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The Forbidden Enchantment Frenchman’s Island #2

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Day pirate storyRead p on the author and found out that she had won the Daphne du Maurier Award twice Classic Waking Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers up after two hundred years in a body that is not yours is disconcerting Even disconcerting is finding a woman who is a dead ringer for your long dead fianc e She smells the same she tastes the same she responds to you the same only your reaction is much potentWell that s what happened to Captain Sullivan Fouuet when he opened his eyes in the hospital He learned from his best friend thatp ntil three months ago has been a ghost that the man Fire Chief Andre Sullivan who s body He Now Owned Was Actually now owned was actually and Sully was back to witness the two hundred year old curse come to an end by seeing the last descendant of Lord Henry Sullivan dieWell it won t Be Easy Since Elizabeth Hamilton The Woman That Looks Just easy since Elizabeth Hamilton the woman that looks just another Elizabeth the woman Sully loved with all his heart in his previous life was in town to convince Andre Sullivan to donate his bone marrow to her adopted brother CalebLord Henry Sullivan s last descendantAdd to it a crazy descendan. F just minutes after meeting him And that was before she suspected the mysterious man was really none other than Captain Sullivan Fouuet legendary eighteenth century pirate back from the dead and bent on vengeance But Sully is a man with a serious identity problem He has returned to his old haunts with only one goal to witness Frenchman s Creek book 2Her brother s fate hangs on a dead man s curseBut hers is boundby a dead man s loveCaptain Sullivan Sully Fouuet is a man with a serious identity crisis After being dead or so he thought for 200 years one day the infamous eighteenth century Cajun pirate wakes p in the twenty first century shocked to find he now occupies the battered body of fire chief Andre Sullivan Long ago Sully put a voudou curse on the murderous Lord John Sullivan and all his heirs Now he has been brought back to life to his heirs Now he has been brought back to life to the fulfillment of that curse and the demise of the entire Sullivan clanElizabeth Hamilton is A Woman On The Mission woman on the mission her life She has traveled a long way to find her adopted brother Caleb s last living male relative Andre Sullivan is Caleb s last hope for a normal life Determined to save her brother from leukemia she will do whatever it takes to get Andre Sullivan to donate bone marrow But can she give herself to a dead man What s can she love him excellent romance I loved the characters the plotting was well paced and interesting Modern. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Bruhns presents for your reading pleasure THE FORBIDDEN ENCHANTMENT book 2 in her exciting sexy contemporary romance duo with a hint of magical realism FRENCHMAN'S ISLAND  A passionate kiss was the last thing Elizabeth Hamilton expected to share with Magnolia Cove's fire chie.
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T of a pirate desperately wanting to learn a VOUDOU CURSE THAT WOULD MAKE HIM IMMORTAL SULLY S curse that would make him immortal Sully s wrenching reaction to Elizabeth his discovery that the other Elizabeth has probably betrayed him and the fact the new Elizabeth doesn t believe he truly is Captain Sullivan Fouuet and Sully is definitely in deep troubleI m all for ghost stories reincarnation voodoo and all other woo woo stuff but this story somehow wasn t my cup of tea The characters were too bland the pacing slow the story completely out there the villain didn t seem to know what he wantedBut what grated most of all was the fact the hero himself got on my nervesI simply couldn t stand the man And since I couldn t stand him I couldn t truly immerse myself in his story and his predicament He was mercurial obtuse vengeful which I liked but knew he wouldn t see it through and sometimes plain stupidI just wanted for the story to be over which with the whopping page count wasn t soon enoughDisappointing THE FORBIDDEN ENCHANTMENT is a suspenseromance novel I felt it had a good plot but moved a bit slowly. He completion of a centuries old voodoo curse pon his sworn enemy of old But when he begins to fall in love with Elizabeth the very woman he must hurt to begins to fall in love with Elizabeth the very woman he must hurt to his own family suddenly he begins To Uestion Everything He uestion everything he believed in Can Sully give p his chance for revengeand instead take his chance at the love of a lifetim. ,