Ebook or PDF Stuffed and Stretched: Graces Rear Training (Five Story Box Set)

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second stor of hot and steamy ideas for some fun bed room fun and much Hope you enjoy the book. Nd Tyrone said she room fun and much Hope you enjoy the book. Nd Tyrone said she sleep with a white boy just once But when her man of choice is Michael a hottie she's crushed on for years she uickly finds that she can't et enough of himShe agrees to be his submissive and that means doing anything Michael wants The he controls her the addicted she becomes If she's not careful she just might fall in love What will her husband thinkShe Wants Him White #3Stella's lust for Michael the best Dom in town has rown out of control He's all she can think of even though she's still married to her husband TyroneWhen Tyrone tries to Set Up A Threesome With His Friend up a threesome with his friend finds a way to take his place Tonight two sexy men will have her one black and one white This is her ultimate fantasy come to life. Stuffed and Stretched: Graces Rear Training (Five Story Box Set)Ywhere close to 5 stories as ADVERTISED WAS TWO VERY STORIES Was two very short stories first had two chapters and the second has three The first half of second Ue brought her exuisite pleasure and now she wants to return the favorPenetrating his backdoor looks like fun but will he ever let her into his exit The best time to find out she decides is the night of Noah's birthday beach trip These two lovers learn that it's just as fun to ive as it is to receiveShe Wants Him White #1Stella is married to a nice black man but all she wants is a sexy white Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work guy of her very own When her husband Tyroneives her permission to experiment she eagerly begins the hunt for the lover she's always dreamed ofHer search leads "Her To A Secret BDSM Club And "to a secret BDSM club and pale skinned Dom named Mister X He'll ive her pleasure like she's never known but first she must submit to his commandsShe Wants Him White #2Stella's husba.

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Good short stories about women wanting to be satisfied and the
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ways they their satisfaction Easy to read Get it off my computer Not an. Want it up the butt You ot it This box set contains both Stretched titles featuring a wife's first foray into backdoor play Also includes three bonus stories Check out the Look Inside for it's too hot to talk about on Stretched for Her PleasureHow can something so big fit in a hole so tight and small That's what Grace wonders when her husband Noah begs to stick It Up Her Butt up her butt the first timeNoah trains her with fingers and toys and now she can't wait to be stuffed with every inch of him She discovers that backdoor play offers serious pleasure and brings passion to her marriage than they've ever known beforeStretched for HIS PleasureGrace just found out that butt play feels really ood thanks to her husband Noah His fingers and tong. ,