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A Gentleman's HomecomingSecretly been in love with since she was 14 While Bobbie is pleased to see Luke Sam is not as he considers the late Mr Gardener to be the only father he has ver known and he is resentful towards Luke Luke faces the challenge of developing a relationship with an intelligent and gifted teenager and with Bobbie who has raised his son since toddlerhoodI really njoyed this book As a Love Inspired Historical it follows the standard romance formula which can asily get predictable Eually people read Love Inspired and other Harleuin novels because they want a happy Black Heart, Red Ruby ending without too much angst so predictability can be a positive What can get tiring is when a predictable plot is combined with an unoriginal setting resulting in a feeling of de ja vu These novels slipasily from the mindWhat raised this book above average for me was the original setting being 1888 London and the building of one of the first Underground train lines Ruth Axtell Morren has combined an obvious interest in the subject of civil ngineering with a great deal of research. E Luke's former sister in law Bobbie Gardner The kindhearted woman has been a mother to Sam for These Years And She years and she to help mend the breach between father and son But can Luke trust another Ga. To produce an xcellent

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with the original setting the icing on the cake This book is about family relationships abandonment love and forgiveness Engineering and women s rights also New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood enter into the plot The author does anxcellent job of showing the developing relationship between a father and son after many years apart and the romance that develops during the story is very satisfying What I like best about Ruth Morren s stories is that they are so uniue She incorporates historical occurrences that I find very interesting and She incorporates historical occurrences that I find very interesting and In this case how one of the first underground train lines came to be Also how difficult it was for a woman to Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey establish her ability as a civilngineer in a time when it was Considered A Man S Job And A Women S Place a man s job and a women s place in the home The romance between the hero and heroine comes across as very real and believable The conversation flow in all Ruth s books feels very natural and flows nicelyI highly recommend Ruth Axtell Morren as an author I ve not read anything by her yet that I haven t njoye. Rdner His wife betrayed and abandoned him and his father in law took his son away Bobbie must prove to him that she is not her sister or her father but a woman who is all that Luke could wish for in a wife. ,

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I love Ruth Axtell Morren s writing so I was agerly anticipating this book ven though I have a hard time believing the People Who Fall In Love who fall in love their dead spouse s sibling story line Not that I don t believe it happens it just is a little hard for me to accept Anyway The story didn t move as fast as I would ve liked but it was a story of a parent s love for a child and the sacrifices that are made rather than all about a love story There was depth to it than one might usually find in the shorter novels which was also nice I ve come to xpect that The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs element in her writing I m really glad there was anpilogue I Moreno enjoyed the brief glimpse of their future Roberta Bobbie Gardner is a 28 year old spinster the daughter of one of London s most respectedngineers She is also the mother of her nephew 13 year old Sam Travis as his mother her sister is dead and his father is working in America as an ngineer The story opens just after the death of Roberta s father and the arrival back in England of Luke Travis Bobbie s brother in law who she has. It's been six years since Luke has seen his native Englandand his son Sam But his hopes for a joyful reunion are shattered when he learns Sam wants nothing Sam But his hopes for a joyful reunion are shattered when he learns that Sam wants nothing do with him There's one ray of hop.