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Lize that I already own this book for almost a ear LOL Not exactly my favorite though mostly because Dane s kind of asshole But then again it s Diana Palmer Still enjoyed it This is one of my favorite Diana Palmer stories I have read pretty much everything she has written for the past 30 ears and a few of them are favorites this is one of them Maybe it s the nostalgia for me as I read it a long time ago and during a time of

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life when this of mindless entertainment was crucial for my sanity I still love this story all these ears later I think I have read it at least a dozen times over the past decadesAnyway I love cowboy stories and I love them with a little spice or a lot of spice to them This one is mildly spicy lots of sweet and a good entertaining read Allison GeneBoth Allison and Gene are recovering from different traumas when they meet The H is the typical womanizer and the h a inexperienced virgin But this book is a sweet and sexy love story with a Hot alpha male and a typical sweet virginal h I Really Like Allison Because really like Allison because can see and understand the pain tha Gene is carrying with him And a love his shock when he realizes he seduced a innocent missionary The love scenes were so tender but passionate and steamy Highly recommended. Ason not to give in to his every desire And the minute he saw Allison he wanted her But underneath their explosive passion Allison and Gene found comfort in each other's wounded souls And a chance to start ov. ,

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H of her parents Both of these characters have baggage and secrets they are carrying Unfortunately the story never really got involved with the "characters all it was was sex and lust "All it was was sex and lust didn t like either of the main characters at all Gene was a narcissistic egotistical self centered man He thought he was the answer to every women s prayers and fantasies Allison tried to come off as prim and proper but was nothing but a tease I enjoy spicy romance novels but this had NO romance at all I am surprised I even finished it I wouldn t have even given it 1 star but I had to Just atrocious Allison comes to visit her friend Winnie after the deaths of Allison s parents in Central America She keeps her secrets while getting Gene Winnie s soon to be brother in law to open up He has a reputation as a love em and leave em kind of guy but he s different with Allison and he does not know why I enjoyed this story I like that both Allison s and Gene s thoughts are given I liked both of them and there are of course villains that are hateful but it is their villainy that bring Allison and Gene together Diana Palmer is one of my favorite authors This was a good one 35 stars I prefer reading virgin heroines but hypocrisy of H annoyed the hell out of me Well I didn t rea. N didn't know what to do or who to beShe had that in common with rea. N didn't know what to do or who to beShe had that in common with Nelson After the rancher found out the truth about his father he'd realized his whole life was a lie He'd gone a little wild and saw no re. ,
Sweet and sexy love story Hero was hot and heroine our typical innocent DP heroine who is seduced by the sexy alpha hero Love scenes were passionate and steamy for a DP book review to come exams getting the wayThe lame Ness Is Getting On My NervesAlso Not is getting on my nervesAlso not DP s best booksI think I m just not in a DP mood nowadays xD Nelson s Brand is the story of Nelson and OliviaA different type of Diana Palmer book this one has the typical innocent heroine jaded hero mixed in with a hero having a playboy lifestyle both recovering from recent traumas and es actually doing itThere are funny uips hairy chests mild angst and actual sexy lovemakingI actually really liked the story the leads were archaic but really sweet and the secondary characters likableWonderful readSafe455 I usually like this authors books but this was boring boring boring It literally had no plot what so ever Gene Nelson discovers the man he always thought was his father isn t A letter is left after his death disclosing the truth Gene flips out and goes on a self destruction rampage of booze women fighting and going against his family that was always there for him Allison Hathoway is staying with her best friend Winnie who is engaged to Gene s step brother Dwight after the tragic deat. Can he get past betrayalAllison Hathoway's life was about healing And she was good at it Or had Been Good At It good at it the tragedy in South America Now she couldn't even fix herself She didn't know how to go .

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