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Cattleman's ChoiceR fianc in a tragic set of circumstances way way before she mets the hero here so she does Not Want To Take A want to take a on loving again and thinks her love life is overThe hero sets about winning her and opening her eyes to who he is and what they could have togetherNow this book is a totally safe book Even when they are not together they are both faithful This is why I love DP the emotions are so strong it leaps off the pages I loved this book One of my fav If you like DP then this is a must read Mandelyn is a is a southern bell living in Arizona for the last eight years Carson her rough rancher neighbor has been in love with her for years but he knows he doesn t fit in her high society A tad paint by the numbers but Diana P gives us a besotted hero Finally Eight years besotted The rugged and rough and tumble H falls for the Southern bred lady h like the ton of bricks he is when he first sees her He likes them sassy as his Luh H U V is only cemented when she slaps him for cussing The h is the one the sheriff and other sundry concerned citizens call when he goes on a bender which is pretty often With one touch she gentles him and he goes his merry wayback to the ranch for a less than celibate lifeIt s been eight years and he has a proposition for her he wants her to be Henry Higgins to his Eliza Doolittle because he is in love with a mystery woman and wants to be better for her Who could it beHe is not a good learner because he fails his first lesson at being a gentleman at a crepe place Checking the pub date yep 1985 That the polyester pants and a tan and white checked sport coat gave that away I m wincing hereStandard DP fare hairy chest that he is than proud to show off frank sexual discussion on how natural sex is despite the that the #H Is A Virgin #is a virgin ranchand because he is besotted doesn t mean he can t be mean When he finds out why she s still a virgin he is not a nice guy but we have to forgive him as he actually wrote a song about her and can play the guitar What s not to love with a hairy chested guitar singing hero. Nd regularly indulged in barroom brawls No other woman dared approach him And even Mandelyn soon began to wonder whether a few lessons in manners could ever make a gentleman of an outlaw like Carson Wayne. A totally besotted beast The Hero is not ugly but #He Does Have Uite Beastly Manners And The Heroine Is #does have uite beastly manners and the heroine is uintessential proper southern belleIt was ust so sigh worthy how the Hero would do anything for her and even tried to change his manners to Squash Basics - How To Play Squash just so he could have a chance with herNice happy story sigh Wow a Diana Palmer I enjoyed colour me surprised Yes the hero did act like aerk but less of a erk than the usual Palmer books Also I loved that he had loved the heroine forever I liked it A wild savage cattleman with a prim proper lady The hero and the heroine knew each other for eight years He falls in love with her but thought he was not good for the heroine And you know what He was also celibate for all these years No OW But he can be mean There were lots of times when I wanted to punch him for being mean to the heroine But I forgive him a little cause he tried to change for his lady love We don t get to meet heroes every day who are willing do anything for the heroine He was so smitten with her that he even wrote a song for her The heroine was ok She was a strong independent women But she was caught in her past and that past actually created a great deal of misunderstanding between the hero and heroine Before reading a DP s book I checked at least two times cause her types of hero isn t my liking Although this hero was mean sometimes still he was a lot better than her other heroes Oh wow what a pleasant surprise This was ust plain fun I found myself laughing out loud in so many places I typically don myself laughing out loud in so many places I typically don read DP Her type of heroes Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic just don t appeal to me but this book was an exception Carson was great and the heroine was very strong If you love a besotted fool then this is the ticket A truly lovely and engaging story with such likable characters SPOILER FREE CAUSE YOU SHOULD READ THIS ONE WOW This was an amazing book The hero was so gone over the heroine it was amazing to read Even if the reader does not get his POV much you could tell how he felt about her That first kissman oh man One look and he was hooked The heroine who has lost he. Arn how to court a lady and the genteel Miss Bush was the only one eual to theob Who else would undertake the sentimental education of a confirmed bachelor who slurped his coffee ate peas on his knife

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Carson and Mandelyn I wanted to like this than I did Carson was great but Mandelyn was a self centered Anyhoo Carson calls her on it but still her BS drags 0N because she is well a coward Overall it was a role reversal story She is the asshat and he is the pining fool Not my cup of tea I guessA red neck falling for the debutante story But it kinda fell flat for me Mostly because they have know each other for 8 wasted years and Mandelyn has not once thought of him THAT way I felt so bad for him so fall for such a cold fish I think if she had any fall for such a cold fish I think if she had any to him before then the story would have been much betterShe moves to their small Texan town from Charleston after her fiance dies She is only 18 but she has been holding a torch for the teenage kid ever since despite his being dead Eight years Carson s been in love with her and finally decides to make a play despite he Cattlemans Choice is the story of Mandelyn and CarsonTwo neighbors live on ranches side by side polar opposites While Carson is wild and free Mandelyn is prim and proper But when Carson gets into brawls only #Mandelyn Calms HimSoon Carson # calms himSoon Carson Mandelyn to teach him how to be a gentleman to woo someone he greatly cares for and our story beginsA non typical DP book with all her classic elements hairy cowboys sweet innocent heroine a past which makes one of them wary hidden attraction sweet kisses ealousy involving other peopleBut mixed with this we had the sweet plot of a hero head over heels over the heroine a heroine who realizes her feelings and a sweet reverse seduction with surprising ending Also glad minor #characters got their HEASafe355 I liked both protagonists and the story overall Hero cracked me up #got their HEASafe355 I liked both protagonists and the story overall Hero cracked me up his deliberate rudeness at the view spoileroperaballet Sorry I don t have the book any so I can t doublecheck Anyway he was Well my first Diana Palmer and I did like it I must confess that I ve been avoiding reading her books because from the reviews I know her Heroes can be such erks towards the heroines This one was uite sweet It s a beauty and the beast story with. THE OUTLAW AND THE DEBUTANTEWhen Carson Wayne approached Miss Mandelyn Bush of Charleston with his outlandish proposal it was My Fair Lady in reverse The ornery reclusive cattleman claimed he wanted to le.