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TManon s POV scares me Besides Abraxos because who oesn t love Abraxos She is Passed on: African American Mourning Stories: A Memorial (A John Hope Franklin Center Book) dark and wicked and infuriatingly loyal to that wretched grandmother of hers I know she s redeemable but for a good chunk of the book I was hoping Asterin would just overthrow her and become the new heir assuming that s how it works Which it probablyoesn t BUT Manon has some feels going on that she s not even aware of and I think in this next book she will most IELTS Academic Writing definitely have to make a choice of which side she is on It very well could ve happened in this book but we have no resolution where this is concerned And that scene with Aelin on the edge of your seat stuff right there I m not sure how I feel about some illusions of her character but I m not completely against her playing an even bigger role in the last two booksI m not even going to spend time on Arobynn because I hate him But some of the other characters I loved Calaena has been surrounded by a troupe of men for far too long and it s about time the women came out to play and theyid not IELTS Writing Section - How To Achieve A Target 8 Score disappoint Lysandra wow Love her So much to her character than meets the eye and her and Aelin s relationship was refreshing Nesryn even though weon t get anything from her perspective is also a pretty bad chick and helping Chaol with the rebels It s safe to say unless you re in enial you will know why she s there from the get go And lastly Elide Lady Marion s aughter is brought into the picture and hanging with the witches no less Very much excited about what role she will be playing in the future She s got some surprises in store I thinkFor the most part the book felt like long build ups Part one was a build up and it was resolved Part two also felt like a build up and it wasn t as cleanly resolved as the first I still have some lingering uestions about that Prepare yourselves for part two Big time game changer coming your wayAllI can say is that if you truly love this series and I mean Windows PowerShell in Action disregard the romances and all that and are in love with the story this book will notisappointSome spoilers aheadI m going to rant just for a sec I keep seeing some low to mid reviews on this book and they all have one thing in common Chaol Westfall I know people shipped Calaena and Chaol really hard but being this The Literature of Africa and African Continuum distraught over theownfall of their romantic relationship I've Got This Friend Who What You Can Do If You Think You or Your Friend Has A Serious Problem Advice for Teens on Alcohol Drugs Depression Eating Disorders and More does aisservice to this series And I can say that because I am completely Team Dorian and have had to put up with Chaol from Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes day on Not to mention Sorscha from HoF Was not a fan of that little surprise Never once have I given these books bad reviews simply because things weren t happening the way I wanted them to If the romance aspect is your biggest concern go read romance novels The growth and maturity of the characters is wonderful and I m glad that Maas is not scared to kill off characters we love or sever relationships if it means progressing the story to where it needs to go I m completely okay with theirection Aelin and Rowan are headed because they work Even if in my heart of hearts I had this small hope of King Dorian and ueen Aelin falling love yada yada yada Rowan is the Aliens Genocide Aliens dude and I m okay with that So if all you re going too is get on here and rant about I want the old Calaena back Maas completely ruined Chaol s character These books are too long Guess what Go read another series Or some watered Signs and Symbols: African Images in African-American Quilts down YA novel where everything works out just as it should in the endThese books are gold Sarah Maas is a genius And you can t convince me otherwise If you loved the first two booksdon t buy this SPOILERS Celaena who before was arrogant but still sweet and charming is replaced by Aelin who is mean and selfish Every man adores her she wins ALL fights no matter how small Chaol one of my favorite everyman YA heroes transforms into a brittle jerk who stomps around in the sewers And yet he is still the only person who ever called Celaena out on her shit Why is his character so brutally assassinated in this book To make Rowan seem attractive IMO Rowan needs all the help he can get Wow I m super excited to read about yet ANOTHERude who s hundreds of years old stalking a girl who s twenty or less and possessively Person in the Memory drooling all over her and undercutting her independence But he looks young so its OKBut than plot itself is the poor writing Maas obviously changed her mind about the original romanceshe used all sorts of endgame language with Chaol in book 2 but abruptly changes to Rowan in this book even though there was no hint of sexualesire with Rowan before I was expecting some kind of explanation and resolution to the Chaol relationship butnope But he oesn t accept her for who she is any for some reason so its OK And Dorian who was Celaena s heart when Chaol for some reason so its OK And

