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A strumpets and I ll ind myself hunting down this book and sitting down to a nice comfortable re readThis is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone Ends with a HEA and doesn t have Cheating view spoiler There is a scene where a sea nymph demands a kiss rom Kallas and Bennett as the price Clawback for some much needed info the life or death kind So Bennett tries to give her araternal kiss on the mouth but the nymph orces the issue and he describes it as kissing an amorous octopus That whole scene was unny and London was there and although she wasn t okay with it she knew that it meant less than nothing to her man so I was okay with it Didn t take away anything Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America from the story and just solidified their loveor each other hide spoiler Four and a half stars rounded up I liked this installment in the Blades of the Rose series better than the previous Warrior was very good but this one captured my attention earlier and kept it longer I really enjoyed the action and the romance it was an excellent mixThe leads are great Bennet is an unrepentant ladies man and London is just Cooking for Company finding her way in a totally new world Their chemistry was very apparent and they were an engaging couple throughout I did skim through some of the sex scenes sorry but the romance outside of the sack was what was the most compelling My one complaint about the series is the presentation of the villains They re part of a group called The Heirs and they re outor the glory of England Um And They say they work Empire of Sin for the government but is their work government sanctioned It s hard to tell And what of the other nationalities that have similar groups that have been referenced Why are the Blades never running into any of them They re all after the same sources right For all the specificity regarding the sources Ieel like the villains are left Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China fairly vague Seems lazy especially when compared to the amazing detail of the rest of the narrativeIn any case this installment is really enjoyable I have the bundle so I ve already got the next two on deck and I ll be getting to them in due time With bundles it s hard not to just turn the page and continue on but I ve managed to stick with Dina s RulesI recommend this series to people who like adventure romance It s highly entertaining has uniue settings and a bit of paranormal Some have likened it to Indiana Jones and I think thatits Enjoy 5 stars Paranormal RomanceThis is another kick ass read in the awesome wildly entertaining The Blades of the Rose series that s an intriguing uniue blend of Victorian era historical and paranormal Scoundrel is an exciting combination of action adventure magic With Scoundrel Ms Archer takes us adventure loving romantics on a splendid journey around the Aegean Sea on the hunt My Wife's Affair for mystical treasure Readers who enjoy Indiana Jones will get a kick out of this book with its very real magic and a dash of steampunk like adventureLondon is an admirable heroine Despite the way she was raised she wants to live her life and have something grand to contribute It took a lot of courageor her to break Chicken, Chicken, Duck! freerom her Inspirations family s expectations and restrictions to realize that she was essentially orphaning herself I loved that she was three dimensional She is both beautiful and intelligent She is womanly and strong What she isn t good at she strives to improve While loving a man like Bennett was a huge risk she took the chanceBennett isn t myavorite type of hero While I love a dangerous and edgy hero I just don t have a taste or womanizers I did like that though Bennett doesn t have a problem with loving and leaving women he really does respect women and cherish them in his somewhat shallow way When London comes into his life he learns what saying I love you truly means She doesn t orce him to change Instead his love Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You for her changes hiseelings about his life with one woman in it I liked how courageous Bennett was and his exploits help to make this book incredibly un and exciting The romance between Bennett and London was good but it s hard to me to get excited about a supposedly dead endfinite relationship "In Which Sex Is "which sex is main component With that expectation that nothing would come of their time together except some good sex and companionship I elt kind of sad or Bennett and London What I did like was that each time they came together it got harder or Bennett to hang onto his beliefs about love and Pirates, Ships, and Sailors forever aftersI liked the secondary love story between Athena and Kallas They challenged each other in pivotal ways andorced each other to reevaluate their own preconceived notions I like this world of magic where each culture has objects that are vital to them There are a ew wow scenes in this book that I ate up Let me say that if you are a Greek Mythology geek you will too This book has some interesting things to say about Imperialism the belief that one nation should orcibly ensure their superiority over others I can t get behind that even if I do have my share of patriotism simmering within I could understand how Bennett and London and some of the other English Blades must have War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today felt All in all a very good book While Bennett isn t myavorite hero in this series so A Boy in Winter far I did like him He wasun and exciting He knows how to kick butt and he showed how much he did love London in the endLooking orward to the next two books Rebel and Stranger particularly he did love