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Chainbreaker (Timekeeper)

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By how her involvement in the plot petered out towards the end of the story It s a shame that she didn t get involved in the climax as it felt a bit like she ran out of things to do in the novel s final actAll in all this series is on the p While the cliffhanger in particular did frustrate me "I LOVED HOW THIS STORY DEVELOPED THE CONCEPTS AND "loved how this story developed the concepts and introduced in Timekeeper I m very excited to see how this series concludes The book is set a few months after Timekeeper and we see Danny our main character settled in with his life living happily with his clock spirit boyfriend and trying to mend his bond with his parentsSadly we need conflict to have a book so things happensClock towers are attacked in India but time hasn t stopped as it s supposed toObviously because he is a hero and he can t catch a break our boy is sent here along with his fellow clock mechanic Daphne who is part IndianThe story is captivating and the writing will make you fly through the bookAlso I m in love with the cover This is the 2nd book in the Timekeeper trilogy This was an amazing continuation of this series I really enjoy this world the characters and Sim s writing styleThis is a very creative world where time is run by clock towers Danny is trying to help solve the mystery of who is destroying the clock towers because when the clock towers are destroyed time typically stops This time clock towers are being destroyed in India and for some reason time doesn t stop when the clock towers fall Danny is sent to investigate Daphne ends Knights of the Hill Country up going with him this time to aid in the investigationThere is some adventure intrigue and romance in here It s blended together in a way that makes for fast paced compelling story and I have been absolutely loving it This is another one of those books where I really enjoy reading about all the characters so I don t mind when we switch POVs A lot happens in this book and I thought the tie in with the old gods of time was very intriguingI also really enjoy Sim s writing style it s very easy to read and pulls me right into the story The writing flows well and does a good job making the world really come aliveOverall this was an amazing continuation of the Timekeeper series I am loving this series so much I love theniue world the adventure and the characters I would recommend to those who enjoy steampunk adventuremystery reads with a bit of romance This book was totally worth the wait I cannot even begin to explain how much I love Colton and Danny They have grown so much since the first book In fact there is a whole lot of character development in this book I love how much Daphne is given so much spotlight She has become my favourite female character beside Cassie it s so good to have her become so much I feel THAT THE PLOT HAS BECOME A the plot has become a darker then the first book I was not expecting those plot twists and my heart hurts so much for these characters I just want them to be happy I cannot wait for book 3 I m shaking in anticipation Though suffering a few minor plot conveniences CHAINBREAKER is a vast improvement over its predecessor with high stakes great cast epic action and a sizzling climactic ending Better writing developed characters and deepened lore all make this a fantastic readLooking forward to FIRESTARTER Received an eARC This one was missing the relationship element that made the first book so strong I ll probably read the third book when it drops in pric Okay first I love the adventureHoly sht the adventureNext I love the HUGE character developments And I can t say about that without my will power crumbling down sooo I ll stop there before I start screaming out pure smoldering spoilersBut Please Please Know that the feels were oh so very realI also need to mention how well this book builds A House Built out of Stone up the feeling ofrgency That s not easy to do and I have to acknowledge the fact that this writer had me right nder their thumb I can t tell you how many times I had to force myself to slow downAnd now of G with his father and exploring his relationship with Colton he'd have some time to settle into his new life Instead hes asked to investigate the attacksAfter inspecting some of the fallen Indian towers he. I have been waiting forever for this book and it was worth the wait Now I have to start waiting all over again for the next one I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves books with a little romance but mostly action Reasons to Love Colonial Indian setting Foreign clock towers Expansion of the time based magic system New romantic sub plot New friendships Characters Colton and Daphne are added to the list of main characters in this book and the multiple POVs are handled well We also get a whole host of new characters and the Indian representation is on point The new friendships and relationships add interesting angles and complexity to the overarching plot Plot The plot and world building are both expanded pon in wonderful new tangents in the seuel The story has a lot of elements and isn t as tight knit as that of Timekeeper s which disappointed me The setting of Colonial era India is presented with all its intricacies and the author does not shy away from showing the brewing tension and gliness of that time period Writing The writing does show improvement with the pacing issues from the first book fixed in this one Colonial India is a tricky setting because of the layers of nuance that is needed to accurately portray it but Tara Sim manages it ite well I found only one portion towards the end iffy when there was a British vs Indian conflict which could have been avoided by a few plot alterations Verdict CHAINBREAKER is a solid book in the exciting YA fantasy series TIMEKEEPER However the story suffers a little from poor plotting and wasn t as enjoyable as the first book I will definitely get to the third book soon to know how the series wraps No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns, up as the overarching plot isite promising I thought that Chainbreaker really built on the foundations laid out by Timebreaker taking its wonderful concept and layering on the mythology through Colton s increasingly relevant dreams The plot this Time Feels A Lot Grander Ambitiously Widening The Scope Of feels a lot grander ambitiously widening the scope of tale The setting is no longer focused on a small English town but instead Thin Blue Smoke uickly relocates to India It is here