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The Legend of Rah and the MugglesWhen I say that this book was a terrible mess #I know I m not adding anything new here By this oint I think everyone who has heard of The #know I m not adding anything new here By this oint I think everyone who has heard of The of Rah and the Muggles knows how awful it is What gets me though is how completely jumbled it isRemember folks nothing described in this review is made up Chew on that as you readThe story s natural Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples progression is thus Description of nuclear warranting aboutolitics and the UNvery awkward social commentarylearning how the titular Muggles were created from radiation in the rologue nuclear war in entirely different country and awkward fairy tale backstory as a widowed noblewoman gives birth to twins immediately starts flirting madly with the butler then sends the babies to sea to give them a better shot at life saccharine nonsensical one shot anecdotes about the babies being adopted by the muggles and being raised by them a Cain and Abel story as one of the brothers turns evil for no reason tries to kidnapkill the other and ends up banished to an islandIf that makes no sense to you that s about how logical it is in the book Stouffer just has things happen and doesn t think of what kind of story she wants to tell A ost apocalyptic story with modern day or modern day seeing as it s stuck in the 80s or so commentary A Regency esue romance A changeling fantasy tale A story of good and evil between two brothers She can t decide and she doesn t layer what she has in any way that makes sense She just jumps from one to the other as she The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 pleasesCharacterwise everyone was bland as toast Names were thrown around in an attempt toretend there was a wide developed cast and there s a glossary in the back of the book with them all because apparently Stouffer thinks much is lost by forgetting the names of muggles or servants who only show up one time Everyone who shows up before the muggles with the exception of the brothers is completely irrelevant As for the muggles themselves they re badly handled cartoonish characters who have one uirk apiece one s amusingly hard of hearing One s the kindly grandmother Two are children who always hold hands Etc and so forthAnd then there are the brothers themselves Rah and Zyn are their names which are apparently the muggle words for sun and flower respectively They re also the The National Debt: A Short History protagonists of the story so to speak and get something close to character development Unfortunately neither arearticularly enjoyable as charactersRah is supposed to be the good brother shiny clean rule abiding humble helpful well loved industrious well groomed someone Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific please stop me I m going to gag It s INCREDIBLY obvious that Stouffer is trying to use him as a moral template for children to learn off of but the book s so incrediblyreachy about it that I just found myself disliking him He isn t witty he isn t charming he isn t funny and he really doesn t have any traits beyond being the dull Good Kid I couldn t stand him because he read like a PSA example than an actual erson who s fun to hang around with Stouffer tried to add some emotional complexity when he becomes overwhelmed by alleged feelings of sorrow over his brother turning evil on that in a minute and sobs while wishing his mother was there but considering how out of left field it is and how his mom hadn t been around since about two chapters in it doesn t do anything besides make him look rather wimpyThen there s Zyn Oh god Zyn Of all the characters he s the only one I felt any ity for And that s because despite or because of Stouffer doing her damndest to make him the Bad Kid I just saw no one giving him a break and him being dumped on by his author We see him start to get jealous of Rah s favoritism when they re kids and we do get a couple of halfway emotional scenes him being genuinely afraid when Rah has an allergic reaction and his adopted grandmother giving him a worry stone to assure him he s loved Unfortunately the whole Cain and Abel story kicks off and any complexity his character may have had goes out the window All we re told is how Zyn is ugly and rude and nasty and mean and don t we all just HATE him He and his followers are horribly oisoned by a radioactive tree we all just HATE him He and his followers are horribly oisoned by a radioactive tree live in yes really and end up stranded on an island It s incredibly easy to read his extreme actions later as him being incredibly sick and unstable from those things happening to him but the idea of circumstances leaving him at all deserving of sympathy is completely ignored Even his supposedly compassionate brother does nothing but wring his hands and cry when Zyn tries to leave not actually trying to talk things over with him or anythingAnd that leads to the main issue of the characters and the book in general really What little we get is generally very very unpleasant The muggles are unhelpful and useless While Zyn is having an emotional breakdown and suffers an inferiority complex towards Rah only one of them actually does ANYTHING to try to reassure him All the other muggles do nothing but gather around Rah and say how great he is and basically feed Zyn s belief that yes Rah is the favorite of the two Zyn bullies and abuses a group of muggle children into working for him an. In another land far from the shoreline of Aura war was raging and Lady Catherine launched a raft with recious cargo. ,