London in the endLooking orward to the next two books Rebel and Stranger particularly geeky darling Catullus Now that s what I m talking about Scoundrel was the experience I was hoping and expecting to have with Warrior What a relief to know that there s nothing wrong with me after all Now I can completely understand the hype Princess Baby, Night-Night for this series Loved It I may even consider joining theangirl ranks if the next book hits me like this one didBefore I go any The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post further if there s anyone reading this review who like me was a little under whelmed by Warrior give the series another chance with this book I complained in my review of Warrior that the book just didn t grab me Well Scoundrel grabbed me with both hands gave me a good shake and didn t let goI also had some vague concerns about the pacing and narration of Warrior but there was nothing vague about my complete and utter enjoyment of this novel and the pace was absolutely perfectBlades of the Rose agent Bennett Day is dedicated to keeping the world s magical Sourcesrom the hands of the nefarious Heirs That the cause provides him with action adventure excitement and danger on a daily basis is a very happy bonus The Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution fact that seducing women can sometimes get him the information or results he needs well that s just the icing on the cakeYes Bennett is a scoundrel and he loves every minute of itLondon Harcourt is the daughter of one of the Heir s leaders Being a woman she has never been made privy to the work of herather and late husband also an Heir and killed by the Blades of the Rose Her life has been one of repression On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock first by herather and then by her husbandWhen London s secretly se This book was even better than the irst one and I didn t think that would be possible What I love about these. The ancients rom men like London's ather who wants to subjugate the world's magic to British ru. Ed about types of magical Sources because of the ancient language that surrounds the recent Source Lord Edgeworth and the heris go against their own rules to involved women in their matters asks London Edgeworth Harcourt her help decode some artifacts London is the dark of what her ather and the Heirs are really about until she runs into Bennett Day and the Blades whom turn her world around and open her eyes to then magic I ll be honest I didn t total care Nini for London when Iirst read about her She seem smart but stuck in a golden cage slowly though I grew to really love her and her enjoyment of just being I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) free and life awayrom under her Flight, Vol. 7 father s thumb London truly blossom into a strong woman no scared of life but willing to embrace everything that came her way Bennett Day ah be still my beating heart Bennett Day just gone and stole my heart Bennett is a Scoundrel a pain in the butt and just a lot ofun and if you don t all in love with him well there s no doubt he ll have you head over heels or him in no time The glimpse we got of him in Warrior was just a piece of the daredevil who loves adventure protecting magical sources and the ladies and if his missions leads him to have all three well good or him Bennett wasn t some torture hero loved life and everything it held At times this made him a little shallow with his eelings toward women but that was Bennett and when he Camp Rex finally gives his heart he gives hisully and wholehearted It s really cute and sexy how hard both London and Bennett all or one another both even each other out Bennett gives London the reedom and acceptance she always craved while London grounds Bennett and gives him the steady rock in the world whirl he may get stuck in The secondary romance also gave us another view of a growing romance between Athena a witch and Kallus the captain of their small boat The only really slip I had with the book is how uickly London went rom hate to love When Dads Don't Grow Up for Bennett whom was a supposeoe of the heirs and her Miles from Kara family This was just a blip in overall amazing book and really just overlooked it and continued to enjoy this book The story moves uickly with London dealing with herather s actions and Bennett dealing with his new Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, found loveor London with the action and the yummy sexy parts keeping the reader wondering what s going to happen next and ZA does an amazing job of keeping the reader guessing ZA wraps up everything so nicely with the evil guys getting theirs and how the Blades win another battle but there s still some battles left to ight leaving the reader waiting and wanting the next book as uickly as possible I know or a act this Blade of the Rose angirl can t wait High Heat for the next installment to this amazing series 5 Monkeys in hats Stars This was a bit scii ishparanormal I don t know how to classify other than IT WAS AWESOMEI LOVED ITWHERE HAS THIS BEEN HIDINGThe story is about Bennett a cryptographer and consummate ladies man who is a member of a secret organization called the Blades of the Rose they dedicate their lives to inding and protecting magical Sources rom those wishing to use it against humanity and London a self taught linguist and English miss thrust into a dangerous war between good and evil This was packed with lawlessly descriptive passages that painted the world Zoe Archer has created vividly It had all the elements of a great story humor action mystery great characters an imaginative plot and an epic love storyI loved reading this I enjoyed the adventure aspect the magical elements and even though Bennett had a history as a man who enjoyed his women I ound him to be entertaining honest and it didn t take me long to all or him Now normally a connoisseur of ladies like Bennett do not score very high with me but Bennett did a complete 180 as soon as his eyes caught sight of London Still it was hard to A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas forget her even harder to ignore that strange vivid moment when hisingers had touched her hand In all his years after countless encounters with a vast array of women
