Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt and the Middle East [E–pub/E–book]

My wife and I recently visited Egypt We spent the months prior reading about ancient Egypt there is a lot of it to absorb We had a reat visit the ancient sites did not disappoint We spent less time on the state of present day Egypt We were enerally aware of its recent history and decided it was safe enough for a trip we had wanted to make for a number of years But it was obvious while we were there present day Egypt is not an easy place To Live Dirty Rundown Divided live dirty rundown divided book helps explain That Part Of The part of the It is not a pretty picture but important How lucky we are to have had such a brave and insightful NY Times correspondent in Egypt He tells a sad story sad for Egyptian whose revolution and wobbling democracy was stolen by the military led by General Sisi who now rules a vio I haven t finished the book yet but it s clearly documenting one of the most important moments in Egyptian recent history I recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the reasons behind the Egyptian uprising failure I read this book to begin to understand the complexity of that extraordinary time of hope and despair in EgyptKirkpatrick s book puts a face on the juicy tale of revolution and then not and helped me appreciate the tension and the struggle I liked Kirkpatrick s personal association with so many of the characters in the drama We have heard before about Egypt s Deep State and media manipulation but this book deliver. One of The Economist's Books of the Year David D Kirkpatrick a correspondent for The New York Times was banned from Egypt for writing this book the definitive account of the turn back toward authoritarianism in Cairo and across the Middle East Egypt has long set the paradigm for Arab autocracy It is the keeper of the peace with Israel and the cornerst.

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Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt and the Middle East

By David D. Kirkpatrick ✓ 6 REVIEW

Titles that did this It did it well As someone who followed the events the book covers closely from outside Egypt I was amazed of the details that this book uncovers that I did not know Because Much Of Them Were Not Public much of them were not public at that time The author does a terrific job in iving background and describing the mentality of the various classes of the people it covers He has enius uotes that ives Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine good portrait of how these people think It tells a very sad yet true story about what happened in Egypt in the second decade of this century This book for sure is one of the best if not the best book that covers this era of the Egyptian political history Kirkpatrick an NYTIMES reporter in the Middle East for about 5 years brings us the undeniably tragic story of the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and its regression into tyranny This is areat book for people who haven t really followed Egyptian politics since the ARab spring and need a refresher An easy to read description of an important part of history I wanted to understand what had been happening in Egypt the Arab Spring the success of the Muslim Brotherhood and how Sisi had come to be in power book explains the big picture the how Sisi had come to be in power This book explains the big the factors and pressures at work but also the key individuals and moments the experience of the writer living in Cairo during these events etc Highly recommended A very interesting book Gives U a look into what happened in Egypt. Ed to intervene But some in Washington including President Trump applaud Sisi as a crucial ally  Kirkpatrick lived with his family in Cairo through the revolution the coup and the bloodshed that followed Then he returned to Washington to uncover the American role in the tragedy His heartbreaking story is essential to understanding the Middle East tod. S chapter and verse about the TRANSITIONS MUBARAK MORSI SISI THE AUTHOR Mubarak Morsi Sisi The author views from many observers and participants including his own terrifying eyewitness accounts His view was that the Muslim Brotherhood overnment fell not only because Morsi himself was incompetent but also because of sabotage FROM THEE PREVIOUS GOVERNING ELITE WHO CONTROLLED THE POLICE thee previous overning elite who controlled the police and distribution of fuel and food and were frightened of losing their privileges And from Gulf autocrats who were worried about democracy in their own countries He suggests that Morsi and the Brotherhood did not pose a threat to Christian minorities freedom of expression or Israel The case he makes is rather convincing Insights like these are increasingly threatened by fake news and the decline of serious journalism I only bought the book to pass the time during a long flight but I am lad I did One feels sympathy for the suffering of the Egyptian people and admiration for those who report on oppression and fight against it This is a fantastic book that offers an excellent insight into the tragedy and opportunities of the Arab Spring in Egypt As some who was in Cairo for some of these events between 2011 2 I know it is totally authentic Clear and anecdotal I could rarely find any text in any form that presented a true unbiased and professional encounter of the tragic events that happened in Egypt from late 2010 till early 2018 This is one of the few. One of the American backed regional order early 2018 This is one of the few. One of the American backed regional order when Egyptians rose up to demand democracy in 2011 their 30 months of freedom convulsed the whole region Now a new strongman Abdel Fattah el Sisi is building a dictatorship so severe some call it totalitarian The economy sputters an insurgency simmers Christians suffer and the Israeli military has been forc.