that the terrorist acts take on a new scope as tensions rise between the Indian people and occupying British forcesThe most fascinating thing about Chainbreaker is that it is a novel about shades of grey While a character early on emphasises the importance of putting the needs of the many first Dannyickly realises that life is rarely this simple It s one of those stories where villains are not necessary evil people Sometimes they re just normal folks who are pressed to make difficult choices And I personally found this to be tterly compellingHowever the book still felt to be a little slow moving and simplistic on the whole While there were some twists in the tale I was disappointed to find that some of these were a little too well signposted to be fully surprising While the book was never boring and kept my attention throughout it did seem to be lacking in action at times It wasn t ntil the final 20% that the plot really picked Restoration up pace and becametterly compelling but then it ended on a rather abrupt cliffhanger that left many plot threads hangingIn terms of character the book is still really strong While it has a huge secondary cast it only really focused on a handful of core characters Danny and Colton s love is still central to the story and as sweet as ever While the two are separated for a large portion of this novel which could disappoint fans of their romance from last time this did give ample opportunity to explore each of them individually Personally I thought that this was a great idea as it particularly allowed Colton to stand on his own and revealed a lot of his backstoryI was also pleased that Daphne got a lot to do in this book Her plot is largely centred around discovering about her heritage as she builds a firm relationship with Indian pilot Akash I was really glad that she finally got fleshed out but I was disappointed. Clock mechanic Danny Hart knows hes being watched But by whom or what remains a mystery To make matters worse clock towers have begun falling in India though time hasnt Stopped yet He'd hoped after reunitin. Ourse I have to mention the FEELS once becauseUgghhhhhhhhhhSht got realLastly but most importantly I need to hail glory to the love story Because yes That got realLastly but most importantly I need to hail glory to the love story Because yes That really what we all came for isn t itI would proudly be the first to point out that this series is going to be The Vanished (Roswell High, up there nestled right in between The Clockwork Angel Series by CC and Carry On by RR because honestly if those books were to get together and adopt a child it would be The Timekeeper Trilogy I know hands down this book will eventually get a movieNow the only warning I d have to give is that this book isnbelievably addictive I ended up reading it in one go and one of the last chapters had reading it in one go and one of the last chapters had line or two that made me a self proclaimed cheesy romance book lover roll her eyes And the feels got waaay realIn conclusion Every second I spent reading this and the last book over and over was soooo absolutely worth it and I will enjoy every dark crevice of my agony whilst I await the next book For a moment time frozeJust two boys so close and so distantWith Tara Sim s Chainbreaker the Timekeeper series seems to explode outward like the birth of a new galaxy acuiring greater mass gravity and dimension but above all an inner light In the process these books acuire another rare 120 Jobs That Wont Chain You to Your Desk uality They are beautifulNot just beautifully written They don t just have beautiful passages From beginning to end from their formal literaryalities to their emergent aesthetic and emotional resonance they are beautifulThe first book in the series introduces clock mechanic Danny Hart who can repair tears in "time s fabric and Colton the mysterious spirit of the Enfield clock tower in a story that allows the boys love "s fabric and Colton the mysterious spirit of the Enfield clock tower in a story that allows the boys love take root and blossom But Timekeeper hints at threats that become menacing and tragic in this second book of the trilogyIn part Chainbreaker s beauty comes from its precision with the pacing internal structure and timbre of the writing all perfectly synchronized like the inner mechanisms of a watch appropriate given the trilogy s theme but no less astonishing Its beauty also arises from its inventiveness not only in its originality but also from the way Sim s secondary fictional world interweaves with the real one Set in an alt Victorian Britain and India the weft of history and the warp of the author s imagination lock tightly together to create an enchantment all its ownThe author intersects the real story of the Enfield rifle the British East India Company and the ruthlessness of the British Raj with her vaguely steampunk alternate reality where the flow of time is a carefully managed potentially lethal commodity Thus Danny and Colton are joined by Daphne a fiercely independent woman who like the author is of Indian English descent Together they investigate the destruction of India s clock towers which are the edifices Taken by the Pterodactyl (Dinosaur Erotica) used to manage time They soon find themselves at the mercy of barely glimpsed conspiracies connected to a new wave of resistance to the BritishWe meet and come to care for new secondary characters in this book which makes the throbbing menace and the knife point tragedy in the story so difficult to bearBut the beauty of this series isn t just formal and inventive it s also to be found in the exuisite balance the author brings to the work The intensityality and amount of each component part of the book is judiciously weighed in consideration of every other part with each emotion mood or situation given the space it needs yet still working in concert with the whole It s the way the author orchestrates these many voices that adds depth and endurance to the beauty of the workI m about to launch into Firestarter the last book of the series if I can stop gripping the arms of my favorite easy chair long enough to open itSo I ll end with one The Four Faces of God uote from ChainbreakerHere at last hope began to well within her like a moth emerging after a storm A whisper against the cold a flutter of white amid the gray It was neither beautiful norgly it was the truth of living things. Realizes the British occupation may be sparking than just attacks And as Danny and Colton nravel secrets about their past they find themselves on a dark and dangerous pathone from which they may never retu.