bennett couldn t 
couldn t ever having so visceral so immediate a reaction to touching a woman And it had gone beyond the physical too A sudden profound connection with no known origin other than something in his body that recognized her knew and needed her He wasn t your typical player bennett just loved women he loved player Bennett just loved women He loved types or women and he wasn t callous disrespectful or disparaging towards them He genuinely cared or them in his own way He was a handsome guy who lived day to day He was charming and seductive and carefree Although he ought himself and denied deeper lasting Lots of Hearts feelingsor London it wasn t long before he caved And London she was his perfect match Smart brave and so ready to live and love I liked her rom the very irst It was hard to resist her brand of magic When I am with the man I love everything "else will disappear I ll see only him He will be the person I want to "will disappear I ll see only him He will be the person I want to everything with If I am walking alone and I see something beautiful like a wildflower poking up Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss from the pavement or something ridiculous like a monkey in a hat I will rush to tell him these things And in the dark of night he alone is who I will want beside me and I ll listen to him breath in sleep and I shall put my hand upon him and hope he dreams of meor I couldn t bear even a moment apart Don't Hex with Texas from him She was a blend of sheltered innocent and daring adventurer She is the type of heroine I instantly connect with because she s everything you d want to be courageous independent and strong It was a blast to see her gorom ragile to kick ass In the end someone so awesome deserves getting everything her heart desired and I think Bennett definitely gave it his all even if it did take him a ew dense moments to realize it Lol It took a while but the wait was worth it Monkeys in hats he said again with a growing heat That s what I mean when I say I love you I mean that you re the woman I need beside me all day every da I mean that I can t imagine my life without you I mean that when you hurt it Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation feels like a knife in me cutting merom the inside out I mean that I hate the idea of anyone but me touching you Just the thought makes me want to kill I mean that I hate the idea of me touching anyone but you I meant that when I see a goddamn monkey wearing a goddamn hat I want to tell you about it You and no one else Needless to say I was left with no doubt in my mindheart that he was in love with London That she was special significant and the ONLY ONE when it came to his love he was committed to her in mind body and soul and I loved that Not only did he give me that moment when he proved his love was Pajama Party forever but he was also damn alpha about it I don t care what words anyone uses Use the words of all the languages you know Or make some up Doesn t matter What matters is that I want to be with youorever only you This was a Bunco Babes Tell All five star reador me because I know this story and these awesome characters will live in my memories and every once in a while I ll remember monkeys in hats or recall a snippet of a scene about se. Ets Bennett Day Day is a ladies' man when he's not dodging lethal attacks to protect the powers of. .
45 StarsThis was an excellent ollow up to the Bringing the Outside In fabulousirst book Warrior I was pretty stoked about that because it gives me confidence about how the rest of the series will turn out Sometimes an author just cannot live up to how excellent the irst book in a series is and it is such a disappointment to the reader That s not the case hereI think the author made an exceedingly smart choice by moving the location of this book We aren t in Mongolia with this one we re in Greece and the islands nearby I loved the Mongolian scenery but by having this one in Greece I didn t even have the slightest urge to stop and compare it to the irst book We didn t get uite the same sense of culture and information about Greece that we did about Mongolia in the irst book but that s understandable The characters were on a ship or most of the book and weren t visiting the islands enough to give a well developed sense of the people there We did get a glimpse of them now and then but they did Close to Hugh feel like scenery thanull robust characters I really liked getting to watch the romance between the secondary characters on the ship We didn t actually dwell on their relationship Women and Self Esteem from their pov we just got to watch itrom Bennett and London s pov I liked that because I never Toy to Toy (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3) felt that it took away timerom London and Bennett s relationship as I sometimes do with secondary romances that have half of the book devoted to them but I did look Charity forward to a glimpse of their relationship progress now and then I loved that theyelt necessary to the book even if it wasn t their story I especially enjoyed watching Athena come into her own with her powers It was really nice getting a glimpse of someone who has gifts that they were born with Although I do still wonder about Bennett s affinity