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La emperatriz de los etéreos

Laura Gallego García ¶ 3 ead

I expected from this book but I liked the story Bipa is determined and esponsible Aer is eccentric and curious They couldn t be different But they live in the same town in the caves the only place left in miles around There s nothing but ice is an eternal winter and there s no vegetation and very few animals left Bipa works hard trying to do what she has to Aer just dreams and dreams about following the blue star and getting at the Empress palace until one "Day He Does Aer "he does Aer away and Bipa goes to bring him back But she will find things she could have never imagined things that will make her think about the eal eason that brought
"Her There And If It "
there and if it worth itThe Empress of "THE ETHEREAL KINGDOM IS A CAPTIVATING BOOK A COMPELLING "Ethereal Kingdom is a captivating book a compelling about courage determination love and fantasy framed by the wonderful and uniue writing style of Laura Gallego Is an amazing book very descriptive with eally structured characters and a great well constructed story While The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism reading you ll want and I couldn t keep it down because it s fascinating I can assure you won t be disappointedOriginaleview here An enjoyable story of two pride youths and how love can encourage us to get what we want So far my favorite Laura Gallego bookAn interesting blend of symbolism and compelling story this book eminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland with a post apocalyptic tinge This book was the one that I got hooked on eading I loved it the story and characters are incredible the evolution of Bipa the protagonist is incredible one of my favorite books of the author A story of girl who is trying to discover what happened to her fri. Cuentan ue más allá de los Montes de Hielo más allá de la Ciudad de Cristal habita la Emperatriz en un deslumbrante palacioAsí comienza La Emperatriz de los Etéreos la historia de un viaje y una búsueda desesperada ue llevará a su protagonista mucho más lejos de lo ue jamás. .

End who disappeared one day to find his FATHER HAD ALSO DISAPPEARED A FEW YEARS AGO who had also disappeared a few years ago eally cold and icy story with fantastic characters made of "ice and snow From a long time ago I wanted to ead something from Laura Gallego "and snow From a long time ago I wanted to ead something from Laura Gallego a friend of mine who is a big fan of her left me a book to ead The Imperatrix of the Ethereal The truth is that when I finished this book I had many doubts with the Filosofía e inmanencia rating I wasn t sure if I had to give it 4 or 3 stars but finally I decided to give it 3 stars but I think that is 35 stars I will try to explain theeason During the first pages I got totally charmed with the story I got incredibly fast immersed in this strange world between fantasy and post apocalyptic world Bipa s character seemed interesting especially for her contrast between the second most important character Aer But the The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life reading spell was broken in the middle of the book Suddenly the adventurous and fantasy story I thought it became extremely predictable with a trip itinerary that looked like a board game than aeal adventure I think the author should isk much with the character experiences because when the plot becomes too predictable the eader starts to get bored and the book I thought I could compare to The Hobbit became a child tale So to be honest I am not 100% satisfied with the novel although I must say that Laura Gallego has something powerful in his stories which is her great imaginationSpanish versionDesde hac a tiempo ue ten a ganas de leer algo de Laura Gallego y una amiga ue es muy fan de ella me dej un libro para leer La Emperatrix de los Et eos La verdad ue he tenido muchas Había soñadoBipa no cree en los cuentos de hadas No le interesa lo ue pueda haber más allá de las Cuevas donde habita su gente Pero cuando su amigo Aer fascinado por la leyenda de la mítica Emperatriz parte en un viaje hacia una muerte segura Bipa irá a buscarlo arriesgando su ,

Udas en como puntuar este libro todo el ato he estado indeciso de si le pon a un 4 o un 3 al final me he "decidido por el 3 os explicar el motivo Al principio el libro me hechiz me sumergi "por el 3 os explicar el motivo Al principio el libro me hechiz me sumergi pido en este extra o mundo entre fantasioso y post apocal ptico El personaje de Bipa me pareci interesante y m s cuando se contrarestaba con el segundo personaje m s importante Aer Pero el hechizo se On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski rompi al mitad del libro Deepente la histora ue cre a llena de aventuras se convirti en un viaje extremadamente previsible y con un intinerario ue m s bien parec a un juego de mesa Creo ue la autora arriesg poco y el personaje vive lo ue el lector espera ue va a vivir no sucede nada ue te inuiete ni nada ue trunue sus planes as ue poco a poco empez a aburrirme y a pensar ue el libro ue cre a ue seria un nuevo Hobbit Lassie Come-Home resultaba ser un cuento m s ue infantil As ue sinti ndolo mucho no estoy 100% satisfecho con el libro aunue tengo ue decir ue Laura Gallego tiene algo poderoso en sus historias ue es la gran dosis de imaginaci n Very good heartwarming story of a boy looking for dreams and a girl that had to follow him this story is beautiful I liked that it was a sort of love story without being so obvious the background story about the empress is very interesting buy because it s a children s book the explanation wasn t very extensive in all this book can be enjoy by children and adult all the same cuz the writing isn t dumbed down like other children s books A uite uniue and cold universe depicted in a short novel Bipa s adventure entertains and delivers some freshness good enough toead during summer. Ropia vida en un mundo de hielo bañado por la luz de la estrella azul persiguiendo algo ue puede no ser más ue una uimera ¿Existe de veras el Reino Etéreo ¿Existe algo más allá de la confortable seguridad de las Cuevas ¿O por el contrario no hay más ue frío muerte y oscurida.