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Saddled AUTHOR Susan RichardsI loved this story of hope healing and horses "Susan Richards is such a talented writer that I would be willing to read any book that she writes "Richards is such a talented writer that I would be willing to read any book that she writes about her past and

"The Things That She Went "
things that she went it just amazes me So many of us see the family with a lot of money and think Their life must be perfect but hearing her story really makes you wonder how true that is This book certainly made me feel greatful to have grown up in my class family Knowing that I was a loved and cherished of the family I LOVED the first book she wrote Chosen by a horse and the second Chosen forever This one was touching and beautiful and harder to readShe talks about her abusive relationship with her now x husband She talks about her alcoholism and trying to free herself from her addictions She talks about wanting to die and feeling helpless and hopeless and not knowing why I think my favorite part was her description of AA I didn t know that becoming sober meant really changing Not drinking was the least of it It was the rest of me that was the problem the part that wanted to stay numb The men and women in that room AA didn t sound numb any They were angry and scared and depressed They were also hopeful and funny and grateful They were all over the place The word that came to mind was whole After years of shutting down all or parts of themselves with alcohol they were finally whole human beingsI sat in a corner with my arms crossed and my mouth shut and listened to what whole human beings sounded like Evidently being human was a messy business Not a single person said Everything s fine my stock response since I was a child to any uestion about my state of mind It had never been true but that didn t keep from repeating it for the next twenty years I thought that s what you were supposed to say I thought that s what you were supposed to feel Anything Murder at the Mansion else meant you were a complainer or worse a bad person a wrong person and wrong was just a code word for crazy I didn t want to be crazy because I was already on shaky ground in the wantable department So the sweet smiley girl became the sweet smiley woman who drank liuor to help keep the lid on anything that didn t reflect how fine she felt one hundred percent of the time Never mind the on and off suicide fantasies going back to fourth grade Doesn tverybody have those I was fineWhile I never used alcohol I completely identified with verything lse The realization that there was to life than just not doing the shouldn ts And coming to understand what a whole human being looks like and letting myself feel something besides fine I have a down side up side perspective on this. One day at the age of thirty one Susan Richards realized that she was an alcoholic She wrote it down in her journal struck by the fact that it had taken nine years of waking up hung over to name her illness What had changed Susan had a new horse a spirited Morgan named Georgia and as she says It had something to do with Georgia It had something to do with making a commitment as normous as caring for a horse that might live as my companion for.

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Nd circumstances of my past objectivelyI think caring deeply about something outside yourself is ssential to any kind of healingOne day as I was sitting on his bed holding his hand I felt all the anger toward him I d carried for years leave my body It was like xhaling a poison I d inhaled a long time ago and it had finally come out In its place I felt an overwhelming sense of love for this terribly flawed father this human being who had suffered greatly for most of his life I saw how pointless and self serving my anger had been how rigid and self righteous I saw how it had stunted my Own Growth And Had Kept growth and had kept from pursuing a relationship with him on honest terms terms that would have taken into account who he was rather than who I had wanted him to beI simply felt that animal children were the ual of human children and deserved the best of whatever I had to giveThere is something intensely solitary about galloping on horseback as though horse and rider become a single unit shooting through space with just the smell of pine to hint that they are still arthbound Susan Richards Saddled is about than horse "ownership It s about love addiction and recovery as wellRichards writes honestly about the abusive relationships she ndured and about "It s about love addiction and recovery as wellRichards writes honestly about the abusive relationships she ndured and about alcoholism I m a sucker for anything to do with horses so when I saw the cover with its beautiful Arabian horse I was hooked Even when I found out that the horse in the story is a Morgan I thought artistic license and kept reading Unfortunately the story is about the writer overcoming her addiction to alcohol through her obsession to the horse It could just as asily been about painting or music or running marathons It just happened to be about her relationship with the horse I just didn t find her story compellingMy blogThe Interstitial Readerhttpstheinterstitialreaderwordpre Dragged me down Heard about it in the LAST memoir I bumped into this book and somehow after flipping through the pages and seeing memoir alcoholism in family transformation I took the book home from the Pasadena Central Library I am a memoir addict and the authentic and well written voice calls me I couldn t put it downthose who know me personally will imagine and know my delight in the author s triumphs and #COURAGE BUT IMAGINE THAT THIS READER #but imagine that this reader pug devotee par The Deepest Sin excellence gasps when she looks at the back inside cover flap and see Susan Richards with what A pug a pug a wonderful looking high i m the center of the universe pug I feel as if I know this lady The background of book had aspects of Boston my home town and so it goes I highly recommend this book I m off to read her others have to order them to. O teach her about stepping carefully in unknown territory to help her learn again about balance This is a memoir about the power of animals to carry us through the toughest times of our lives about the importance of constancy the beauty of uiet steadfast love the way loving a good and sometimes bad animal can keep you going It's a wonderful story for Susan's and Georgia's fans and for anyone who hasver loved an animal nough to keep on livin. Book I found the writing style a bit Oprah tabloidy meaning no diminution of the authors awful childhood and resulting motional damage On the upside the book made me understand as a non horse owner rider how a relationship with a horse is on a whole different level from one with a dog cat tcThe horse in this book did not give the author any uarter yet gave her mutual love #And Respect The First #respect The first "adjusted relationship the author had ver had Animals are healers this book really illustrates that Yes the horse on the cover "relationship the author had ver had Animals are healers this book really illustrates that Yes the horse on the cover the first thing that caught my attention When I found out it was a Morgan horse I was ven interested When I read the dust jacket and found out it was about a woman finding her place in the world after overcoming alcoholismI wasn t sure I wanted to read onI did It was worth it Susan talks about how she found herself to be an alcoholic in a family of alcoholics How she became sober almost by accident and discovered that the days were so much better And now without alcohol to fill her days also a bit terrifyingIt s a rather slim novel and worth your time I may have to read it again just because I liked the descriptions of the relationship between Susan and her horse I think she has the kind of magical connection with Georgia that most horsewomen would dream of having I also liked hearing about their long rides out in the woods alone with the dog That imagery really has stuck with meSeveral uotes I found noteworthy while readingIt was the first time I considered that anxiety might be rooted in a kind of inflated self importance that ven being shy had a component of false deference Who were you to declare yourself so unavailable or so perfect that not living up to your own measure should make you withdrawI stood with the three of them clustered around me doling out peppermints and scratching necks It seemed to me that this was my church this pasture this barn this land surrounded by mountains and forests and streams and that to live in the perfection of nature to live with animals is to know the divine The texts of man seemed clumsy and didactic compared with the wisdom of a tree a dragonfly a horse It was this wisdom always present but never preached that I looked to in moments of despairProbably no book described my scars better than Alice Miller s The Drama of the Gifted Child The Search for the True Self In a text combining ual amounts of compassion and psychoanalytic theory a rare combination in academic writing Miller laid out the causes and conseuences of childhood trauma I was my own first client a sometimes frightening prospect But for the first time I was able to look at the vents The next forty years It had something to do with love Every day begins with a morning ride Every day Susan lives a little and thinks about her mistakes a little less Every day she learns a little from Georgia the kind of horse who doesn't go in for indecision who doesn't apologize for her opinions and who isn't afraid to be herself In Georgia Susan finds something to draw her back to herself but also something to keep her steady and focused