D despite the text clearly stating that they were forced into it and abused until they snapped none of the other muggles seem to care They whine about the trouble being caused but they don t try to reach out and get their family backAnd the unpleasantness isn t limited to the Cain and Abel story at the end The book begins with horrible descriptions of two nuclear wars but they re just forgotten about Muggles the cute little things they are were created when the have nots of society Stouffers words not mine were mutated by generations of exposure to radiation The twins mother is sobbing over news of her husband s death one #minute and then Karneval, Vol. 4 practically jumping the butler the next Nobody isarticularly likeable or sympathetic #and then The Hiding Place practically jumping the butler the next Nobody isarticularly likeable or sympathetic some arts actually made me feel very uncomfortableAnd I think this all goes back to Nancy Stouffer and how she went about writing this It is my belief that Stouffer is one of those folks who believes that anyone can cobble together a children s book Certainly the uality of hers is slapdash a hardly edited jumbled mess It feels like she threw a bunch of things together thinking that children will accept anything if it s shiny enough I guess it s ossible she felt she ut her heart and soul into this and that her work really is that special but that doesn t change the fact that she didn t lan this out at all She didn t figure out what kind of story she wanted and that s why there are countless reviews The Elephants Journey pointing out how rushed and nonsensical this book is to say nothing of fairy tale tropes like the talking animals or magic sun which COULD have been handwaved with better writing Finally I should bring up thelagiarism controversy Everyone and their mother has Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' pointed out how baseless it is and that s true Not only do Stouffer soints of similarity focus only on superficial details one thing she argues is that both books have a castle with a Great Hallreceiving area Because that s daming but some of her oints don t even come up in The Legend of Rah Larry Potter and Lilly for example are from an entirely different line of children s books she s written and have nothing at all to do with magic or England or Harry Potter I also suspect that she s arguing lagiarism based on books she hasn t writtenpublisheddid Changing Face of the Hero publish but got a very limited release but I m n Read out of curiosity Unfortunately 1 star is the minimum rating there should be a negative infinity rating I read this book when I was ten and it was one of the worst things I ve ever held in my hands Thelot was nonsensical the characters cardboard the good vs evil too clearly drawn and I was so bored Do not ever read this book This book is so badly written I would only recommend it as an example of how NOT to write It is good for a few laughs though and both boosts your confidence in your own writing skills and makes you want to curl up and cry over the fact that shit like this actual gets The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry published The Legend of Rah and the Mugglesby NK StoufferThurman House 267ages StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story plus 12ages colour illustrationshardback 2001 reissue of a book originally It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life published in 1984By all rights this review should be littered with instancesof the letters TM in superscript just as is the front cover of The Legend of Rah and the Muggles for Nancy Stouffer isthe author who has created minor shockwaves in the book trade bypointing out that the name Muggles used by JK Rowling in her Harry Potter series wasreviously used by Stouffer whois also the author of a Lignin Biodegradation pre existing series of books for the veryyoung based on the character Larry Potter Moreover Stouffer sillustrations of Larry Potter bear a very considerableresemblance to the depictions of Harry Potter on the covers ofthe Rowling books The response of the book trade to Stouffer sobjections in the USA at least has been a courageous unofficialboycott of Stouffer s books and a stolid silence on the wholematter nothing must threaten the Harry Potter cash cowLeaving the LarryHarry Potter dispute aside the Muggles ofthis book bear no resemblance beyond the name to Rowling sInstead they are the mutant descendants bald huge headed small childish of theeople left behind in theisland nation of Aura many generations ago when the wealthydeserted it and them in the wake of a nuclear war Since thattime Aura has been covered with a Pure Chance purple haze through whichsunlight can barely trickle but moonlightaradoxically canpass undimmedAll this changes with the arrival on the shore of Aura of twobaby twin brothers aboard a makeshift raft they were cast adriftby their mother as The Lady and the Lionheart per Superman by hisarents during thedestruction of the lanet Krypton when she saw that her owncountry was lunging into an all destroying war Aboard the raftalong with the twins is a magical illuminating stone whichbrings sunlight back to AuraThe two brothers Rah and Zyn are nurtured by the MugglesAlthough identical in every respect to begin with theirpersonalities come to differ radically Rah grows up good andwise while Zyn grows up nasty and spiteful The dispute betweenthem is chronicled in the Muggles ongoing Ancient Book ofTales upon whose account the current volume is urportedlybasedIllustra. Aboard her two infant sons She wrapped the boys in royal blankets and uilts and acked a jewel box filled with brig.