dorian who was 
who was s heart when Chaol her conscience Let s just bump off zombie boy without bothering to try to save him Oh waitmaybe he is still in there after all My bad Let s just retcon a love interest for Chaol and talk about Rowan s 300 year old wand THE END The amount of beheading killing and gore escribed oh so casually in this book is one reason I ended up skimming the entire second half The overweaning overconfidence of characters that they can engage in fights and not be seriously injured got boring after a while The one third of the book not having to Literature and Dictatorship in Africa and Latin America 1958-1987 do with fighting following or crawling through the sewer tunnels involved actualialog in which our protagonists live in apparent relaxed safety under the noses of the evil regime that is their enemy She can write engaging ialog I ll give her that and it almost makes the characters interesting enough to offset the ridiculousness of the actual plot But not uite It s an enormously complicated political scene Yawn I wanted to like it I notice the local library has classified most or all of Sarah J Maas books a Young Adult which I also find bizarre given how violent the action is But then all the best fantasy and sci fi is now YA which I find mildly insulting What is wrong with us older folks liking a good fantasy On a scale of 1 worst to 10 best I rank this one maybe 45. Her assassin's hood and raw on her mortal strength as Celaena to prevent the King of Adarlan from tearing her world apart Only then can she fight for her people Readers will be held rapt as Celaena's story builds to an agonising crescendo packed with heart pounding action and swoon worthy romance. .

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 Queen of ShadowsAHHHHH I loved itI Agricultural Science for CSEC Examinations don t even know what to say this book 4 in the series and it still tends to be epic if anything the series is getting better I love Aelin and Rowan they are cute and lovely together and can not wait to see what happens with them next Iidn t like Chaol so much in this book but by the end of it he had redeemed himselfI can not wait to get started on Empire of Storms I want to finish this series so bad but I also Alphas Abused Mate don t because then it will be over and I have to say goodbye to some of these characters that I love so muchHappy reading It was likeying a little every ay It was like being alive too It was joy so complete it was pain It estroyed me and unmade me and forged me I hated it because I knew I couldn t escape it and I knew it would forever change mewow wow wow Why Climate Smart Agriculture (Natural Resource Management and Policy Book 52) did I wait so long to start oS I was sucked into this from the beginning and itidn t let go till the very endI m starting Empire Of Storms right now I can t wait to see what happens to Aelin and her court Also I m completely in love with Manon Dorian Shipping these two hard Surprise character that I really enjoyed was Elide I m super intrigued to see what her lays ahead for her This was such a amazing book I loved it so much We have reunions basses fighting scenes and a beautiful climax to some amazing plot points and characters that it was just a beautiful read I love how badass this is and I can t wait for the next one in the seriesCharacter growth in many areas hints of the future and the shadows of the last coming to the fore front I think this book was all about why they main characters act the way they Academic Body do and I can t wait to hear about the threat as the booksevelop Awsome This is and always will be my favourite book in this seriesSo many surprises along the way twists and turns I never would have seen coming and OMG Aelin is so sneaky and clever she has me snickering throughout I love how our new and old Characters weave together in this book and we can start to see how each separate story is linked very cleverly to the wholeIn the previous book I m not keen on Manon I read the scenes but I honestly wanted to skip them on the first read because I just wasn t invested in her yet I Saint Germain On Alchemy didn t see the point in suddenly throwing in people and societies just for the same of it and yet by the middle of this book I ADORE her and her ThirteenNothing about this book goes how I expected in all the best ways and there s SO MUCH I want to say but howo I Chasing the Red Queen do that without giving none stop spoilers I can t because the changes ofirection and twists and turns at every other chapter are EXACTLY why I love this bookIt changes scenario and surprises at every turn and it s so much FUN with so much excitement Various characters connect secrets are found out repayment for past behaviours start to be visible and the plots get Haylee deeper and shockingI want to say SO MUCH about each of the Characters in this one and why I LOVE to hate certain peoples butthead ways I want to rave and chatter aboutecisions made and oh so sneaky scenarios but I would literally