspectives on the Bauhaus Shorter essays by than 20 leading scholars apply contemporary viewpoints to 30 ey Bauhaus objects and an illustrated narrative chronology provides a contemporary viewpoints to 30 ey Bauhaus objects and an illustrated narrative chronology provides a glimpse of the Bauhaus' lived history. ,
To be fair I should note that I didn t extensively read the text and essays printed in this It s is note that I didn t extensively read the text and essays printed in this It s is awfully wordy book for being an art book and in some ways it s a shame as many of being an art book and in some ways it s a shame as many of images of the art or the art itself is in small size it would seem to make ample room for the academic chatter 5 stars for the art 3 stars for all the longwinded written insights Director s Foreword by Glenn D LowryLenders to the ExhibitionAcknowledgmentsCurator s Preface by Barry Bergdoll and Leah Dickerman Bauhaus Fundaments Leah Dickerman Bauhaus Multiplied Paradoxes of Architecture and Design in and after the Bauhaus Barry BergdollPlates Walter Gropius and Lyonel Feininger Bauhaus Manifesto 1919 Charles W Haxthausen Lothar Schreyer Death House for a Woman c1920 Weber Walter Determann Bauhaus Settlement Weimar 1920 de Mich. The Bauhaus the school of art and design founded in Germany in 1919 and shut down by the Nazis in 1933 brought together artists architects and designers among them Anni and Josef Albers Herbert Bayer Marcel Breuer Lyonel Feininger Walter Gropius Johannes Itten Vasily Kandinsky Paul Klee Laszlo Moholy Nagy Lilly Reich Oskar Schlemmer Gunta Stolzl in an extraordinary conversation on the nature of art in the industrial age Aiming to rethink the form of modern life the Bauhaus became the site of a dazzling array of experiments in the visual arts that have profoundly shaped the world today Bauhaus 1919 1933 Workshops ,

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Elis Josef Albers Lattice Picture 1921 Peter "Nisbet Marcel Breuer And Gunta St Lzl "Marcel Breuer and Gunta St lzl Chair 1921 Christopher Wilk Theodor Bogler Teapots 1923 Juliet Kinchin Unknown Weaver possibly Else M gelin Wall Hanging 1923 T ai Smith Vasily Kandinsky Designs for Wall Paintings 1922 Christine Mehring L szl Moholy Nagy Constructions in Enamel 1923 Brigid Doherty Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Carl Jakob Jucker Table Lamp 1923 24 Frederic J Schwartz Joseph Hartwig Chess Sets 1922 24 Benjamin H D Buchloh Alma Buscher Ship Building Toy 1923 Christine Mehring Oskar Schlemmer Grotesue I 1923 Paul Paret Oskar Schlemmer Study for the Triadic Ballet 1924 Paul Paret Herbert Bayer Advertising Structures 1924 25 Hal Foster Color Plans for 1925 26 Marco de Michelis Walter Gropius and szl Moholy Nagy Bauhaus Book Series 1925 30 Adrian Sudh. Or Modernity published to accompany a major multimedia exhibition is The Museum of Modern Art's first comprehensive treatment of the subject since its famous Bauhaus exhibition of 1938 and offers a new generational perspective on the twentieth century's most influential experiment in artistic education Organized in collaboration with the three major Bauhaus collections in Germany the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and the Klassic Stiftung Weimar Bauhaus 1919 1933 examines the extraordinarily broad spectrum of the school's products including industrial design furniture architecture graphics photo. ,
Bauhaus 1919 1933