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Ted with a central clutch of Stouffer s own ratherjolly colour illustrations The Legend of Rah and theMuggles is a much shorter book than the Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church page count abovemight suggest the type is extremely large and theage marginslikewise It is also a very badly A (kinda) Country Christmas published book clearlyThurman House does not believe in uaint customs like editingcopy editing androofreading I liked the idea of a bright starshinning in the sky and especially approved of the termdinning room The text reads as if it s a somewhat inaccuratetranscript of an oral resentation complete with shifts of tensebetween ast and resent and countless typographical andgrammatical errors a few spelling errors tooFurther this being a fantasy for young children someoneshould have ointed out to Stouffer the meaning of the wordbugger which she uses freuently and clearly regards asinnocuousDelivered as an oral National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 presentation for children this talewhich comes complete with songs the music for one of which issupplied at the back would one imagines be tremendous fun itis easy to envisage a youthful audience falling around withlaughter at some of the jokes for example while the ramshacklenature of thelot wouldn t be evident or at least itwouldn t be important in a spoken necessarily episodictelling As a rinted novel the text doesn t work nearly so well most of the jokes just referred to fall flat when rendered intype In their lace are moments of humour that are certainly notdeliberate #such as the Monty Pythonesue legend drawn from The Ancient Book of Tales about The Year of #as the Monty Pythonesue legend drawn from The Ancient Book
of tales about 
Tales about Year of RabbitsAnd so it was that the rabbits with rotruding teeth losttheir gentleness and ravaged the continent Likewise some of the early scenes set in the castle wherethe noble Lady Catherine decides the only hope for her twinbabies is to consign them to the mercy of the seas aboard a raftsmack considerably of Daisy Ashford s The Young Visitors1919 Lady Catherine although heartbroken over the death ofher beloved husband Sir Geophrey sic neverthelessimmediately starts flirting audaciously with her butler with astrong suggestion that onstage flirting is likely to be matchedby offstage naughtiness Real Soon Now if it hasn t startedalreadySir there is no woman in this room that wouldn t tradedance artners with me right now I m not about to give them thechance If that makes me wicked so be it she said with apoor attempt at a Shakespearean delivery and they both laughedStouffer has not fully realized her fantasy world Aside fromthe curiosity already mentioned of moonlight being able topenetrate where sunlight cannot there are items such as theMuggles managing to grow fruit and vegetables in a sunless landIn the same context the traditional Muggle songs make referenceto such events as dawn Which The Muggles Could Not Haveexperienced Before The Arrival Of the Muggles could not haveexperienced before the arrival of twins also mentioned in asong is the star that s shinning bright even though the veryexistence of stars brightly shinning or otherwise must beunknown to the Muggles There are countless other such lapsesNevertheless Stouffer s achievement in conceiving thefantasy shouldn t be underestimated Although The Legend ofRah and the Muggles doesn t bear up well in any comparisonwith Tove Jansson s Moomins series of which it is in someways reminiscent it has its excellent moments I was much takenfor example with the Greeblies creatures amply worthy ofinclusion and this is high Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory praise indeed in theecology of Rene Laloux s animated movie Fantastic Planet Lalan te sauvage 1973Greeblies are fat ratlike rodents that live in Sticky IckySwamp and often hide beneath boulders They are nocturnal littlepests with faces that resemble rabbits and their large roundears curl slightly forward at the top Their bodies are coveredwith gray coarse hair with black tips that look like they weredipped in inkGreeblies have short legs but they can jump five feet in theair from a sitting Charming the Firefighter position Their long coiled tails are used touickly grab and snatch anything of interest to them beforebeing seenThey have been known to grab hold of Muggle legs from behindand drag them frantically for yards and yards before lettingthem go Most often their goal is to steal food or raid thegarbageOnly two things frighten Greeblies sand dogs called Nardlesand getting caught in a trap set by the Muggles who would than likely use them as dinner for theiret NardlesNardles live in burrows along the shoreline and Greeblieswon t go near them Even though the Greeblies are difficult tosee the Nardles can smell them a mile awayIt is at times like this when Stouffer s imagination justsuddenly lifts off the ground and carries her to who knows wherethat The Legend of Rah and the Muggles is at its bestGiven a thorough edit this book could be much recommended as itstands however the best that can be said is that The Legendof Rah and the Muggles is worth icking up rimarily for itscuriosity value and of course for its occasional deliciousflights of fancyThis review first Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales published by Infinity Plus isexcerpted from my ebook Warm Words and Otherwise A Blizzardof Book Reviews to beublished on September 19 by InfinityPlus Ebooks Really oorly written nonsense stor. Ht rubies and other gemstones between them The raft drifted away with no charted destination but the babies' surviva. ,