o nothing but tell you what was going to Happen In Some Cases Even In some cases even about the characters in relation to one another would be a spoiler ARGHThere are CRAZY amounts of things that happen that I want to chatter about SO many things that I want to say What I will say is that in true Maas fashion she makes you mad makes you happy makes you want to cry and makes you want to whoop for joy and of course has those moments that are hear wrenchingly beautiful alongside ones that make you cackle in elight at the wicked humourIn most cases I would rave about the oh so clever and oh so wonderful ending scenes and BOY o I want to but with Maas it s the entire bookAnd I can t say anything specific without ruining the OH so many WAIT what What I WILL say is that you have read the previous books you re going to absolutely LOVE this one ueen of Shadows is as blood thirsty as it s murderous characters I can t get enough of the world Maas has created This story is full of truly bad ass women with chinks in their armour but an unswerving #Ability To Be Kick Ass #to be kick ass wouldn t mess with Manon if my Wyvern epended on itTold in parts as with the previous book ueen of Shadows shows us what each of our team are up to Manon and the thirteen are up to nastiness of course Am I the only one absolutely in love with Wyverns by the way I know they re supposed to be all evil and whatever but seriously they are adorable Fierce But adorable Maas 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 does such a good job ofemonstrating characters who are strong and o not yield but who still have flashes of good natured humanity and this makes them perfectly imperfect to read about The flawed complex of good natured humanity and this makes them perfectly imperfect to read about The flawed complex and Wyverns are the most fun to read about and I can t wait for Manon to take a larger role in the next book it feels like her story is just getting startedThis story shows Aelin Or Celaena epending on your preference I guess as she sets out into a trap She must rescue her cousin Karen vs Alien despite knowing the King has baited her with him and she has threeays to Gendered Citizenships do so before he is beheaded Which might not seem as bad as wearing one of those grim life sucking soulestroying collars like Prince Dorian has I mean he has the worst Dad in the world right Who Alien Disclosure at Area 51 does that But still missing a head sucks So Aelin needs help And unfortunately that means she needs Arobynn Hamel her former Master and number one guy she wants to rip apart piece by piece Sheoes have a flair for the Singing the Law dramatics after all But bargaining with the King of being a massive two faced jerk isn t as simple as you might think Especially when your initial mission was to murder him and the King rescue his son Oh and save your Kingdom too Who am kidding You re four bookseep in this story You know the Alchemic drillI found as with the previous books that I really enjoyed reading about the secondary characters and the history as much as I liked reading about Aelin interacting with them especially when they tied in to some of the back stories and novella. Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her Now she returns to the empire to confront the shadows of her past The fourth breathtaking instalment in the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series Bloodthirsty for revenge on the two men responsible forestroying her life and We Sell Drugs des. S as some of the new characters in this booko The world building and characterisation are so rich that I get instantly invested in them especially the slightly broken intricate characters Chaol was chief example of a slightly broken character who I loved previously poor guy but actually in this book he seemed less like Chaol and like he was the Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ dude wearing the collar and sunk into the background a bit his characterevelopment changed in a Literature of Africa dark way and I m not sure I liked it Maybe it s to help us adjust to the Rowan situation which I liked but his bitterness and inability to see the bigger picture was a bit too much for me sometimes I m all for a complex grieving or challenging character but thisidn t work for me after he had been such a logical character previously Although his bromance with Dorian made up for thatThis story so far has only improved for me becoming Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change detailed and complex the further CelaenaAelin goes Each character has a uniue bond with her and with each other and this is often lost in YA books rather the romance aspect just takes over I ve found this to be a refreshing change to be honest it s incredibly rare for me to become attached to so many characters and that speaks volumes for the writing Whilst there are flashes of romance it neveretracted from the story and I much preferred this approach although I fully expect the next book to be a bit full on The plot remained action packed and had plenty to keep me intrigued I m looking forward to seeing how this is going to come together and to seeing Aelin