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Odds appear stacked against her until she receives a fascinating book A Manual to the Science of Alchemy It was once her grandmother s and Emilia turns again and again to the Manual for guidanceWhen Emilia meets the wealthy brooding Franco Villani her life takes a thrilling but dangerous turn Franco will do anything to win a place in the court of the powerful Cosimo de Medici Well aware that Cosimo prizes ancient manuscripts above all Franco realizes court of the powerful Cosimo de Medici Well aware that Cosimo prizes ancient manuscripts above all Franco realizes s Manual would be invaluable to him in ways than oneInfused with the mysticism of alchemy Nonna s Book of Mysteries is an xciting portrait of a young woman who defies convention to seek her destiny I loved Nonna s Book of Mysteries It s a wonder of a book xciting mysterious and wise I ll long remember the courageous and determined Emilia who learns about choices and the conseuences of choices about the importance of struggle and perseverance about loyalty friendship and love amid the splendors of Renaissance Florence I can t wait for another from Mary Osborne Karen Cushman Newberry Award Winner author of The Midwife s Apprentice Renaissance Italy is a perfect backdrop for a historical yaromance with a strong modern heroine because although there are proscriptions on women s behavior during this period there is also an unusual amount of freedom That combined with the intellectual artistic and political richness of the period make the potential for plot and character development limitless The author used the xciting history of 15th century Florence well combining just the right amount of ambition hope intrigue and treacheryAs a teacher of yoga and a student of meditation I was drawn in by the references to ancient teachings in the alchemy text central to the story In some schools of meditation one of the underlying thoughts is that we have to dig deep into ourselves to uncover our darkness or demons and work through that in order to achieve peace or in some cases Campfire enlightenment We can argue about what those ultimately looks like but I was impressed by thexpression of similar sentiments both by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians and to some xtent by the arly Christians I am not by any means a religious person but the author managed to convey the belief in saints and icons in such a way that I think Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars everyone can appreciate the values of faith morality andthicsThose heady historical religious and philosophical references are intrinsic to the story of Emilia s ambition to be than she is allowed to be and those Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life elements draw the reader in as much as the intrigue of her romancesThe writer has a good touch for comedy I laughed out loud during a disastrous dinner scene However I found the first two or three chapters difficult to get into it seemed Osborne wasn txactly sure how to start or when to reveal certain things The writing improved shortly after and the charm of her kept me readingWhile I appreciated "The Obvious Care She "obvious care she in her I was saddened to find an obvious historical Crazy Love error There is no way a servant in Florence would have been harvesting potatoes in 1460 as they were not to the best of my researchncountered by Europeans until 1537That s a small Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society error and it stands out because the rest of the story flows so well and reuires relatively little suspension of disbeliefA great read for young adults that will whet their appetites for history religion philosophy art and politics Fourteen year old Emilia wants nothing but to become a painter but during the fourteenth century in Italy that s near impossible That is impossible until Makarios a foreign painter recognizes her talent and asks her to become his apprentice As Makarios s apprentice Emilia gets worldlyxposure and maturity and through an old family treasure she gleans wisdom At first this book seemed really interesting it s talking about Renaissance Italy How could someone write a boring book in that time period Apparently Mary Osborne can The author certainly did her research and she tries to show this by cramming a copious amount to factual information into her novel Did she really need to put Italian words in very other sentence Not only that the author has no writing style as my English teacher would put it she needs showing and less telling The book is a huge mix of clich d storylines and the plot is not captivating She uses so many foreign names for the characters that I had a hard time remembering who is who The author s characterization is faulty ven her main character is flat In her historical fiction novel. Ce of Alchemy It once was her grandmother's and Emilia turns again and again to the Manual for guidance When Emilia meets the wealthy brooding Franco Villani her life takes a thrilling but dangerous turn Franco will do