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This is with out a doubt one of my favorite books now It has a humor style that reminds me of Terry It has a humor style that reminds me of Terry Never has there been a super villain as hilarious as Dr Anarchy Just read the book already You won t regret it I bought this book partly to support the author but mostly because its ust so damn funny I loved the Waldo Rabbit series and loved this one too Story is nothing new or original but it does a good ob of parodying comic book heroes batman is the dark detective and superman is called super soldier Overall the book makes enough insightful comments through the character s actions and words that I thoroughly enjoyed it I only give 5 star ratings to books that I read than once I ve read the tale of Dr Anarchy three times and it hasn t lost any of its flair despite the fact that I know exactly what s going to happen The story is filled with clever tricks a spunky ninja consistent characters death rays and an ending that takes the reader by surprise which is frankly an impressive achievement given that the ending is right there in the title If you re interested by the idea of a look into the inner motivations of a professional supervillain give this a go You won t be disappointed Another fun book from this author In a land where superpowers exist the author chose his *protagonist to be merely one of the smartest people in the world This was a great choice since this was another *to be merely one of the smartest people in the world This was a great choice since this was another that had to outsmart rather than overpower his enemies and many times he couldn t outsmart them either He wasn t a hero or anti hero ust a guy with a big chip on his shoulder but in the end had Class of 92: Out of Our League just enough self awareness to avoid major disasters i was disappointed this book came before book 3 of the rabbit series but in the end it was a pleasant distraction This book are for those who curse when they see Lex Luthor fail to kill super man who cry when theoker gets caught and who like ray beamsPlot Michael Jackson aka Dr Anarchy has a I of two hundred and has dreams of ruling the world while holding his arch nemesis over a vat of acid After taking a brief walk through his new island fortress Dr Anarchy recruits an ninja with a slight physical problem and introduces his newest minion to the world of super villainsCharacters I found doctor Anarchy a bit sad which I guess is the main point He is basically a man child who never grew out of being twelve He is not the Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story joker but of a Dr Octopus He prefers the dramatics of being a villain than the actual being bad I can t help but think that if he hadn t chosen to be a villain he could have been ruling the worldRaven The main female character is the logic and level headed of the pair She often is left trying to explain to her employer that his plans often don t make sense or that it would be much easierust to kill Dr Anarchy is a man with a simple dream to conuer and rule the entire world While he has yet to achieve his goal he has managed to become absolute lord and mas. .

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Dr. Anarchy’s Rules for World Domination: (Or How I Became God-Emperor of Rhode Island)His island lair Doctor Anarchy finds a ninja who has been left to die after having her limbs cut off Rebuilding Her Stronger Faster And Deadly stronger faster and deadly Anarchy finds himself with a lieutenant she prefers sidekick called Raven This results in him getting a perky female villain who pretty much regularly trash talks him as he tries to explain why he does the things he does Honestly the Doctor AnarchyRaven relationship doesn t uite work the same way the Waldo Rabbit one does In the Waldo Rabbit series the protagonist s love interest has reason to call our antihero out because he s woefully ignorant about life outside of his Mordor esue homeworld Instead Raven is constantly calling out Doctor Anarchy for acting like a supervillainin a world which operates by superhero and supervillain rules As such instead of coming off as the only sane woman or even Scott Evil she kind of How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead just comes off as ignorant For example at one point she freaks out for the fact he s stealing from the Cartels and heust calmly points out he s done it before when you d think anyone living in a supervillain world particularly one where a Doctor Doom EXPY has taken over the planet would think of them as small potatoes It doesn t endear Raven to the reader even if she does redeem herself by the end Nelson Chereta makes a point that Doctor Anarchy isn t a misunderstood good guy and there s several moments he does actually evil things albeit he does a nice ob of making them so over the top you lose your sense of horror and it becomes funny He kills the local euivalent of James Bond by accident which you d think he d want to advertise given his lack of respect and also regularly murders his henchmen even when they don t want to be henchmen Despite this I was entertained BY THE BOOK THROUGHOUT THE HUMOR the book throughout The humor crisp the parody fun and there s a bunch of really good moments throughout I also liked the climax with the alien invasion as we finally have the Dark Detective tell Doctor Anarchy what he REALLY thinks of him Honestly Doctor Anarchy and he should team up often as the DD is pretty awesome Fans of superheroes are of course the people who will get the most out of this but I think the comedy is broad enough
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entertain ust about I also love the fact he managed to deconstruct uite a few tropes like world conuest by science god as well as the interpersonal relationships of villains Strangely my favorite scene in the book may ust be Doctor Anarchy showing up at a civilian wedding in costume That was awesome One small warning in that like the Waldo Rabbit books this novel is unconventionally edited with no indents and spaces between paragraphs Once I got used to it it was no problem Those who are obsessive about grammar though will probably set themselves on fire with a disintegration gun910. Ts disintegrators remote controlled grolem dolls a horde of disposable henchmen killbots an annoying cyborg ninja and 36 rules every supervillain should follow. ,

Eople *execution style and not have them run through say a labyrinth full of trapsGrammar This is *style and not have them run through say a labyrinth full of trapsGrammar This is we take a nose dive off a bridge The author spent years on this book and there are such stupid errors Double wording She instead of He I feel as though the author wrote this using a tablet the auto correct was set too high and there are so stupid mistakes in this that it destroyed the mood I ust feel that he should have gone over this again He should have printed this off and spoke it aloud in the bath or somethingOverall I liked this book It made me laugh I found it enjoyable I hate superhero books but I enjoyed this It reminds me of CT Phipps The Rules of Supervillainy The Supervillainy King Oblivion PhD The Supervillain Handbook And Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman This isn t the type of story I normally read nor is this format either but I really enjoyed the characters and how the story was written Some parts whereby explained great but the author made up for it with how well the story flowed on making the detail not as important I really hope the author writes a seuel First there were no page numbers and the cover along with a few pages were ripped More importantly I felt like I was reading a parody of the batman comics twenty pages in It wasn t what I was looking for I really enjoyed the humor and back and forth banter between the two main characters though This was an enjoyable book with the two main characters holding my interestI d buy a seuel which is a good signA bit less serious than say Confessions of a D List Supervillain but in a somewhat similar vein I m a big fan of the Waldo Rabbit series of fantasy novels I m also someone who has made a decent living publishing novels about supervillains So when Nelson Chereta decided to do a book about the God Emperor of Rhode Island I was sold from the beginning Still there have been a lot of books about supervillains There s the D List Supervillain series the Supervillainy Saga which is the best and the original Soon I Will Be Invincible Could Nelson Chereta really add something new to it all Well the answer is yes If there s a few okes which have already done before then they re outnumbered by the easy good humor throughout The premise is Doctor ANARCHY IS A TOP TIER SUPERVILLAIN is a top tier supervillain exists in the penumbra between A list and B List He s got his own island stronghold an army of killbots and regularly steals millions from the Cartels without conseuence Unfortunately he s not the nemesis of his archenemy in the Dark Detective As a running oke in the book goes Doctor Anarchy isn t the Dark Detective s nemesis Whiteface is Doctor Anarchy is closer to being the Scarecrow or Elektro versus the Joker or Doctor Octopus Not that he s willing to acknowledge it One day while walking the beach on. Ter of one small corner of it This is the story of what one man was able to achieve though hard work dedication careful planning unhealthy obsession giant robo. .