with shadowsI really enjoyed watching London move past her initial restrictions Not only was she the daughter of the enemy trying to it in with a group who hates her amily she was raised as the traditional delicate English rose She didn t have adventures and she didn t know how to take care of herself in a Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life fight It was nice that she wasn t magically a Xena like character right out of the gate I enjoyed watching her become someone stronger and confident in herself I also liked watching the joy and verve she hador every new experience she came across Here was a girl who had longed or life and inally she got a taste of itI really enjoyed the initial struggle and anger London had over the reveal of Bennett s past with her It added some much appreciated tension I also enjoyed watching Bennett circle around her trying to Road Map to Holland: How I Found My Way Through My Son's First Two Years with Down Syndrome find a way to insert himself into her regard He wanted her to look at him and see someone she wanted to spend time with I also really liked that London did not cast aside the life that she had known at the drop of a hat Iound her behavior much realistic and interesting than if she had known Bennett or ive minutes and believe him right away Then I would have just thought she was an idiotBennett was such a Fashion Faux Paw fun character I really enjoyed being in his head Just like with theirst book his internal dialogue kept me giggling I really enjoyed his life outlook He was such an in the moment guy I don t mean that he didn t have the ability to think long term I mean that he could take pleasure Pillars of Light from the little things that he encountered daily He didn t need much to stay happyI reallyelt or both of the characters when they had that discussion about what love meant to them I liked that London wasn t willing to settle or less in the long term but didn t dismiss his "view as oolish She never dismissed his belief she just made it clear that it didn t mean the "as oolish She never dismissed his belief she just made it clear that it didn t mean the thing to her My heart broke or them later when he kept saying something and she kept ignoring it vague on purpose to avoid spoilers Then when they talked about the monkey hats I couldn t help but sigh The only reason I gave this5 stars less than the irst one was because I wanted a stars less than the New People first one was because I wanted a struggle on Bennett s part winning London Where I loved theirst one or its lack of drama I really would have appreciated a bit here I just elt that everything came easily to Bennett and I would have enjoyed watching him work Driving Hungry: A Memoir for it Like he did when she was ticked at him on the ship originally He kept sticking a hand out hopingor her to give him an opening and she just kept slapping it away Other than that tiny little niggle I enjoyed the book immensely I can t wait to get my hands on Rebel caiue Greek The Museum of Us fishing boad Loved this one Why did I wait so long to continue this second in the Blades of the Rose series It is a wonderful paranormal romance action adventure set in a stunning local Greece I enjoy a good road trip story and this is one that takes place on the ocean Seems to me to have romance this time around than theirst one did or is that just my imagination There s certainly magic in the air as well as on the sea A delightI was as enchanted with the heroine London coming awake and aware of the world as much as with the superhero Bennett realizing there really can be just one woman or him especially if it is London Bennett sure painted himself into a corner with his philosophy on the three little words and it was neat to see how Ms Archer was going to get him out of it Here is a hint view spoiler hide spoiler Trigger warnings Super controlling parent torture35 stars Okay here s the thing I really like the stories in this series They re set in un locations The magic system is super cool The emale characters are badasses The male characters areridiculous but they re always respectful of the badassery of their love interests The villains are a little one dimensional but you can t have it all Where this series alls A Bedtime Yarn flator me is the romances and the sex scenes Don t get me wrong I think there s a great dynamic between the characters But the sex scenes are SO CHEESY and uestionably written I knew it wasn t going to be great when on their second encounter London is asleep in her tent and Bennett sneaks in and watches her sleep and thinks I could totally wake her up with sex right now BRO THAT IS RAPE BACK RIGHT THE FUCK OFF And like I get that he s meant to be a cad and a scoundrel But noooooooooooope So yeah The sex scenes were laughable especially the part where his dick left a trail of moisture up the inside of her thigh which just made me think of a snail but the actual story Pretty stinking Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity fun I didn t think it would be possibleor this series to get any better but Zoe Archer proved me wrong with Scoundrel Everything that made Warrior great only made Scoundrel better The ZA builds this world of The Blades of the Rose the need to want to know just keeps growing This time around the setting is Greece and their islands while it didn t go as in depth as Warrior did in the culture it turned out to be done very well with most of the story revolving around island jumping and the rag tag team racing against time and the evil Heirs in order to protect the magical Source As the world of The Blades of the Rose grows with each book we learn. London Harcourt jumps at the chance to join her ather on a voyage to the Greek isles where she me. Scoundrel