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BabyCakes Covers the ClassicsBread pancakes loosely based on her gingerbread pancake recipe and then wonder buns and hameantaschen Gluten free baking is a challenge The Ingredients Are Pretty Expensive ingredients are pretty expensive the end result s proximity to its non gluten free Euivalent Depends On What Kind Of Baked depends on what ind of baked you are going for For things like pancakes no sweat For anything that would normally be fluffy and yeasty well you re in for a challenge But still I d start here There is even an entire chapter on donuts In theory this is a great cookbook I want to make everything Erin has to offer me But in practice the ingredients are ridiculous only a specific ind of soy Powder Will Work Really And will work Really and results are never as good as when I visit BabycakesAfter the first cookbook came out I was talking to a girl at Babycakes in FL and she told me that McKenna had to alter the recipes for the book That the ingredients they use in the bakery cannot be bought by the average home cook So they made changes to get the recipes as close as they could Which means I ll never be able to replicate the cookie sandwiches I gladly overpay for in the bakerySo why bother Cannot wait to try the doughnuts Thank you Erin for making GF began baking so very doable I truly thought I could never make cookies decently again and had given up on them entirely Thanks to your cookie recipes not only can I make them again but I have confidence to step and and experiment with others I am an experienced cook and avid baker I found the schmaltzy intro to this book indeed to each recipe tiresome I felt like saying Give me the recipe already The recipes call for multiple ingredients some of which are not easily found and are uite expensive I had to hunt to find refined coconut oil and larger uantities of arrowroot as several of the recipes called for 14 cup of arrowrootI make it a rule to always follow a recipe to the letter the first time I make it then I tweek it to my taste I tried the Lace Cookies and produced something that was totally unlike the luscious photograph in the book Instead of the thin lacey cookie pictured Ents and easy substitutions BabyCakes Covers the Classics includes a section filled with Erin’s insightful solutions to freuently asked uestions which will lead you to newfound baking glory As for the goods themselves prepare for untold hours of refreshingly simple and undeniably delicious recipes adapted from the ones that sprinkled our collective childhoods They include Thin Mints Madeleines Chocolate Chip Waffles Snickerdoodles  S’s Hamentasch. Got a thicker cookie that was oily tasted doughy in the center My husband was disappointed and agreed that these cookies were not up to my usual standard I really don t feel inspired to try any of the other recipes For a gluten free vegan cookbook it s fantastic

not all the 
all the are winners the pancakes were horrible The plain cake donuts are light and fluffy are are full of flavor The texture is perfect for a donut The Snickerdoodles are amazing once I doubled the amount of applesauce in the recipe I generally don t use bean flours so I have swapped out the garbanzo and fava bean flour for sorghum flour with positive results I m excited to work through recipes in this bookShe does use a lot of agave nectar which has a strong taste and is very expensive I ve avoided her recipes that use large amounts of agave nectar as we don t care for the flavorI like that her recipes are not dependent on soy such as tofu We really like coconut oil and I m thrilled she uses it and canola oil instead of a packaged vegan margarine Overall a good cookbook The Classics include baked donuts cookies savory snacks gluten free vegan versions of commercial brands like Chips Ahoy Thin Mints and Nilla Wafers and traditional things like Hamentaschen Irish soda bread Rugalach and because this bakery is in NYC chocolate egg creamsIngredients include Bob s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free Baking Flour garbanzo fava bean flour brown rice flour coconut oil agave nectar vegan sugar potato starch arrowroot powder rice milk applesauce xanthan gum flax meal Recipes All have head notes most have a color photo none have storage advice Measurements are in US volume The difficulty level of each recipe is ranked on a scale of one to four cake slices with four slices being the hardest The pancake recipe By this point about 15 books in I am definitely seeing some overlap in most of these cookbooks but I did uit reading this one in most of these cookbooks but I did uit reading this one I got to the Caramelized Onion and Cheddar Cheese Crepes because I am heading to the itchen to give these bad boys a tryWill finish the book later grin. En Suare Pan Tomato Pizza Six Layer Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Preserves Banana Royale  Five variations of BabyCakes NYC’s famous donuts many BabyCakes Covers the Classics is filled with timeless sweet and savory temptations that vegans celiacs and the health minded can safely indulge in Erin shows people of all stripes how to take control of a vegan gluten free pantry and she proves that once you do there are no limitations to what you can bake.

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Feb 2012I m not gluten free although I am vegan and love trying new techniues in baking I honestly find gluten free baking a bit boring but I love tackling the nuances However the recipes I tried out of this book all ended poorly despite my following their instructions something I do not generally do and cannot help but wonder generally do and cannot help but wonder that was the problem I am confident in my baking skills and have no problem creating wonderful treats regularly so I have little doubt that the recipes were to blame The cinnamon buns rolls I cannot remember how they referred to them were especially horrid My cinnamon bun loving family could barely handle a bite I ll stick to my non GF but vegan sweet potato cinnamon bunsgosh they sound good about now I do hope that those in the GF community have success and enjoyment from the book I always say that while people think vegans have it hard GF individuals have it much worse I ve had MANY GF foods and well no thanks generally Wow Gluten free dairy free vegan recipes for DESSERTS O my o my Makes me want to run out and buy a lot of coconut oilmilk rice flour and xanthum gum Donuts seriously donuts that are baked not fried A Mounds like candy An ice cream cake AND they have a bakery in NYC LA and Orlando My beloved daughter Riley allergic to dairy and beef is going to NYC for a chorus trip next springwonder if they d let her go visit the bakery and indulge I do remember after stalking their website and FB page about Anne Hathaway having her wedding cake from there read it in People magazine Time to try some new recipes Babycakes books grow on me I finished just about every recipe in the first book so I was delighted to discover this one I love these recipes They are healthy enough and allergy friendly enough for me to eat But sugary and normal tasting enough for the family to like them For people who need to eat gluten free and vegan baked goods can be one of to eat gluten free and vegan baked goods can be one of greatest losses Thank goodness for the people at BabyCakes who have now written two vibrant cookbooks full of creative and satisfying recipes I made pumpkin ginger. For those with food sensitivities these desserts have remained a distant dream until now Following her widely adored debut cookbook with this delectable and extensive new collection Erin McKenna celebrated baker and proprietress of BabyCakes NYC in New York and Los Angeles satisfies all your food fantasies with fifty recipes for perennial favorites all created without gluten dairy eggs or refined sugarIn addition to its important primer on ey ingredi. .