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Journey a little deeper If you like uick reads FOR VERY REASONABLE PRICE YOU WILL ENJOY JAYCE AND very reasonable price you will enjoy Jayce and s story Mylie has had the worst history with boyfriends her latest being Cade who pretends to be a Dom so he can hurt Mylie Her abusive background her father used words first then later fists keeps her thinking she doesn t deserve any better until she meets Jayce the owner of a BDSM Club Mylie and her brother Kyle work there and that is where she met Cade She s fuming after the beating she took from him the night before so she speaks to the owner Jayce to get Cade barred from the club All Jayce sees is pure perfectionhis missing piece Even though he owns the club Jayce has never had a sub He s very particular Now can he convince Mylie that he s not like all her other mistakes Does CADE GO AWAY UIETLY A VERY GOOD BOOK I go away uietly A very good book I it when the guy admits his feelings even before the girl does I was offered an ARC to review but I buy all of Ms Bloom s books. G better something real For ust one night I gave him what I thought Id never give again my submission I let him take me and dominate me I let him shatter my world with the heat of his body and the brush of his lips on my ear as he whispered the words that were my undoing Youre mine princess But he bound me in ways than one that night Im pregnant and he has no idea As always this is a totally SAFE full length standalone book with a happily ever after no cheating and plenty of steam. .

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Loved it have read It 3 Times Already 3 times already read Book 3 done I enjoyed it but I wished we could of had a little bit of how the baby came and there ourney until thanks givenagain Penelope write her male character really well but I was loving Miley character 4 No secret baby she ust waited like 24 hours to tell him Book ends at like 26% Don t waste your money or get invested like it s a story It s like a snippet Sorry So exciting romantic love at first sight Is so refreshing to read and experience the Trust And Commitment How Every and commitment how every was destroyed and the love for each other conuers The BDSM scenes were uffffffff I could fell it was me in the room I have trouble finishing a read that s full of typos and huge grammatical errors Here s an easy one prepositions take me her and him Also if you can add er or est to a word PLEASE don t use or most Get a friend to editThe story was okay I like BDSM for the most part although I ve cut my reading of. Yes SirTwo simple words changed my lifeOne night Complete surrender Total submissionThat was supposed to be it but theres one complicationIm pregnant and he has no idea JayceShe was like a bird with a broken wing something small and delicate that wandered into my club completely out of place and completely beautiful One look and I knew I had to have her I wanted to make her mine to protect her to claim herAll these years and I have never taken a submissive but thats about to change. It down This is the first one I
"ve read where "
READ WHERE SUB GETS PREGGERS JUST PERFECT SHORT where a sub gets preggers ust perfect short sweet but with a lot of emotions and sexy times As described Knocked Up and Punished by author Penelope Bloom is connected to Knocked Up by the Master This is an awesome read At first you think this all about steam and sizzle Its not though it s about finding the courage to stand in your own and having the strength to overcome what gets in your way Yet it s also about learning to trust not only yourself but others Amazing bookEnjoyI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Ooh JayceThis was a great follow up to Leo s story and I loved seeing Miley find her strengthRead this series in order to get the most from this story Jayce is a Dom for sure and until Miley walks into his club he is content on being with submissives for short durations Leyey changes that the first time she looks at him It s a uick first time she looks at him It s a uick and one I would like to read into their. Ill teach her how sweet surrender can taste and Ill show her how a real man treats a woman Shell learn that shell never feel as free or alive as when shes cuffed and bound completely at my mercy MylieId sworn off dominant men locked away my need for submission Id given my trust to one too many men who abused it and all I wanted was to move on To healBut one look at Jayce and I knew Id never met a true dominant before He radiated power and command He carried the promise of somethin. Knocked Up and Punished: A BDSM Secret Baby Romance (Babies for the Doms Book 3)

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