anything to win a place in the court of the powerful Cosimo de' Med. Author Mary Osborne s trip to Florence inspired this ngaging novel of Emilia a young girl in 15th century Florence who dreams of becoming an artist Very few women became artists at this time and while her mother is supportive her father is ager to have her understand the way things are in the world However he indulges her and allows her to apprentice with a local artist while disguised as a young boy When her deception is revealed she is dismissed much to her dismay Emilia finds solace in a treasured book which has been in her family for generations A Manual to the Science of Alchemy This text which Emilia considers to be little than a family heirloom contains passages from ancient texts that her mother assures her will help her get through difficult times Throughout the novel Emilia s story is interspersed with often mysterious uotations from this alchemy bookWhen a grey bearded man a foreigner from Constantinople finds her sketching in a Florence church he offers her a position working with him at his workshop While Makarios paints commissions for the Florentine gentry he also creates Black Heart, Red Ruby ethereal icons from his own Orthodox tradition and Emilia learns how to paint in thisxotic tradition as well as in the Florentine style Emilia s head is soon turned by one of Makarios patrons a handsome and wealthy businessman from Genoa Franco Villani His flirtatious behavior makes Emilia believe that perhaps she could become his wife and the lady of his xuisite home When they become ngaged it seems that all her dreams will come true But when Emilia s friend Giacomo returns to Florence she realizes she has romantic feelings for him as well when they xchange a passionate kiss Giacomo warns her that we all have to make choices in life will she choose Franco or Giacamo At the same time Emilia s suspicions are aroused when her fiance Franco seems to take an inordinate interest in her ancient book of alchemy when it disappears and other disasters begin to occur in her life Emilia wonders if Franco "could be to blame and how she can xtricate herself from "be to blame and how she can xtricate herself from marriage she once dreamed of When she is asked to do a painting for the powerful Cosimo de Medici can he help her realize her dreams of being a successful artist and recover her family s treasured heritage as wellThis novel is the First Of Four In A of four in a the second Alchemy s Daughter is a preuel set about 100 years arlier As a former student of art history I specially njoyed the way Mary Osborne incorporated many well researched details of painting and an artist s life during the Renaissance in her novel She describes in detail verything from preparing walls for frescoes to grinding and mixing paints and preparing canvases Teens who are used to picking up art supplies at the local Michaels or art store might be surprised at how time consuming painting was during this periodWhile it may seem far fetched to have a woman artist as the heroine in a novel set during fetched to have a woman artist as the heroine in a novel set during 15th century there were a few women who succeeded in having artistic careers during the Renaissance usually daughters of artists or members of the nobility and certainly Osborne portrays how difficult it was for a young girl to pursue a path generally reserved for men Emilia s dream of becoming a painter doesn t look promising after all it is only the 14th century and women did not have opportunities such as this Emilia s parents decide to let her pursue her passion and take painting lessons The only thing is she has to pretend that she s a he She is motionally shattered when her identity is uncovered and she can no longer take lessons Her mother nds up giving her Nonna s Book of Mysteries and Emilia nds up learning a lot about herself and her familyI loved Emilia She s one of my favorite characters of all time and this is one of the best books I have The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs ever read I can tven begin to tell you how ngrossed I was This is one of those books that you have to read in one sitting Strangely interesting book to read Although I njoyed it it lost a star for me because it s historical fiction and yet the character and plot don t ring true It s just too Monsieur Pain easy for the main character to shake off the shackles of being a woman andxploring her freedom I think the time period was prettied up a little too much But in any case an interesting look at mysticismBook descriptionAt age fourteen all Emilia Serafini wants is to learn to paint so that she can become an artist But painters apprenticeships for young women don t A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author exist in the Florence of Renaissance Italy The. At age fourteen all Emilia Serafini wants is to learn to paint so that she can become an artist But painters' apprenticeships for young women don'txist in the Florence of Renaissance Italy The odds appear stacked against her until she receives a fascinating