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Haracter was one of the only people I liked in the hole series the rest were just so annoying I at times didn t ven know it was suppose to hole series the rest were just so annoying I at times didn t ven know it was suppose to funny and thats another problem I had with this book the humor felt very forced and felt like it was mostly when max was getting in trouble which almost made me sad then want to laugh because "He Was Getting In " was getting in for dumb things and thats only at the school his home life is ven worse he has the worst parents ver who reword his psycho brother who can beat him up so much that he

Can T Breath And 
t breath and max gets in trouble for it and the mom doesn t do anything about it I could go on but I also want to talk about the ndings I don t think there was really one of the The Shadow Reader endings that I liked the fifth booksnding was actually the best of the Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies entire series and it wasn tven good not to ven speak of the nd of the series there was so much he could have done but no it The Power Of A Choice ended in one of the worst waysver I won t tell you just incase you decide to read them but let me just tell you they nd with a lot of unanswered uestions over all I did njoy reading them they were fast and max was a grate character but I found myself almost throwing it agents the wall because of how horrible the other characters were if you like rl stine you will then likely like this series I did like them but that doesn t mean they have some flaws. Sleep Max is desperate He’s going crazy But if he closes his yes it will mean the nd of them allCan Nicky and Tara keep Max awake long The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enough to banish InkweedDon’t close youryes Max.

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Rather than review this book I ll review the series as a whole Overall it was really good Unlike the Goosebumps books which are independent stories with no connections outside a few seuels Mostly Ghostly is an 8 book series It tells the story of a young boy named Max who is the only one who can see a brother and sister pair of ghosts who used to live in his home A normal kid is suddenly thrust into a world of ghosts ghouls demons and monsters The series is ntertaining It is a bit creepier than the original Goosebumps books and has a bit humor as well It also has the cliches that s we ve come to know and love specifically cliffhangers and bad PARENTS THE DOYLE PARENTS HAVE TO The Doyle parents have to the worst in the history of RL Stine books The father is a terrible bully and the mother is a completely oblivious moron Max is kind of dumb too Throughout The Books He Speaks To The Ghosts Even In the books he speaks to the ghosts ven in presence of other people After about the fifth time getting in trouble for adults thinking he s telling them to shut up when he s really speaking to the ghosts you d think he d get a clue But I guess not The ghosts are pretty dumb too They try to help Max in various tasks Partly because of Max s hesitance but also their own stupidity it usually "failsUnfortunately the series takes a giant hit with the last book The series is mostly about Max helping the " the series takes a giant hit with the last book The series is mostly about Max helping the find their parents In a terrifying pisode Inkweed the vil “Ghost of the Black Sleep” has inhabited Max The ghost has come to put Nicky and Tara to sleep foreverInkweed is waiting hoping for the moment whe. Nd determine how they became ghosts But in Don T CLOSE YOUR EYES A NEW GHOST INTRODUCED Close Your a new ghost is introduced the book is about Max trying to defeat him Then it nds No talk about the ghosts parents No resolution to how they became ghosts No answer to whether or not the parents were able to find a way to bring them back to life It just nds And as it has been 13 years since this book was published there probably never will be Too bad the library only has this book number 8 in the series It was a fun read and it seems as if the characters have had seven other adventures together before this one I d like to find the others Don t Close Your EyesThe book talk about a story of a boy The name is Max Max is in six grade In the story Max talk about his last tow days without sleeping and who the ghost got inside him The book go through these two days in detail The in the nd the book cover how Max got the ghost out of his bodyIn my opinion it really good book with a lot of details Some part of the book so boring but in general it s great Also I think it s good for children than adults but science I m trying to learn English and try to learn a new words it help me with that I highly recommend children and people to njoy reading this book It was a good book for younger kids but didn t have the same humor as his others I have mixed feelings about this book because max as a N Max falls asleep that’s when he can bring his crushing vil powers to life Nicky and Tara work frantically to keep Max awake But they’re running out of ideas and after a few days of no.
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Don't Close Your Eyes Mostly Ghostly #8