rip her enemies a new face Well holy cow I Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature don t even know where to startThis book This series These characters THIS AUTHORWe are in full on ueen mode in ueen of Shadows obviously Hence the title Calaena shows up some for the sake of appearances but she has completely accepted her heritage and now goes by Aelin She s still the intense no nonsense scary as heck chick we ve all grown to know and love but there s tons to her character that we only got a glimpse of in Heir of Fire She s ready to go and taking names Like literally taking names as she crosses the ocean back to Adarlan Her cockiness andownright meanness in the first two books really rubbed me the wrong way at times You can t help but to be Rebuilding drawn to her character but the things she said andid were Intro to Alien Invasion disturbing to say the least And she still has that fire but there is so muchepth to her now that she has accepted who she truly is and in the process is opening her heart again to the people she loves instead of shutting them out and running off of pure rage Her complexity makes her one of the best female protagonists I ve ever readWe start out back in Rifthold and at this point everything is up in the air We know why she s there and who she s after but how she s going to go about Therapy of Love doing this is anyone s guess I will say this A LOT gets resolved in this book Granted there are plenty of other monumental surprises that step into take their place but I was surprised by how many plot lines got tied up I was expecting two for sure but the third one threw me for a complete loop If anyone says they predicted that to happen they are a liar And my goodness these last two books are going to beownright scary I was on pins and needles the entire time You thought present Erilea was bad it s about to get wayyyy worseAnd as for the book being 650 pages Why are people upset about this I say the the betterNow onto the other characters because there are uite a few POVs in this bookI ve always been partial to Dorian so being in his POV was absolute torture The ending of HoF about sent me over the edge and I idn t even want to think about what what was going to happen in this book I was a nervous wreck And then PAGE ONE happens Like literally as soon as I open the book there it is Chapter One Pretty sure my Heart Dropped Into My Stomach And Then Every Time We dropped into my stomach And then every time we back in his POV after that I id not handle it well I hate Valg Museum Activism demonsAnd while I ve never particularly liked Chaol s character I know I m in the minority here he sort of takes on a whole new persona in oS Maybe it s the fact of what all he s given up and how he sees the world changing that makes him into the person he s become He s always seemed to me like a guy who is scared of change and has an incredible ability to pick and choose which parts of people to accept And I m not just talking about Aelin but also the king and Dorian He sees only what he wants to see and if heoesn t understand it or like it he just shuts it out completely He Narcissistic Mothers doesn t like magic He s scared of it He s also very scared of what will happen if people with magic have free reign again We ve known this since Crown of Midnight so I m not sure why his continuingislike of it surprises anyone Chao is not going to be the same person he s been for the first dislike of it surprises anyone Chao is not going to be the same person he s been for the first books His life has completely change so while his character is infuriating to me at times he s still a vital part of this story and I Falling For A Kingpin don tislike him His character by the end of this book grows leaps and bounds and I was glad to see it happenNow for Rowan Ah Rowan I still on #t know how Sarah Maas id it She gave us Dorian and Chaol in the first two books and #know how Sarah Maas id it She gave us Dorian and Chaol in the first two books and was on their respective team Then in one book ONE BOOK she made me toss all my loyalties aside fall in love with Rowan s character How anyone can not like him is beyond me He s like the male version of Aelin and the interaction between those two are some of the best ialogue of the book and they just work very well together With his character showing up in Rifthold you see him having to adjust to life without magic And as the bond between them grows you see Best African American Essays 2010 different softer sides of the Fae warrior I love himWeidn t get too much from Aedion in this book apart from the first few chapters as he awaits his execution His reunion with Aelin was everything I thought it would be I ain t ashamed to say I may have teared up a bit They are the only bit of family each other has left and they totally had their moment It was perfec. Perate to find out if the prince and his captain are safe Celaena returns to Rifthold the seat of so much evil She has accepted her identity as Aelin Galathynius ueen of Terrasen But before she can reclaim her throne there are Navigating The Seven Seas dark truths to learn andebts to be paid Aelin must stay hidden beneath.