book A Manual to the Scien. Mary Osborne s certainly got the historical part down just not the fiction I was going to Florence for vacation and found this book to read It was a perfect companion for my trip I What If even stayed on the same street that Emilia lived on The story is predictable but fun Injoyed the information about Renaissance lifestyle and painting I will definitely read Alchemy 2 What I think I njoyed the most about this book was how wonderfully strong determined and smart the protagonist is Emilia Serafini is a fourteen year old girl coming of age in Renaissance Italy and all she wants is to be a painter This is not a typically Achievable Goal For A Woman goal for a woman that time period but Emilia refuses to give up ven fighting against the marriage her father has already arranged for herTo help her Emilia relies on her book A Manual to the Science of Alchemy a tome that has been passed down the matrilineal line of her family for generations This book combined with Emilia s determination grit and talent may just be The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good enough to see her to her dreamsNonna s Book of Mysteries contains a delightfully varied cast of supporting characters from villains to love interests to mentors and friends But it is Emilia that is the real star of the story and rightly sohttpthebookkeepersapprenticeblogs Florence in the 1400s was a world center for painting and culture But the guild tightly controlled who could be licensed as a master painter and girls and women were not allowed on their list Still fourteen year old Emilia Serafini lives for her art and she s desperate to find a way out of the marriage her father has planned for her So she turns for guidance to a book her mother gives her that has been handed down through generations in her family Manual to the Science of AlchemyBut the book s advice is not alwaysasy to interpret and sometimes Emilia doesn t want to follow the advice she reads there When she finds herself involved with a wealthy but unscrupulous businessman who covets the book Emilia must call on all the magic she can muster from its pages to help her create the future she longs forIn Nonna s Book of Mysteries author Mary Osborne paints a fascinating picture of Renaissance Italy and its thirst for beauty and knowledge She includes Supplemental Book enough historical details to bring the time period to life but not so much that it overwhelms Emilia s story And Emilia is a great character who is rooted in herra with all the dreams of a girl far ahead of her time Headstrong and determined she also learns a lot about patience and tapping into wisdom "PASSED DOWN THROUGH THE AGESI ALSO ENJOYED READING ABOUT "down through the agesI also Hark! The Herald Angels Scream enjoyed reading about icons and frescoes and getting a taste for what life was like in a master artist s studio of the period Nonna s Book of Mysteries is historical fiction at its best I recommend it for mother daughter book clubs with girls aged 14 and up I highly recommend this book to anyone It is well researched in both art history and alchemy The plot has some wonderful plot twists and I think the main character is a good and strong role model for girls It is important to reinforce how far women have been able to advance withven basic rights Emilia has great skill and should be allowed to paint like any boy In Renaissance Italy 14 year old Emilia doesn t really fit the mold of the other girls her age While her father despairs of her ver marrying Emilia longs to paint and be recognized like the male artist of her time Emilia dresses like a boy just to get a chance to work under and learn from one of Italy s most revered talents But when an accident reveals Emilia s true identity she is fired and she is once again forced to face the fact that her dreams may be Unattainable Shortly After Another Shortly after another stumbles across Emilia and offers her an apprenticeship with no disguises necessary Emilia finds her way with the help of her unconventional and understanding mother and the aid of a century old family heirloom Nonna s Book of Mysteries is a coming of age story about a girl who defies convention at a time where there were very definite boundaries people women specially didn t cross We get to see Emilia make mistakes and ventually find the path she was destined for all along It s a fast paced young adult novel with an xciting glimpse of Renaissance Italy I think it is a novel most adults would Bidadari yang Mengembara enjoy as well Emilia and the other cast of charactersnrich the story and Red River Girl engage the reader This looks to be the first book in the series I would love to see what happens in the next book Cherise Everhard August 2010. Ici Well aware that Cosimo prizes ancient manuscripts above all Franco realizes Emilia's Manual would be invaluable to him in ways than one Infused with the mysticism of alchemy Nonna's Book of Mysteries is anxciting portrait of a young woman who defies convention to seek her destiny.

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