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Helpful for anyone studying Danticat s works I love the way Munro started the introduction the use of the bookstore image to ask the uestion how would ou classify Danicat s work Where would ou put #It In The Bookstore And The Guide #in the bookstore And the guide go about answering that uestion in different ways I remain wary of the idea that Danticat or any writer for that matteris beyond classification It s simply not true although we may choose to ignore certain classificatons at times There is one sentence in
"the intro on "
intro on 4that really bothers me While this in between situation may be seen as a loss of identity for Danticat as for many other exiled authors it is also a kind of liberation in that she is free from many of the constraints and expectations that direct unambiguous attachments bring Munro himself acknowledges that Danticat does not consider herself to be an exile She can and does go home whenever she wants Having said that I really enjoyed the biography It was very well written and informative I don t have much to say on the chapter on Danticat and her Haitian precursors There was nothing I objected strongly to but nothing that wowed me either I really liked Mardorossian s chapter although it didn t really contain anything new I guess I just like her writing Danticat thus deliberately develops a poetics of location in which one s privileging of a particular and coherent cultural space does not hiner Relation but provides the very condition for it In this process of identification the opposition between nation and transnationalism dissolves to reveal the inextricable imbrication of the two p 47 Yes I wish critics would realize this I was wondering how Jean Charles would manage the African American chapter It seemed like the trickiest one to me I think she pulled it off well enough and I especially liked the last section of that chapter I have to say that Nesbitt s chapter really annoyed me For several reasons First this idea that the personal only appeared in Haitian literature starting with Marie Chauvet is kind of ridiculous I ve read Lahens argument and I don t find it all that convincing so it re. Offering an accessible guide for readers and critics alike this book is the first publication devoted entirely to Danticat's uniue and remarkable work It is also distinctive in that. Ally bothers me when people keep repeating it without any real uestioning And don t even get me started on the fact that it s somehow exclusive to women Big eye roll What really bothered me about this #chapter though was the heavy handed focus on the political Yes there is a political dimension to #though was the heavy handed focus on the political Yes there is a political dimension to s work but are we talking about literature or journalism here If this is supposed to be literary analysis I d like to see some ideas about the actual writing of the text Not Just How It Fits Into Global Politics I Think just how it fits into global politics I think s kind of insulting to the writer to only discuss the politics of her work Thank goodness for Kiera Vaclavik s chapter It was such a pleasure to read Really It made me happy in the way that straightforward solid literary analysis does And it reminded me that I really should read Danticat s fiction for ounger audiences especially since my daughter is reading anything she can get her hands on It ll be time to turn her on to Edwidge soon I did not enjoy the chapter on Breath Eyes Memory It really bothers me that the author chooses to write about rape as though it is all that matters in the book The story is definitely about that but is also about so much else Just an aside the footnotes in this section are completely screwy That was kind of distracting I enjoyed reading Chancy s chapter on The Farming of Bones Her writing was smart as usual and this is my favorite Danticat novel so far I was disappointed with the last part of the chapter though I *M NOT UITE SURE WHY I THINK I WAS *not uite sure why I think I was with the idealistic spin she tried to put on HaitiDR relations My favorite part of this chapter was the critiue of the whole history is over movement because the inhabitants of the former colonized nations are often forced to live in conditions that duplicate or mimic those of earlier centuries for them historyis not over but is frozen in constant replaly p 132I really liked Gallagher s chapter on The Dew Breaker especially the uestioning of genre and the exploration of the different sites of rupture in the work The translationsfor this book are not the best I did not love Conde s piece at. It addresses all of her published writing up to The Dew Breaker 2004 including her writing for children her travel writing her short fiction and her novelsThe book contains an exclus. All The constant references to Martinican literature and culture as a way to understand Danticat really annoyed me She says we belong to countries Aime Cesaire founding father of our literature p 163 Now I love me some Cesaire But there were so many Haitian writers before him How can he be the founding father of our literature Why is Madison Smart Bell described as an African American writer That really threw me and made me an African American writer That really threw me and made me He d probably like that I love love loved the interview Just loved it Overall a really good book I can t say it was amazing because if Self-hypnosis in 48 Hours you already read teach study Danticat I m not sure this will offer anything new but it was definitely enjoyable At first I was going to run back to the library okay drive and return it the minute I read the back cover and skimmed the chapters But after skimming and marking each chapter I came to realize how important this book is to the people involved with it I just finished it and am now reluctant to return it I can t say enough good things about it Ifou have never read any of Edwidfe Danticat s work I STRONGLY recommend reading this book before The Watchmakers Lady you do It will openour mind to her work in a way that those of us who have already read her work have been deprived of when her books appeared The marketing campaigns are always in such a rush to make dollars and could care less what makes sense to Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living you as the reader This book teachesou how to read her work that her voice is individual and is so much than a nationality an experience ou share or an identity I plan on sharing this with my book club #It Is Called Bookclubayiti I #is called bookclubayiti I intended for this ear to be a とんび year of cultural growth and inspiration because as my parents get older and the elders of my family leave this earth one by one I am left with a little less of my history I not only recommend this book ifou would like to know about this author but to meet other Haitian authors who are not marketed but have an eually important voice in the arts I also recommend this book if The Concubine you have already read books by Edwidge Danticat and findourself curious about what ou just read. Ive interview with Danticat in which she discusses her recent memoir Brother I'm Dying 2007 winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award It also includes an extensive bibliograph. ,